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Precious pretty little living being
Looking for love, aching for skin
Something soft to pull you in
Something real and comforting.

Standing at the edge, close to fall
Wondering; “Does anything matter at all?”
With no one else to blame but you
So you guess is no one’s but your own fault.

Memories of childhood
Memories of family
Where has everybody go?
Why are they not here?

Sister is too busy with her husband and children
And mom’s health is too fragile to listen to her problems
One foot on the air, the other on the ledge
What happened in life that led her to this place?

She screams her lungs out
She burst in tears and shouts;
“If there’s anyone out there to hold me still
Might as well stop me now before I go for the kill.”

And so a shadow leaps from the ledge
And plunges into the depths of the sea
Sinking in, sinking in…
And as it reaches to the bottom
She thinks; “maybe I didn’t yell loud enough…”