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Undefined Infinitely

Stuck in time and space
In this vast nothingness
Floating infinitely
Towards the endless gap
Nothing but a black veil
Around and beyond
No day or night
No stars, no sun.


Euler's Identity2

V – E + F = 2 (Euler’s Identity)

The emptiness has caught up to me
And it’s sucking me down and sucking me in
Preparing the legion for what it is worth
Familiar whisperings I thought I left behind.

These electronic voices
All of these emotions trapped in me
Something I’ve experienced before
But never came to master or to keep.

The reason is sitting by my shoulder
As dark and as real as it loves to be
Highlighting the choices in the matter
Familiar solutions that means only the end of me.

These electronic voices
This shadow crawling under my skin
Something I’ve experienced before
But never came to master or to complete.

Is it a matter of the psyche? Or of the spirit per se?
Why do my tears seem to occupy definite space?
Feeling the liquid density slipping down my face
Is there any reason for the heart to have a place?


I woke up this morning
There was no one by my side
And all the fire that was burning
Died out inside my mind
I could stay lying down forever
There’s no reason for me get up
When all of the doors are sealed firmly
It’s seems unreasonable for me to try to force them open.

So my advice for today will be
Don’t dream big dreams unless you want to choke upon them one day
This advisor’s day job is over
I quit all my intentions in making this twisted world a better place.

I moved around the house
It has never been as empty as now
There’s only silence, no sound
No hear of a laughter, life nor joy
And all the people living their lives
Sounds pretty selfishly for me
Cause right now it feels as if I have none
So won’t anybody spare a bit love of love?
I need some support, really.

So my plan for today will be
Stay here and wait for the day to go away slowly
It’s not like I have anything more to attempt
I’ve tried it all, all that is left is to let life take care of me conclusively.

The inferno of this world
Has caught into my own
Now I see with their eyes
I wanna watch it all burn
I’m sick and tired as them
Trying to draw a smile across my face
Give me enough drugs to numb these feelings
It’s the only way I could feel God and all of his grace.