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Under the Rain of my Eyes

All the time in the world is not enough
I’m always gonna love you
I’m always gonna miss you
I’m always gonna need you.


Beauty in the Eyes of the Fainted

Your eyes are set straight to the buzz button
Your mind is set towards the wrong impression
All that you think it has been done, then will be done again
Why can’t you let go and realize not everyone is the same?

We were not meant to be like this
We were meant to be free
But we are slaves of our sins
We were never meant to live like this
We were designed to be eternal
But now we cannot even exist.

Your mouth only speak of the evil of your heart
Your words describe all of the hurt it was caused
And you think that people cannot be forgiven, life cannot be redeemed
But when you look at the mirror don’t you wish you were pardoned for your sins?

We were not meant to hurt like this
We were meant to be happy
But we are slaves of our suffering
We were never meant to go on like this
We were designed by a creator
But now we live as orphans.

Don’t let your pride or arrogance dictate your thoughts
Don’t let your hurt or ignorance guide through your words
Our experience in the darkness of life have only twisted us
But I don’t want to walk awry anymore; I want to embrace my way home.

There’s still beauty in the eyes of the fainted
There’s still hope in the ghosts of those lost
Beautiful break down, beautiful let go
I was made to be happy, I was made to be strong
(Even when I’m weak, crying and broken down)
So lay down as much as you need
But get up with the fearless of fortes
We were meant to shine like the sun
Right next to the Father and Son.

This is dedicated to all of the beautiful people out there that are seeking for love or are in a love relationship… Never give up!

Houston, Penguins and that Peculiar Look in your Eyes

If you ever encounter love
If you ever find it in front of you
Don’t ever let it go
Hold it against your heart and soul.

I don’t mind feeling cheesy
I don’t mind being called naïve
This doesn’t need to be classy
This doesn’t need to be perfect.

All that I need is what you have to give me
All that I have is there for me to give to you
And whether you forget about me the next morning or in the next ten years
I know I’m gonna take my chances to be honest about what I feel.

Call me attention whore
Call me goddamn desperate
Oh yes, I can be a drama queen
But isn’t this world a little bit dramatic to begin with?

I know my worth
You don’t have to show me
But if you want to
I won’t stop you from doing so.

This is my life
And I have decided to include you
Do you want to be part of it?
Try to be happy for a change?

This is my love
For anyone who wants to embrace it
It’s free but it will cost
All of the strength in the world to retain it.

This is the light on the dark side of the moon
The hope when the coldest of night comes
Hold me closer, closer to your heart
Only love can heal the wounds
Only love can erase those scars…