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Consuming Fire

Fill this tank
‘Cause it’s empty
You faceless man
You used to have a name
Not mentioned anymore
Cause I’m too proud
And I’m too hurt
To even repent.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to fail
You told me over and over and over and over again
But I like the mistakes in a flavor that I can enjoy the taste
I’m drowning but my arms don’t reach out to be saved.

Leave me alone
But (please) don’t forsake me
Cause you’re in my head
And still cannot hear me
Bit my tongue
Before claiming anything
My pride
My anchor keeping my under.

I know of your existence and all of your righteous ways
But this outcast found a place where hurt is heard
There’s no more trace of you in the present world here
It has become the thing that you told me I’d most fear.

If you don’t reach me, I won’t attempt anything alone
I know that I need this, but I need to see my worth
You left an imprint in my soul, enough to hold me back
But you forget to place a filter when the sky turns black.


Belejez Ruach

Are you sick and tired of being bored?
Are you special enough to be ignored?
When people’s faces become the same
You become a pawn in their twisted game.

Either you feel bellow, or above
But never quite in the middle
Cause you’re full of hate or full of love
As answers to life becomes a riddle.

Dance off on your grave
As we dance with the devil
For all the things we crave
As we sink down to their level.

Are you fed up of being held together?
Are you enlightened to feel bothered?
When people’s mouths spout the same
It becomes quite clear what does it mean.

Either you’re in, or you’re out
But still never quite committed
Cause either you know or don’t know about
All of the cynicism subtly summited.

Dance off in your life
As we dance with the beast
For all the things to arise
As we go drunk in this feast.

All of the elements that make us think; revaluate
They drive us away from that place where our decisions stale or oscillate
All of the elements in this life that makes us hurt
It helps us realize that we should be putting all our priorities on full alert.

The Invisible War

I’ve alliance with all the things I used to fight
Like a bad imitation of all that is holy and right
I’m running back into the darkness and leaning my head
Is like I’ve forgotten all of the suffering that lies ahead.

And I cannot save you from the hands pulling you in
And I cannot save myself because I’m enjoying this sin
And in my suffocated spirit i understand I’m doing wrong
But in my pride I’m being stupid in believing I’m growing strong

The mind is a prison
and the heart is a graveyard
and the soul is just weeping
Screaming “make me alive again.”

The invisible war
One that no one can see, hear, or battle, but you
Nobody knows the consequences of losing to it but you
And nothing can help you win it but your faith in the one above.

I’ve alliance with the darkness always surrounding
It’s like I’ve erased twenty years of always suffering
Why go back to the arms of the one who wishes you dead?
Is like I’ve forgotten all of the consequences that lie ahead.

And I cannot teach you the good in a way you could understand
Cause I refuse to believe in the promises lying at hand
And in my suffocated spirit I wish I wasn’t undoing all that it cost
For a god to give his life for a man who’s now throwing it away.

The many voices in my head
All the doubts that grows bigger
And my soul is still weeping
Screaming “make me whole again.”

The invisible war
One that no one can see, hear, or battle, but you
Nobody knows the consequences of losing to it but you
And nothing can help you win it but your faith in the one above.

It’s easy to ignore the things you cannot see;
Who can see inside us all except for the one we don’t believe in?
It’s easy to think we’re only doing what’s best;
What can truly purify if we’re not put through fire and to the test?

It’s best to see life like nothing is wrong with you
It’s the best evil master plan ever designed
Nothing to clean, nothing to fix, nothing to improve
But where to go once you have found out the truth?

I wrote today three new short poems. This is one of them.

The Bait of Righteousness

I find myself crying for things I cannot change
The uncertainty of this life has me by the neck
Funny how this familiar feeling feels so strange
I thought by now I’d have got used to the wreck.

I wish I would grow to learn
I wish I would grow to understand
It tends to hurt when I burn
Without having a leading lending hand.

I wish I could learn before tomorrow
How to protect my heart from the hands of the thieves
But with much wisdom comes much sorrow
He who increases knowledge increases having great grief.

I thought I was being led into light
But I was being railed by the bait of righteousness
If you want peace you have to fight
The irony of how resting comes with the weariness.

The Disease That Can’t Be Cured

Held my head up in pride just to be kicked in the face
Just one of the many benefits of being a believer
On Jesus Christ I used to lay my trust and have my faith
But the invisible demons have become quite realer.

Somebody hit me in the head, I need to be dumb again
I need to follow blindly without any caring for consequences
Anybody listening at all? I guess as long as there’s no gaining
Their ears are stuffed with dirt, their hearts with indifference.

If I gave up, would you rescue me or leave me to die?
Would you come to my rescue, come to my defense?
Or would you say: “soldier, get up, don’t waste time!”
That’s the difference between a master and a friend.

Wore proud that symbol that makes us slaves of our Lord
Just one of the many things that boost our confidence
Welcoming times I was left all alone, without any guiding words
And when I ask why, I was told: “you’re going through a desert.”

Come spit me at my face, religious fanatics and atheists alike
Nobody likes a man who put his trust in things he cannot see
What did we learn here? “If we kill God or pushed him aside
That would be the end of all our problems…” or is it really?

If I walked away, would you come after me or watch me disappear?
Would you follow me through thick and thin and make me realize…
What a mistake I made? Or sit there and watch how it all ends?
I guess that’s the difference between having a master and having a friend.

Hurt and distance has brought me here to this solitary place
As the so called body thumps at their Bibles once more, ignoring me
I’m no better, I’m no worse, but I am what he made me to be in His Grace
And though I’m lost, it is written that my master searches for his sheep.


I moved away cause there was no one in this place
Everybody left and this space was completely deserted
I searched for the signal and stood for the voice
But no fire was ignited, no thunder in the sky roared.

I took my cross but grew weary of its weight
I beg to the heavens to send an angel to help me
Like the world that had ignored me, it was silent
Since I know there’s someone up there, I felt disappointed.

I can never become the enemy of my Lord
Even if He holds me responsible as one who has betrayed Him
I want to believe more in his love than in his punishment
The mercy that overcomes all faults, and forgives everything.

I haven’t been able to outrun this world’s fury
I haven’t found a place to escape all of its pain
Even if I hide behind my own pride and temporary contentment
When the night comes, I feel the evident hollow echoing.

The ones who’ve lost their humanity
Won’t be able to understand this
The ones that are too deep in their pride
Won’t be able to relate
Those who never believed in you
Won’t ever believe in anything
Then there are the ones like me;
They handle all they can take.

What to say to a God that knows everything?
What to ask to a God that will do only as He wishes?
How to stay when all you know is to keep running?
How to rely on faith when you have trusting issues?

Under the feet of men I’ve been dwelling
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a hopeless spall
A lamp to lost its light, the earth gone unsalted
For in the fleeting time I’ve lost much, more and all.


Hypocrisy runs around
Hypocrisy runs under
Ignoring the sound
Ignoring the thunder.

Honesty lacks in this world
Honesty lacks in our selves
The denial of the Word
The abandonment of the faith.

When being good is not enough
When acting nice simply doesn’t cut it
When aiding others doesn’t guaranty us
That we are doing the will of the Father.

Point at the mote in thy brother’s eye
Before taking the beam off our own
Is this a reflection of what I’m seeking?
To echo at someone else my own flaws?

Always asking not be judged
While judging others in the process
Judging them for their shortcomings
For that false expectation we created
In our heads and add up to our faith.