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Familiar Spirit

A familiar spirit is in this room
You can sense it when you breathe
Not even the sheets and curtains can disguise it
The four wall madness follow its destination.

Ghostly awful feeling crawling up my spine
It’s like everything’s topping up and rails out of line
And these hands can just do as much
But what to do when things are as such?

The dreams locked down in the back of my head
Reveal to me the things that I tend to forget
Is it a safe thing to let go and move on?
Or am I another monster denying its own truth?

I can’t be at ease with whatever is broken
Just because I dust it under the rug again
Not even this confession can fix all that is bent
Not even my hands can keep safe what I tried to hold together.

If there was a pill that could clean all the stains off of my life
If there was a drug that could glue it all back again
If there was a way that I could fix all that I have broken up
If my tears were enough to convince the people I hurt how sorry I am.

It’s not okay and I don’t think it will ever be
To walk around with a scarlet knife and a smile on my face
Don’t drive me to that place where I hurt like I’m hurting
I don’t want another example of the consequences of the events I myself began and continue pressing upon endlessly.