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Consuming Fire

Fill this tank
‘Cause it’s empty
You faceless man
You used to have a name
Not mentioned anymore
Cause I’m too proud
And I’m too hurt
To even repent.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to fail
You told me over and over and over and over again
But I like the mistakes in a flavor that I can enjoy the taste
I’m drowning but my arms don’t reach out to be saved.

Leave me alone
But (please) don’t forsake me
Cause you’re in my head
And still cannot hear me
Bit my tongue
Before claiming anything
My pride
My anchor keeping my under.

I know of your existence and all of your righteous ways
But this outcast found a place where hurt is heard
There’s no more trace of you in the present world here
It has become the thing that you told me I’d most fear.

If you don’t reach me, I won’t attempt anything alone
I know that I need this, but I need to see my worth
You left an imprint in my soul, enough to hold me back
But you forget to place a filter when the sky turns black.

The Bend
Back and forth
Downward and backwards
Evil creates
Evil rejects
I am poison to your lies
I am poison, the evidence
In this deranged world
Where pretty things are
The things that are chosen
To be raped and strangled
My one eye sees
My one eye speaks
I know I’ll lose
I know I’ll burn
But my truth will glow
Like the sun; your phoenix.
I sold my soul
For the knowledge
Gave my future
For the one truth
Now I have to pay the price
For having danced with snakes
I know you all serve the devil
I know you all are participants
I know the master plan
It isn’t a secret anymore
And you know it
That’s why you laugh
And slit my throat in public
Cause you know nobody cares…
What’s right or wrong anymore.
Oh Baal Zebub
Fallen Angel
The Most Beautiful
Prince of Air
Gatherer of Legions
The Leviathan
The Great Architect
Designer of Homunculus
Moloch and his son Molech
The Beast and Baphomet
Sapphire and Lucifer
The Satyr and Satan
The serpent biting the ankle
Father of us all, we, your children
We ate the fruit cause you told us to
We read the Book of the Law cause we wanted to know the secrets of science and life…
Eliphas Levi is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So raise your obelisks and your pyramids
Awake the seven headed dragon!!!
For we are the Harlot!
Third eye wide open!!!!

Into The Fire

I don’t understand why we leave behind
The things that once gave us happiness and life
I never knew that there was an expiration date for love
That after all the struggle in stabilizing it we have to give it up
I can never understand that after all the pain, tears and difficulties
We just overcome, we forget about the circumstances we went through together
I don’t understand why is better to separate my heart, my life, my love
From the people who once there but end up hurting me somehow
I don’t understand why do I have to start again
Still carry the residues of the things that didn’t work out in the past
I don’t understand the lack of love and the passion for all the hurt
Is not like pain ever gave us anything that we can be happy about
Instead it broke us away from the things we wanted to achieve
I don’t get why people get sick of being good
Thinking that they’re being such fools
So they turn into the thing they try to avoid
The very thing that infected their good willed intentions.

Written using the alias “Amanda White”
D.O.S. (Deliverer of Sorrows)
In the chambers
Where the currents lie
Extraordinary pretense
Everything here is a device.
A phoenix poses for the picture
But there’s no camera around
Giving birth to dying vestiges
Bursting infertile to the ground.
When you can’t make noise only with pianos
When your tears are not enough rock n roll
One must make the decision to cut the cord
And let the genii and fiends take full control.
And since my protector continues to be absent
I’m gonna lay here in my stepfather’s lap
Just like it used to be with him, as a young lass
Except this one was only made for mishaps.
Paradigm of the occult
Where the chants are evoke
Intravenous venomous
Every soul is a given toke.
A chimera howls for her misery
A hunter’s thirst here abounds
Exposing every buried mystery
Every single secret to be found.
When you can’t shake the world with your rattle rod
When your wailing is not enough to break through
One must make the decision to make an instant stop
And let all of the musky dimness take shape too.
And since my creator continues to be imperceptible
I’m gonna lay here in my destroyer’s lap
Just like it used to be with him, down on my knees
Except this one was only made for mishaps.
A scarlet dagger to kill the beast inside
When its evil has uninvitedly penetrated you
No preacher of God can help escape the signs
That has been hindered deep inside of you.
Deliverer of sorrows.

Animus Volens Augeo (The Painting)

A painting I did mixed with a poem I wrote for a novel I’m working on. The poem was originally in English but I decided to translated to Spanish for the painting.