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Algometric Center

Lynn, bless us with your grace
Now that we’re in this space
Where digits and bits float adrift
In a data base, where they’re scripted.

Places like this, where strangers become friends
Where conversations come out from loneliness
An achromatic page where all of the traffic goes
I just want to see if anybody out in here knows
How it feels to be roaming around these edges
The cybernetic pub where all of the “losers” meet
Where all the tragic stories become awkward jokes
To have a sense that there’s tribe within these folks.

This is our algometric center
Where we gather to counter our pain
This is where we both surrender
Our pride, our secrets, our shame.

Lynn, animosity mysterious face
Now that we’re in this space
We’re safe in here to converse
Where numbers and letters merge.

Places like this, where outsiders become acquainted
Where personal lives come out front untainted
An achromatic page where all of the traffic goes
I just want to see if anybody out in here knows
How it feels to be roaming around these edges
The cybernetic club where all of the “loners” meet
Where all the tragic stories become awkward jokes
To have a sense that there’s tribe within these folks.

We can be whoever we want to be in this place
But instead we all have decided to just be ourselves
Oh, Lynn Marie, come on, embrace us with your grace
You know that were here to strip off of our shells.


What’s up with everyone around me being so negative lately? I don’t mean here on WordPress. Life is beautiful for what it is, and yeah, there’ll be struggles, but why have life if you’re not gonna live it. I dedicate this poem to some of my closest friends and my gf too. I give you words of advice only for the best. Love y’all!

Only For the Best

Where to now?
When everything is being led by the trend
Wrong somehow
I cannot even speak to you as a real friend.

No drama here
I’m way past the events that causes hurt
A warning maybe
As personal as it all might harm in secret.

In this age of negativity
Every need is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a shade of brokenness.

Where to now?
When the next best thing is to bound around
Woe somehow
Loneliness sings to some it’s precious sound.

No drama here
You’re free to think whatever your ego tells you
A warning for sure
When you live only by pride you’ll die by it too.

In this age of negativity
Every plea is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a cloud of doubtfulness.

I miss the times in when we would give each other another chance
I miss the days in when forgiveness made us better human beings
I miss the instant in when honesty was used to express our pain
And not used as weapon to bring down the person next to us.

I miss the times when we used to hold hands
I miss the nights when we used to stare at each other’s eyes
I miss the way we used to laugh about everything
When joy was a contentious thing and we weren’t ashamed of it.

And if it all wasn’t ever even there
Then we should begin making them
It’s time to build new beautiful memories
And stop thinking that nothing is enough.

This is dedicated to the very inspiring people here on WordPress. Here is to Michelle Marie and to busymindthinking. I’m amazed about how beautiful and sensitive their hearts are and how strong they are as people. 

The Gift You Gave Me

You feel the weight of the world
Falling on you, crushing you
You feel like giving up
But you can’t, they all depend on you.

You live for yourself
As you live for another
And you’re not alone
Cause there are always others.

Don’t let the blindness of this world blind you
Don’t let their ignorance become your hurt
Hold on to the hands of those who are here to help you
Hold on to their love, cause they won’t disappoint.

You feel the weight of the world
As it seems heavier for you than for others
And you feel like giving up
You’ve been through enough and you wish for it to be over…
But you live for yourself
As you live for another
And even though you might feel alone
Believe me, there are always others.

Don’t let the pain of this day dictate the rest of the journey
Don’t let the weight of the hurt convince you of a weakness
If you’ve held strong all along you can hold strong a little longer
Give all your love, cause your love gives hope and restores others.

We all see you for what you are inside
And what you are; is a beautiful warrior fighting for a cause endlessly
For the cause of being alive and inspiring hope for those who feel hopelessness
A reminder of what we should fight for when all of this fight seems senseless.

The gift you gave me; was the one of understanding
Understating how much it hurts, but still how much we can heal
This gift you’ve given me, I will always treasure it
These are the words of a fighter who will never give up on her faith.

A reflection of who we are now and used to be…


You are a married woman
Who serves her husband and all his needs
You are dedicated human
Who works her way and takes care of herself.

The shade on the tip of your hair is shedding
Asking where have you buried the body?
For every children that you are attending
Remember the time that yours dreams used to be a hobby?

You are an adult woman
In her womanhood who loves infinitely
You are strong-driven human
Who burns the tapes recording the curse spoken.

The tip of the dress you wore for wedding
Is asking where have you done with the dolls?
For every starving mouth you’ve been feeding
Remember the time when our dreams made us feel like fools?

I feel like we’ve been stretching this on and on and on
And my friend, dear stranger, it has stopped being fun
A telephone call cut from the cord, castrated by distance
With how many people we’ve slept, keep on the silence!

Inspired and dedicated to a friend…

Little Miss Silence

Little miss silence
Searches for a friend
Little miss innocence
Searches for the truth
And she doesn’t know
How beautiful
Her broken heart is
She doesn’t comprehend
How precious
Her wounded soul remains.

Little miss silence
Is looking for a friend
One that can be loyal
One that wouldn’t harm her
And she doesn’t know
How beautiful
All of her dreams can be
She doesn’t seem to see
How precious
All of her love truly is.

Hello, little miss silence
I’ve been watching
How much you’ve been longing
To find a faithful soul
I didn’t mean to stare
Neither to meddle in your affairs
But in my observation
I have seen and I have found
All that you’ve been looking for
And all that you’ve been looking for
Lives there inside of your heart
Breathing inside of your beautiful self.

So, little miss silence
Dance all around
Sing all about
How you’ve found
All of the things that you longed for
Inside of your own
Cause the love that’s undying
The one that is truly real
Simply comes from your spirit
Really comes out from your soul.

Holy Heart - Holy World

The Action of Love
Your beautiful smile brought heavens to its knees
And the angels, how they adore, your beautiful glow
But I’m from earth, I was seeded and planted here
And you’re quite a few milometers away from my reach.
This is the peace pact between the creator and me
You were made to pacify my anger, to fill up my love-need
All that I wanted was someone to hold close, to hold tight
To speak words of love every day, every time I’m able to.
Your beautiful arms are reaching back to heavens
I love how the Father responds to your every need
And me, a clay-made man wishes to part of your life
You’re the beautiful song that helps me sleep peacefully.
Between Jesus and you, I can sometimes sense you physically
You’re the metamorphosis of a holy love that was created in omnipotence
Of an omnivident God who knew that it would come a day
That I would need you even more than I need my life itself.
Come home, come home holy grace, holy love
Come and fill me like you used to, once
Lead me home, oh, holy grace, lead me home
Come and fill with your grace and your holiness.
You’re love in action; you’re the action of love
Breed and raised by love, you breathe love
Praise the creator of all that’s beautiful and soothing
You’re the living essence of all that my heart needs to feel.


This is not poetry… This is just venting…
You fucking hypocrite
This is supposed to be my outlet
Throughout all the shit we’ve been
You still think I don’t understand
And damn right I’ve changed
But I still feel like fucking shit
Fuck this honesty and the next one
This isn’t something that brothers talk about
We aren’t all this goddamn sensitive
And yes, I’m fucking sorry I wasn’t there for you when you need me the most
But what the fuck man?
I do too have a life, and I’m only in charge of my two sons
You know that man
I’m not one to cry on somebody’s shoulder
I’m not one to cry for anything at all
Even if I’m really as sensible as a female
I’m not one to express my weaknesses in public
And yep, you are correct, that makes me a shitty best friend
But man, what can’t you take care of yourself?
We’ve both through all this life full of shit
We’ve both slept on the streets and starved for days
And dude, I’m a kept it short
You might be “gansta” but I never could
You know about drugs, guns, knives, about being shot and stabbed
You even know about being robbed by people you thought were your peers too
Me, the worst I’ve been through is being picked on at school
And the thing I haven’t told you, my childhood being abused
But even that didn’t drive me crazy enough
To be in the state you are now, bro
I’m not even sure if you are okay, alive or dead
But man, when it comes to your best pals,
You should chill out and let them explain the reasons behind
That time you need them they just couldn’t help.