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(Written on May 20, 2016)

My demon is laying here
Singing lullabies about my fears
Gently pushing my head down
Simply waiting for me to drown.

But this wasn’t part of the deal
My dreams were supposed to become real
And here you have me begging again for support
But you’re chocking me with your umbilical cord.

Oh, Lucifer, the superstition in my head
Why can’t I be part of your master plan?
Oh, Baal Zebu, the lord of façade
Why do you keep crushing me in the palm of your hands?

Cause I keep turning to you once more rejected
Cause you know I’m just a junkie and I’m addicted
And if my blood is worthless for you, then give it back!
You’ll return me to my life and we’ll break up the pact.


Perpetual Predicament

Don’t lose faith in humanity yet
Someone will rise for the occasion
Once we’re done with that bottom dollar bet
And we’re up to our necks in duly deformation.

Not truly separated from the center
But severed and extracted from it
With fuel to add to our ill temper
No wonder we cannot find any peace.

This mechanical inception of you and I
It becomes part of the perversion that comes alive
One pull of the lever and the level starts to rise
Either you drown in it with dignity
Or sell your soul in order to survive.

Flick of the switch for things to turn around
Inane in here, a prisoner of my own war
But as we all fall down the bottom ground
We realize we were part of the problem from the start.

Not truly set on the pier base
But buried deep within the walls
Which might or might not be case
Of why no one ever heard my calls.

This ostracized intricate perception of us
Lays a pragmatic paramental parallel over our beliefs
‘Cause is there any out there left to trust
Shouldn’t be the ones who serve
On our pain and feed on our grief.

So come and put on your Sunday’s best
You might need to look pretty for the picture
We’re cluttered here with all of the rest
They bring down the foundation to break apart the structure.

Enters the incipient perpetual predicament
The never-found solution for this ongoing mystery
Adding up to the sentiment of ambivalence
And so we go on living under such incensing misery.


Reincarnation in the same bloody muscles
The lack of a wall in the fortress of the skin
As the spirit from the past life chuckles
I recognize the impending doom is soon to begin.

Get me to higher realms
In this spiritual journey of ours
Sick of chemical spells
Drifting at the pending hours.

Walk me to the creator
The one who made it all
The builder of this incinerator
The one who ignores my call.

Fear of the dismal future
The thing I made of my own
The roaming of this creature
That doesn’t have a home.

So rest in my anger
My agonizing intentions
Drunk in apathy
Before these revelations.

This poem is based on a character I’ve created for a novel I’m writing.

(Written on: May 14, 2013)

Navigational Venture
The orbital state of love
Floating over, drilling underneath
In this open space
Heaven glows, earth speaks.
This parallel opal of illusion
We’re astronauts in a foreign place
Sailors that have found dry land
Will we claim this to be ours?
Will we give this our last names?
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.
You’re a shining satellite
That I’ve been staring at for a long time with my telescope
Come home, my love
I’ve been waiting for centuries now.
This exoteric notion of enlightenment
We manifest our excitement
Like kids laying early in bed on a Christmas’ night
Waking up just for the gifts’ unwrapping
Will this stay with us forevermore?
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.
We’re mice eating up the moon
Just like the fairytales they used to tell us when we were children
Let us fill our souls with it all
I’m sure this will gradually help us understand a little bit better…
About what our dreams are about
About the enigma of this voyage
Your heart is the anchor for this ship
Your heart is the shelter for this sea storm
And your eyes the light to guide me through
Your eyes are my lighthouse.
And in your arms I’m safe
In your arms I am secured.
The warnings, the sirens sing
Ever beautifully, capsizing
Spellbinding for the sinking
In our navigational venture.