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Ectype in Sepia

This is something new
So I like the way it looks
I still haven’t gotten used to
The bright vibrant colors.

This is so soft
I like the way it feels
I still haven’t got used to
The touch of the surface.

I think I have grown old
Thinking about how marvelous
Are the shades in this picture
Captivating and keeping me in awe.

(It’s) hard to write about you
With that smile and that glow
It’s best to keep it in stored
In the storage of my memory.

(It’s) hard to look at you
Without pondering possibilities
The hourglass’s broken
Pouring all the specks about.

I think I have grown weary
Thinking about the wind breeze
Waiting by the cold shore
Tallying the phony sirens at bay.

A rag boy stumbling still
From your perspective is skewed
Less oil for this engine to reel
Every feeling once wasted, spewed.


In Spirit

I’m lost
Where’s my light?
I’m looking for it
As it is looking for me.

All this road
Has me tired
Will it give up on me?
As I given up on it?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could give you
Give you the love I cannot give myself.

All this love that I feel is overwhelming
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish you were here with me
But I can feel you, only in spirit.

I’ve lost
My will to fight
Is there anything
Else out there for me?

All these wounds
Have me wounded
Will I ever truly heal?
Enough to help others?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could convince you
All the things I won’t believe myself.

All this love that I feel overtakes me
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish I could be there for you
And yet I could, but only in spirit.

Pierce in the Veil

This tunnel seems like a two way street
Where unknown faces get the meet
And a “hi” and smile can bright your day
So sometimes you don’t need to pretend when they
Ask about you and you say you’re “doing okay”

This seems like practicing to a wall
With all the times you think to call
And the phone beeps with words on a screen
Comes asking that awaited question “how have you been?”
“It’s been a long time we haven’t spoken or seen”

Your mind gets caught in a net
While floating somewhere around that trajectory set
Of thoughts that makes you feel so complete
“I hope this letter gets to you and you get to read.”

The airwaves have been blaring on
While somebody catches it and writes a song
Something that inspired them to think of you
Is that pierce in the veil that makes them look
That makes them aware that such surmise might be true.

Unraveling Weapons in What Was Supposed to be the Mending End

All these things we never talked about
I’m gonna take them and shove them down your throat
Don’t fucking talk about letting live and letting go
You’re the one fucking wrapped around the string, on and on.

I don’t need to be told to “grow up and learn to forgive”
I’ve seen countless of forty something year olds yelling at the world
About how they never had what they wanted, never lived the way the wanted to live
You can call it ‘mid-life crisis’, I call it ‘getting it even with it all’.

All these emotions I’ve been harboring
I think it’s time to release them and give them to their mother
The one that gave them birth in my head
Cause you really took advantage and fucked me over like no other.

I don’t need being told “this is childish”, or “this is stupid”
It’s just a little dose of the poison that has been illing me for years now
I could go on and on giving examples about how double standard your comments are
You tell to go on, just as long as you’re not the one being down.

The thoughts in my head are not as dangerous as the atrocities you commit
The way you lie with a straight face, looking straight at people’s eyes makes me want to vomit
There’s not much to be said here that wouldn’t sound much like a complain
I hope you enjoy hurting the innocent ones, giving them pain along the way.


Calling in the Abyss

I don’t think I’m gonna return to the light
I think I’m gonna stay in the shadows
Lingering, thinking, of death,
Hoping, dreaming of life

There was a promise outside of the walls
Inside a book of eternal promises
Withering, keeping astray
Denying, deceiving everything said.

All that I could’ve been
I gave it away for your safety
Now God has taken you away
So I’ll end up with nothing.

Raise your glass in order to celebrate your victory
I shouldn’t put my trust again in invisible beings
Hurting, wondering why
Disappointed, wandering around.

All that I could’ve done
I gave it away in trust of a higher rectitude
Now God has taken you away
So I’ll end up with nothing, but a feel of abandonment.

This futile war I’m waging on
It seems like the devil has won
It seems like the devil has won
No more for this hope to reborn.


Zero in a Scope

Echo the silence of the million things you’ve said before
No matter the amounted you’ll end up on the floor
Amazing how masochistic matters of pride can become
When self-loathe chews you up down to the bone.

Appalled how life spits on your face, laughs at your tragedy
Worse than any propaganda or conspiracy theory
TV entertains your brain; you need a break from reality
While self-awareness bitches up for giving in to the fantasy.

Numbers keep adding up, it’s hard to keep up with the math
The script keeps adding lines; it’s hard to tell the truth
And all these elements that makes us unstable human beings
One thing takes long to end, while another simply begins.

An endless racing tests the myriad illusions of the mind
They “teach” you how to do it, at yet you fail
Constant on the search of a lifeform who’s truly benign
But this quest has got you chasing your own tail.