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I don’t expect many people to like this poem, but for those who know a little of history will understand some things that I’m saying here.


Vantage Point

“Give us a ruler
One that is like us
One that is flesh like
One born out of sin and damnation
One that could die of starvation
One that hungers power
One to build us towers
For him to lead our holy nation.”

“In God we trust
For Him to do what we command
We don’t like holy wars
But only the ones that make us feel holier
So give a chance to other religions
Except for the one that makes us explode
We have tolerance except for those
Who would truly die for what they believe
However crazy we might perceive
So don’t choke on your popcorn
Cause this is going to be the bomb
In the meanwhile have some fun
Come grab a chair and enjoy the show.”

“Divide the land
This is not my people
This is not my family
These are not the ones I was born with
I won’t share what’s rightfully mine
Or let you take it away
I need a place to stay
A place to rest my tired head.”

“So grab your arms
This time our voices will be heard
This is a battle we don’t think of losing again
It doesn’t matter how many years
How much blood, sweat and tears are spilled
No matter how many are killed
We do it for the sanctity of our belief
For all we wish is to live in peace
Man vs man, this doesn’t make any sense
But we also have to come to our defense
I hope you believe as much in your God
As we believe in ours
I hope you’re ready to give your life for your God
As we’re ready to give ours
In the meanwhile pray in the night
Contemplate on what’s wrong and what’s right.”

“Us, “the innocent”,
In the middle of a war…
we don’t fully understand
Which side do we take?
Which people do we cry for?
To see a man murder another
Do you think we take pride in that?
Oh, I understand we’re a violent species
But that’s doesn’t excuse these atrocities
If the leader of a country
Has a feud with the leader of another
They should take it onto each other
And leave us civilians alone
I don’t see any leader taking a bullet
In these cases of hostages
All that I see is flesh to the bone
Bodies lying dead on the ground
And no one to be accounted for
Ripping us off from our human rights
Depriving us all from our precious lives
Dividing and conquering;
That’s the way of the tyrants
So I guess, for us is time to retaliate
So bring in the guns, the jets, and the tanks.”