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In Spirit

I’m lost
Where’s my light?
I’m looking for it
As it is looking for me.

All this road
Has me tired
Will it give up on me?
As I given up on it?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could give you
Give you the love I cannot give myself.

All this love that I feel is overwhelming
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish you were here with me
But I can feel you, only in spirit.

I’ve lost
My will to fight
Is there anything
Else out there for me?

All these wounds
Have me wounded
Will I ever truly heal?
Enough to help others?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could convince you
All the things I won’t believe myself.

All this love that I feel overtakes me
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish I could be there for you
And yet I could, but only in spirit.

The Imaginary Adversary
I tried to write down words that would make me sound like a smart man
I even wrote a thousand verses in a thousand styles that I don’t think you’ll understand
But when you are born to be furniture, or ever worse to be a damn carpet
You can only greet people by bowing down to their feet as the walk all over you.
“Oh marvelous way of writing this newbie has”
But fuck you cause goddamn it I’m not a noob
“Such a foul mouth this so called gentle man has”
I’ve seen more venomous things under a preacher’s tongue.
How much dirt you think is needed to drown and finally kill this kid inside?
He’s begging for attention, he’s been locked inside this dungeon for far too long
“Oh my God, we need to gag him, hold his chains a little bit tighter
Cause damn him, man, he reminds all of us that we are still human.”
“Slit his throat; that’s what he writes in most of his rhymes!”
“You can throw him in the river; the stupid asswipe doesn’t know how to swim”
“Don’t you fucking fall for his charm, he’s hypnotically seductive…
…when he speaks of this life in a way that makes us reflect about our own intents.”
Oh, as god is my witness, I tried to write words that would fit your selective minds
But you always change patterns as long as the patterns form a goddamn trend in line
And I can’t follow sheep that eat from their own defecation, no I can’t….
I prefer to be my own underdog smelling my own ass as I shit all over you dumbasses.
Enter second stanza, for those who doesn’t know that’d be the second verse
Sometimes I feel like aliens have urinated on my luck, and then left me naked in the universe
Another pill to pop as the popping sizzling sound of idiosyncrasy follows through
Just a step in the right direction in our “adhocracy” might rise for the occasion to save us all.