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Undefined Infinitely

Stuck in time and space
In this vast nothingness
Floating infinitely
Towards the endless gap
Nothing but a black veil
Around and beyond
No day or night
No stars, no sun.

Everything Has Gone Back to Normal

Everything has gone back to normal
And my blood it bleeds red
And how it aches
How it hurts.

Everything has gone back to normal
And my calls are not responded
All in a busy tone
All in a busy tone.

Everything has gone back to normal
And this silence is by my side
Greeting me with open arms
Greeting me again.

Everything has gone back to normal
And I feel like my usual self
So useless, so useless

The white empty space
A wide empty space
Nowhere to escape
I have awoken.

Everything has gone back to normal
The momentary happiness has passed away
Passed away
Passed away.

Everything has gone back to normal
Daydreaming seems so bliss
Like a bad joke
I don’t want to.

The wide empty space
Here in my chest
Here in my head
I was never completed.

Has gone back…
To normal…
Sigh… The End…?


Posted: February 6, 2017 in Loss Poetry, Painful Poetry
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I’ve tried to make amends with the ghosts in my head
Yes, I’ve tried all that is humanly possible to atone
But how are you to make peace with the dead?
When you are still here and they are long gone?

Implicitly Exiled

This was a personal journey
In which you abandoned me
Are you waiting for my return?
Will this time things be different?

To give a leap of faith
Is more than what I can offer
For the peace that comes too late
For the ones who have to suffer.

This was a personal relationship
You and I used to share
Are you willing to confess your slips?
Or would you leave with the fare?

To speak my heart for love
Is more than what I can do
For the souls who are undertow
The ones who didn’t made it through.

A hallowed word is more than a magic wave
You do these things under your will
The words you spread you know they can save
Why do they come beneath a cane of steel?


Yesterday we came to hunt them down
We got high, about, under and around
Two losers making their way through life
Running amongst the things we despise.

The touch of the heat of your hand
One thing I was sure could understand
But the gun at my head by my own
Stops me from turning this upside frown.

When I pulled the trigger
A red flash appeared before my very eyes
When my end was delivered
I stopped reaching for the God in the skies.

Yesterday we talk about getting cleaned
We drank some, slept some, never awoke
One of the losers was called by the light
No, you won’t see that lost soul tonight.

The touch of the heat of her heart
Was a thing that couldn’t keep them apart
But the knife in the line of the throat
Stopped the sailor from sailing his boat.

When I slit both my writs
A blurry cloud emerged, as I lay on the floor
When depression beat my wits
I couldn’t find the one thing I needed before.

And now she’s alone
But she can manage it,
as long as she’s stoned
cause what better way
to kill the pain once for all
than to kill yourself;
body, heart, mind and soul…?

Somber Song

She drowned her pain deeper than anyone could ever reach
Burned down her house with all her things, all of her precious memories
And now as she stumbles in the streets without a familiar face
To look at, to ask why, all these terrible things have to happen?

Children, they don’t know all the misery awaiting for them
Right next door, right by the curve, inside their heads and their own houses
And now that I’m old I’ve wasted all of my advices to give
To anyone, about anything, without sounding like a drunk vagabond mumbling.

The moon is far away and even if in our innocence we dreamt it to be made of cheese
Either we sleep in for too long, or we haven’t rested enough to face the harsh reality
Enjoying these guessing games, putting together these puzzling pieces
She took a drink that now will take her to the side of fence where the grass isn’t greener.

The pain of losing someone dear to you

The Dearly Departed

Please don’t depart from here
I think it’s far too soon
Maybe you can linger a bit longer
At least for a few years now
Before we have to say goodbye
I don’t want this to be the end
Tell that place that awaits you
That we still need you here.

Woke up the next morning
And you were already gone
And a big gap grew inside my body
Where my heart and my soul used to be.

There are news that I don’t want to hear
Tell me it’s a lie, tell me it’s not true
Tell me this is just a bad dream
And that soon I will be waking from it.

And when I do,
You’ll be next to me
Just like you used to,
As it should be.

You took a piece of my life
When God decided to call on your name
I think it was all a mistake
And now nothing will ever be the same
Cause here there’s someone
That still loves you, that still weeps for you
And in my dreams
I still long for your return
Knowing that that will never happen
Completely devastates me.

No matter how much
I close and open my eyes
What gone it is gone
And how I wish to feel you
To touch your face again
To hold you in my arms
Come back to me, please
Don’t be only a memory.

Please don’t depart from here
I think it’s far too soon
Maybe you can linger a bit longer
At least for a few years now…
Maybe forever…
Maybe for an eternity…
I’m sorry…