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I’ve been trying to write and post something good enough. After 3,000+ poems I’ve written I simply don’t know what to write about and the things I’ve written don’t seem good enough to be post here. For me is not simply just writing. It has to have a strong emotion, something that has not being said, or really intellectual. I always try to push it forward and top myself. I’m amazed that after almost 18 years of writing poetry I still have the will to write anything. I do not know what to say/do anymore. Thanks to all the followers, all 440+ of them! You make it worth, every moment, every word, everything.


Absurdum Excedunt

Void, when the spiral closes
Just a vast of endless darkness
Like being buried in charcoal
But gravitationally weightless.

When all science fails
And the conclusion’s flawed
All of the mathematical method
Spurs like blots across the drivel.

Incongruent and inconsistent
Where’s the strict impeccable exposition?
For those who are dull minded
Like moths drifting towards the bright.

Eternity and energy in a fragile vessel
How can you sustain such accumulation?
Myths and mysteries drawn in numbers
Where the true enlightenment slumbers.

Mods suck on self-help blogs.

(Written on: March 4, 2011)

I Am Nothing
I expressed these words to you
Because that was the thing I wanted to do
I opened up my heart to you
‘Cause I thought that was the right thing to do
Helpless inside, I felt this was the way
Oh, boy, was I wrong? This was a mistake
You offered me this opportunity
And I grabbed it just to let go
At the end it just brought more pain in me
It brought more harm than it did good.
Can’t you exorcise these demons in my head?
Can’t you help me ease up all the pain?
I’m still trapped, burning up inside this hell
I know the fact that I need some help
Thank you so much for keeping the door shut
Now I know when to keep my mouth shut
Now I’m so sure I don’t belong in this place
Thank you for showing me everywhere everyone’s the same!
You never apologize to me
Cause you don’t think you did anything wrong
I’m constantly apologizing
Cause I feel I’m doing everything wrong
You feed my discomfort in this zone
As much as I feel I don’t belong
First one smile, then one slap, “you did bad”
As if I was a child… What the hell’s with that?
The devil whispered to my ear the same answer
I don’t belong here, I don’t belong anywhere.
“Shut up and suck it up
All you do is wrong
(Be a man… if you’re a man just…)
Shut up and suck it up
You know you don’t belong
I’ll pretend and pretend
I care and I’m your friend
But at the end know I’m not
Realize you don’t belong in this place”
This may trigger you
But you triggered my suicide thoughts
Now they’re all over
They’re all over me like thousand bugs
But whose fault is this?
I guess it’s mine, it is my own
This will teach me who to trust
No one, I’m simply all alone.