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The Voice of the Devil

Grab on this corpse
And put it back in
Oh, how much have I long
For the day I welcome the misery
Back into my arms
Back into my soul
No, I will not understand
Yes, I will be cold
Push aside in despite
Of all the good I’ve done
Oh what a passage of rite
So callous to the bone
Chew it and spit it out
The taste have grown stale
As I scream and I shout
And watch this ship go to sail.

This storm, oh holy diabolical confusion
The intrusion of the so called friends
For now you’ll enjoy the division
But all your angels will soon become fiends
Every mistake back at you
I will be happy when the death touches
The one thing leading you through
I wanna see it lie in the dirt with the roaches.

Oh, happiness
Am I the only one grieving?
Seem like you’re smiling
Is it so fruitful what you’re conceiving?
This knife on my back
I will one day take it out
And I will draw a track
To disfigure your surmount.

You all come in packages
I was thrown down here
And all the dark influences
Will strike as your biggest fear
Come on, the one you will hate
Come on, the one that will not tolerate
Self-destruction with you tied to me
Cause if I go down, you’ll go down with me.


The Logical Sense of the Granted

Fancy finding you in this place
Or any other eloquent word
Found in the dictionary to describe
How to educated we have become.

Give them something easy to swallow
Filled with sugar so the rush will last ever-long
The fruit wasn’t ripe but we accelerated
The process in order to be served on this paper plate.

Lying to our teeth to get a smiling face
It’s hard to be cynical when the numbnuts don’t get it
Give us your words of criticism as “the experts on the topic”
Only the internet has allowed you to fantasize about such things.

“Spectacular!” I must exclaim
Or any other bullshit word
That I can find here to describe
How insignificant it all signifies to me.

I’ll give you something easy to swallow
Filled with sugar, so the rush will last ever-longer
The cake isn’t done yet but you can
Shove your face and savor the ingredients meant for the whole.

Biting off our tongues to get an approving gesture
It’s hard to be cynical when the numbnuts don’t get it
Give us your words of criticism as “the experts on the topic”
Only the internet has allowed you to fantasize about such things.

I’m an arrogant, aren’t I?
‘Cause I’m the one who has the balls to speak these struggles
Such an enormous arrogance
When you wish things weren’t as bad as they’ve become.

Self-sufficient, aren’t you?
‘Cause you’re the one who doesn’t needs anyone else, okay
Such is the price of the vainglorious disclaim
You feel the need to say the things you think that are okay to say.

Covering our mouths to give a sense of inclusion
It’s hard to be cynical when the numbnuts don’t get it
Give us hope of betterment and improvement as you “wish for our best”
No, that cannot be, ‘cause your collective consciousness is dead on its mindset.

It cannot be any other way
Such is the logical sense of the granted…

A poem I wrote last week.

Master of Anxiety

Wasting all of my time doing nothing
But thinking how much of a loser I am
How I am always disappointing everyone
And how much I’ll fuck up again next time.

I’ve tried to overcome all of these thoughts
Tried to medicate with high all of my lows
Swallowed one too many pills attempting to kill this disease
Wishing I could kill my body if it comes to it.

I wish I could disappear in silence
But how much more invisible can I become?
I wish you could understand my anxiety
I was raised to feel like nothing and be alone.

Wasting all of my time here complaining
And thinking how much of a whiner I am
When I’m having it “good” even when I’m bleeding
Always above others as from this belt I hang.

I’ve tried to keep my stupid mouth shut
Tried to swallow my pride and confront my doubts
Zombified my mind with mindless TV ads on display
Wishing I could put my fears right where my body lays.

I wish I could undo this inner violence
But how can you fight something that has become much stronger?
I wish I could get rid of all of this anxiety
But I was taught only to fail miserably and become a loner.

Wasting all of my time staring at nothing
Thinking how much of a fucked up I have become
How I am always disappointing everyone
With the things I’m doing, with the things I’ve done.

I feel like the master of anxiety
But I know I’m more like its slave
Worrying about every little thing constantly
My own soul I cannot even save.

Under the Rain of my Eyes

All the time in the world is not enough
I’m always gonna love you
I’m always gonna miss you
I’m always gonna need you.

Prison of Rage

So this here, you see is what you’re tired of
So this here, you see is what’s gotten you sick
So this here, you see is what I’m made of
So this here, you see is what it’s full of shit.

When I close my eyes, they won’t go away
Even when you’re not here, they just stay
You think I just can shush them away
But they just stay with me every day.

Feelings of loathe and low esteem
Surrounds me to the point I’m trapped
You don’t know how it is, has been
For me to feel like I’m caged like an animal
In this place inside my head
Where I cannot escape
No matter how much I run
How further I move on
I always end up in the same place
Confined in the prison of my rage
Wishing I wouldn’t feel this pain.


After drawing the pic above I was inspired to write the following poem. I’ve read so much in my life that at times I feel it’d be a waste not to share some things.

The Significance of Knowing

To keep them from understanding
You know he spoke in riddles
To keep them from capsizing
You know he stood in the middle
And if you don’t know the answer
Is because you don’t deserve it
Sick of being labeled a monster
Because I can read between it.

Hey, Lucas, why don’t you enlighten some of us?
They really need a hand
They really need your help
You better refer them to Paul
They need a corner stone
They need a corner stone desperately.

He invited me into the darkness
Because he knew I would see
He injected in me all this sadness
Because he knew I would be
What there was necessary to be
At the time no one would see
Your devil wears a halo
My god bled for us all.

Hey, Matthew, why don’t come pick all your lovers?
They really need understanding
They really need to see
You better refer them to Joel
They need some uplifting
They need a motivational speaker.

Women, they did gather
To mourn their master
Were where the men in all this?
They hid away after they slept through.

Eliah, I don’t think they’ve been calling your name
But the one who gives significance to your existence.

If there’s no interpreter
Then there’s no meaning to what’s being said
Here surrounded by pretenders
They think they know the reason why we all end up dead.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

A call have been casted from the walls
Can you hear it as it bounds through the hall?
An image like a mirage onto the mirrors
Through the looking glass I can’t see any clearer.

A shadow have stretched from my own
Can you feel it as it stares at you while you sleep?
A white light blinding me from the picture
A half made body trapped in a state of the living.

The dogs bark at me as I press on these words
Tracing the blood I dripped in exchange for the key
The girl with the scarlet dagger waiting by the door
Slitting the throat of the infants offered to owls.

Like clockwork, following time through the hole
Another vampire falling for sirens and snakes
To open the chest and torn down the seals
Freeing all of desires and the spirits confined.

The deep black water is on the rise
What was foretold has come to be
Enters the man with a peace offering
The number is up, the hour of reckoning.

A smile and a smirk suit for a prince
A flight to the skies, straight given to air
An eye in the sun, the triad, the glimpse
The darkest eclipse, the warmest of flares.

Right at the zenith of the six golden triangles
Sit all the architects of harpies and obelisks
Quoting lines of the Book of Forgotten Names
Hidden in rhythm, rhymes, symbols and sounds.