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Something that was whispered to my ear…


Indigo children, gather around
Father, the great architect
Birth of the homunculi legion
Let the titans into this realm.

Music is a channel
Words are a spell
Read it, sing them
Cast upon them
Demons, devils, ghost and ghouls
Your god is dead
Your god is dead
But we don’t care
We love them innocent
So we can rape them
With our eyes
With our heart
With our souls.

Mother made this for me
Father, gave this to me
Leeches need of a host
Blood, under your muscles.

Art is a portal
Alchemy symbols
Paint it, stare at them
Decipher the signs
The old gods need a new kingdom
Your god is dead
Your god is dead
But we don’t care
As long as you perish
Or join our cause
In your eyes
In your heart
In your soul.

The Age of Pisces is over
It’s time for the Age of Aquarius
The change is upon us
This change is upon us
The Light Bearer with a smile
The phoenix of the sun
Learn whom to serve
Or burn with them all.


Taking that little light and making a thing out of it.

A Start

The heart is one
Broken, wounded, scarred
With unlimited power
Of healing itself
And loving once again
Is like trying to grab air
With your open hands
You know is there
But can you keep it?

The most important things are subtle
You try to mask ever feeling vulnerable
It’s like a high
Dopamine does that
But numbing the pain sometimes is okay
Especially when it comes
With elements that hold forever.

I’m trying not to make a big deal out of it
But it’s like dancing
Without caring
that everyone is staring at you.

I’m not sure if the eye
Can read between the lines
Because sometimes the metaphors
Get intertwined with the literal
But if I ever lay these cards on the table
Will you ever understand the true intention?
If I ever lay down the question?
Will you say “yes”?
or pass it by like nothing is even occurring?
Rejection is a hard pill to swallow.

The reality of life is pretty obvious
All that you need is in front of you
I’ve come to understand
How small this world is
And how similar
We are from one another
Should we go back to our caves,
And like bears sleep through the winter again?

I’m trying not to be too forward with this
But there’s a knocking on the door of my chest
Should I open it and invite the feeling in?
Afraid it might get too close to my heart.

The heart is one
Broken, wounded, scarred
With unlimited power
Of healing itself
And loving once again
Is like trying to grab air
With your open hands
You know is there
But can you keep it?

To the eyes is invisible
You don’t praise a god
But you can’t help but have faith in it
I promise I won’t disappoint
I’m sure you won’t either.

You got me thinking of it
Writing about it
That’s a start.

Inspired by and dedicated to my muse.


Broken promise of the biggest caliber
Where the heart comes screaming “here I go”
Damn fool, would you ever truly learn?
You’re going too fast, you might end up crashing.

You would think I’d know all the tricks by now
But with you these cheat codes don’t seem to work
You’re like pirated movie I wish I would’ve bought
The best collector’s edition packed in silver and gold.

I’m a scaredy cat
And you’re like a water filled bathtub ready for me
Let me lock the door of this bathroom here
Not to keep you inside because I’m too damn shy.

I’m a chuckled laugh when I’m shaking on my bones
You seem so confident, it’s intimidating me
I’m like a kid lost in a toy’s department
You feel like a Christmas’ gift mixed with a birthday’s.

Broken promise of the biggest caliber
When the sheep go jumping out of my fence and into your yard
Damn fool, when will I stop dreaming of heaven?
In your arms I feel like an angel has caught me.

You would think I’d have stopped drawing that silver line
But I used up all of the other colors of the crayons in my box
You’re like a photograph of a painting I wish I would’ve worked
The best frames – staying in your world from time to time.

I’m like a tiny mouse
And you’re the hallowed moon made of cheese
I wish I could eat you up
But only in a way that it would please you.

I’m a nervous mess and your affection is of great turbulence
You make my world tremble, creating newer islands
I’m a sailor lost a sea, and you’re a beautiful siren
If I’m gonna drown, just bring me down right next to you.

Lauren Black


I see you’re doing it again
I can identify that smile
From a million miles away
And the answer like before
Will be a firm “no”
So try to find me in others
As if eons had passed
And I’m reincarnating.

There’s a plenty of fishes in the sea
Though you were never much of a swimmer
You surely can devour like a white shark
At the sight of spilled blood, at bay
So Mr. Saint
Mr. Preach-only-to-seduce
Will you live up to your name?
Or you we to expect the very same old?

You are wonderful when poetic
An inferno when expressing passion
Such a self-inflicting detonator
You don’t want a lover
You want a savior.

I see you’re doing it again
Apologizing for the things
You think you’ve done wrong
This time it won’t work
I’ve broken myself free
From your enchanting spells
From the way you convinced me
I was somehow involved.

Your duality has the best of you
You don’t seem to swim in the same currents
You surely can bring down the strongest of structures
Just by your stare alone
So Mr. Saint
Mr. You-know-I’m-always-right
Will you ever change the rules of your game?
Or will you forever rely on your same old tricks?

You are wonderful when poetic
An inferno when expressing passion
Such a subtle-poison-in-morning-tea
You don’t want a companion
You want a cell mate.

You believe you’re self-aware
But we’re aware you use that as a weapon
Are you doing this intentionally?
Or are we to believe you’re naïve to it all?

Mr. Saint
Such a man of your caliber
With so much potential
Wasting your time ripping beautiful flowers
Off someone else’s garden
You don’t want support
You only want someone to drag along
And down with you.

Wrote this 3 years ago. Inspired by someone I knew 15 years ago. Amanda White

Vainglorious Apollyon

I’m not sure who are you’re trying to fool here
With your empirical discharge of conundrums,
Of uneven measured triangles, overly squared demi circles
Wrapped in redundant enigmas and ongoing driveled riddles.

Just cause I’m wearing high heels and a white dress
You think I’ve lost my view on the agnostic sense of Gnosticism
And all the answers fell into a trench of amnesic state
And I’ve become a beggar lurking in darkness in search for light.

But let me tell you pal, your declaration of omnipotent grandiose
Is nothing but a tiny junction stone that needs to be set aside
That eagle head looks too heavy on you, even more the sun as your crown
Plus the eleven shines brighter, longer, when you are already thirty three.

Better make haste, for the deep waters are commencing to open their mouths
You’re best to apologize to Poseidon, for his disciples might swallow you whole
You wouldn’t want to find me riding that sleeping beast lying on my backyard
Or lay my cup on you for the pact constituted, to send in the black hounds, oh no.

Inspired on someone I was close to

3 Three III

Betrayal of the kind
A traitor to the sign
Two souls of the same stream
Separated by the days gone by.

Imaginary depiction
Childhood rendition
Two eyes looking up to tomorrow
Two eyes staring down at the past.

Breaking the bond
Breaching the trust
Two genders united as one
Severed by the knife of morality.

Natural swimmers
Stifled by the shore
Two sides of the same coin
Turned against one another.

Perpetuity cognition
Disowned definition
Two hands reaching for accession
Two hands stretching in affirmation.

Passing waves of time
Extensive intervals and absence of sound
Forming an unsolicited gap
Two pathways turning us from our midway.

Once enemies of conform
Then twins of the cause
When one concluded
The other commenced.

Born under a number
Artistry amplified
Household anarchists
One came to refuse
The other came to comply.

Ryan Lyandree

The Cleanse

Why looking for advices about being whole in the fragmented?
Why look for directions about going home in those who’ve never been there?
You once knew the answers, what have you done with them?
Have them in exchange for a slice of brief camaraderie and fellowship.

You put your trust in human kind and now you are disappointed
You thought they would withhold the grace that not even a God could
Don’t you know that we were prone to fail even when we were perfect?
What made you think that now that after this fall we would’ve learned anything?

You pursuit the essence and logic in the stars and the numbers
But all of it mashes into utter nothingness, darkness, void and silence
You’re trapped in the jigsaw puzzle of the greater scale, the full picture
Surrounded by the echo of your voice bouncing off the walls of this barren place.

Why looking for a clear response in those who are still confused?
Looking for the straight and the just in those whose minds are twisted,
souls are curved and hearts are crooked
You once held the keys, what have you done with them?
Threw them away for a chance to taste on the flesh and mundane pleasures.

You put your trust in an uncertain element and now you dislike the outcome
You thought they’d give you the divine revelation that not even a God could
Don’t you know you were prone to fail from the beginning of this project?
What made you think that if you forced the pieces in they would actually fit perfectly?

You pursuit the autonomy and the refinement in that, which seems, above and beyond you
But you find yourself invisible walls and chains from around keeping you asunder
You’re trapped in the incongruence of the denouement and foolproof evidence
Tortured by the fixated inaccuracies and the inability to mold these principles properly.

What made you think that these misty torrents would make way and its mouth would open?
What made you think you were worthy to be culled, to be given this kind of privileges?
An eye for an eye, a pact, an act of sacrifice, be selfish or vicariously, may be required
Just to be granted just for deserving does not seem to be the way that things work here.

Relaxed, naked, as light as a feather, to be lifted
Then dropped like a rock, pounded against the floor
To hurt and to be broken
To cry and to be healed
An outside source inserted something
An outside source can take it away
The seed you planted, a forest of anger
Burn it down, let the flames purify you.

The cleanse.