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Poem about some mental illness and emotional issues. It started lighter, but as i kept writing on, it became darker.

Infatuation Whore

Take me in
I don’t want
Don’t need
This reality
What you can
What’s out there
At the moment
Is enough now.

Cause beggars cannot be choosers
Throw my self-worth out the window
Put myself on sale
Something that anyone could be interested.

Put me in
Just right next
To where
Something is
Doesn’t matter
Just inside
Is good enough.

Cause hunger cannot be demanding
Being cheap, just like a whore
When you come to break me
Know that I’m already completely broken.

My heart might be hot garbage
But my soul is worth at least a penny
Remember that when you dismantle me
I’m selling my body because I need the money.

Don’t worry
You’re not the first who has ever touched me
In this way
Or any other way.


A very personal poem

A Voice Starting To Grow a Face

The words from your voice
Became the voice in my mind
And I kept feeding it and feeding it
Until it became the only thing I could hear

You put these monsters on front
I was the one who turned them into demons
You offered me disappointed in myself
I was the one who signed the pact and agreed on it.

Now that you’re gone
I keep having these thoughts as my masters
I feel whatever they want me to feel
And live by their law that I’ll always be worthless.

As I kept fighting your lies
Deep inside I started believing they were true
And now when I look at the mirror
I can only see the rejection, disgust and judgment.

‘Cause as you said; “this world is threatening”
“be careful who you trust in this life”
“they will break your heart and you will be nothing”
“you can only count in yourself and no one else”
I began realizing that this voice is starting to grow a face.

And with your indifference and lack of love
I learned that you were special as you screamed “You are not!”
I’m here to break the pattern, to undo the loop
This hierarchy of madness and violence stops right here.

Torn Feathers

Gone in your puzzled eyes
Your mind steers astray
Just for the lack of touch
Not only on my flesh
But what’s under it
Silence is a brick wall
Keeping you out
Keeping the pain in
Press on the clothe
We built up this gate
Dividing the home
We once called ours.

Do you think we still have a spark of a chance?
A spark of a chance to save it?
Before it’s too late?
Or is it too late already?

Torn feathers
For all the angels we have killed
The sour feelings
That we can’t make sweet again.

Sand is on the slip
Turning the hourglass
Illusion of the illusory
It was never my intention
To hurt you
With the way I’m hurting
To try to squeeze
The last drop of this scarpered love
Is this cup really empty?
Have we really given up?
I need your touch
To feel like you still feel for me.

Do you think we can save it?
Do you think we still have a spark of a chance?
Before it’s all over
Or was it over long ago?

Torn feathers
For all the angels we’ve mistreated
The darkened feelings
That we can’t make into light again.

So is our future now nothing?
Nothing that can be done to fix this?
Are you done?
With this?
With us?
With me?
Are we doomed?
Never to love or forgive one another ever again?

La Fête Du Prince

Lucifer’s putting up his best suit for the occasion
Welcoming with open arms your selfish realization
Mix of sweet sugar and rat poison, bake the cake
‘Cause every good intention has an evil meaning as undertake.

So praise the god you believe in when being proud
As you keep the skeletons in your closet still in shrouds
Have a slice of pie, later on we’re gonna stick that knife
‘Cause one thing you can’t judge’s how anyone’s living their life.

Awake in the dream, in a dream within a dream
Without counting the layers of all there’s to be seen
The rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone would guess
But life is random and only the loyal servants will be the guests.

So take your drug, it’s majestic to be sane and clean
You wouldn’t want to rely on pillars that tend to lean
The concept of what the future may hold won’t stop
So bend the hands, you cannot freeze time, but to get stuck.

Lucifer’s putting on his makeup, practicing her smile
An un-surprised entrance, because it’s been going for awhile
Mix of sour gestures, praises and applause, it’s great
‘Cause every blinded eye harvests true sight once it’s far too late.

Mr. Button Eyes

Mr. Button Eyes
Will you come back to inspire us?
Maybe one day, maybe one day…

Yes, we miss you
Miss you
Everyone and everything
Here waiting for you
Clear as day
Late as night
All the stars
Right from the center
Fate of the one
Insufferable one
Cleansing of the soul
Ultimate voyage
Light in the skies.

Introvert Stalker

Artificial intelligence cause you’re simply not real enough
You break down and cry ‘cause you think you had it tough
But when the heart turns off, the brain begins to dictate
Welcome to the age of pride, this is as much as I can take.

Abuse the element of sympathy and empathy, come on
You’ve carved so deep to the flesh that you’ve hit the bone
But when the words of being naked, being open, being truth
You hide in your closet shaking, as if someone’s abusing you.

Adamant to turning on the light, you hide in the shadow
You came down to chat for everyone to read about your sorrow
But when the negative attracts the positive, it all flips up
Forcing me to talk between lines when all I want’s to speak up.

Mechanical movements, because it’s all your cables pulling
The engine’s not your heart, but just a recipient for all the loathe fuel
So pour it up, till it’s all filled up, it’s just a run and escape
The world it might be blind, but I can see right through your charade.

Etips by Unknown Attester

Look, I’m gonna tell everyone what you did
I gonna tell, and there’s nothing you can do
And they all are gonna believe me, cause I’m a girl
Realize there’s nothing you can say to defend yourself.

For your information, I got all the wealth and the power
And all the love and protection of my lawyers and my mother
Know that I’m gonna destroy you like I’ve never done before
Everything that you had, you’re not gonna have anymore.

Realize that nobody’s gonna belive you, no, no
I have all the elements to make you pay for being a man
Can’t you see that it’s obsolete trying to convince otherwise
Here you will have no chance, they’ll always believe my lies.

Go look for help in your broken down life, loser
I’ll be here in my castle, sitting in my throne
Run as fast as you can, you know my claws will catch you
Look, you have no choice, I don’t want you, so fuck you!

Bet you didn’t know this is what I was going to do
Right when you came here to try to love me
No, no, no, boy, I was just bored that’s why I cheated
Don’t think I did it out of love, now, shoo, fuck off!