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That Song on the Radio that I Wish You Would Listen To

I couldn’t sleep this morning
As much as I tried to
Thought that things were changing
Only to be disappointed
By the fear in my head
Or the truth in my life
Whatever the answers may be
I just need someone by my side.

You try to push me further
Further than I think I can go
I thought I had it all figured out
Only to be confused by my options
Don’t get ahold of this
And use it against me
Cause that’s my fear of sharing secrets
That you may use them devilry…

Don’t tell what you think
If I’m silent, let me be
Can we simply be happy…?
And pretend that pain is not here?

My expectations are higher than they show
I’m afraid of being disappointed right now, somehow
The rejection you feel I’m giving you
Is the reflection of the things you do to me too.

The evil in my head is not to be ignored
Do not feed me with anger and poisonous things
The anger that I feel inside, sometimes I cannot control
The way I’ve been hurt, you cannot simply begin to imagine.

The way that things are stale
I try to fill them with love
With the love I sometimes can’t feel
But I try to grab from above.

I try to be as open and as clear as I can humanly be
But the walls on our defense system will negate our separate needs
You will strike at me when you fear of being hurt
I will shut down at you for very same reason expressed in here.

Don’t say no to these things
Don’t say that aren’t there or here
The hand wanting to cover the sun is a futile attempt
Don’t use semantics to paraphrase what it needs to be spoken clear.

This is not a blaming game
But you have to take ahold of your share
You have to begin to see what you cannot see
And try to work with what you need in order to achieve
Whatever that it is that you want with me
Cause all I want is to be safe, and be happy
And if I ever complain of my present life in comparison
Now that’s not my intention, that’s not my reason
But that I’m going through a phase that might take a while
And all that I wish for you is to hold me still
And smile when I simply can’t
And for me to think that you will…