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Inarticulate Jumble

You never read my words
Unless they’re arrows aiming at your pride
I find it to be pretty absurd
Having to rip your chest like that, out wide.

You feel like saliva in my drink
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t even touch that cup
Words dig deeper as they sink
You read on my riddles, trying to figure what’s up?

Insults are disguised as praises
Not wise enough to slip it in any other way
Obstacles always come in phases
But this one has stayed since before yesterday.

You never read my words
Unless they’re axes chopping off your head
I find it all straying inwards
When I hurt myself, I make another feel dead.

You feel like smudge on my mirror
Sometimes I hate this face I am wearing in here
Words cannot describe the horror
Can you figure out between lines all of this fear?

I’m the viable vial to poison you
Not deep enough to make through and through
Temptations call upon our names
But I know this one is the one that put us to shame.

I’ll tear your skin and put it over me
As I tore out my heart to make you understand
‘Cause words they cross to make it all unintelligible
Where no reason for reasoning can truly land.

‘Cause my words are inarticulate jumble
That you have no time at all to figure out
I wish that in my pride I was more humble
Yet in your ignorance you won’t know what it’s all about.



Softly bathe me in your fire
Purify all of my desires
From that touch of your silk skin
To the infinites of my own being.

Afflicted by the reality of this realm
I run and hide under your wings
You intone so delightful and so calm
You redefine the elements of being.

Touch me with your fiery fingertips
Confine me within your golden halo
Just to feel your glow and warmth
I promise to never let go.

Slowly submerge me in your fire
To distill all of my desires
Just a kiss from your holy lips
And a shake of those wicked hips.

Aggrieved by the cruelty of this world
I run to cover behind your tail
Your chant’s so pleasant and so poised
You redefine the fundaments of one’s self.

Caress me with your blazing hands
Restrain me within your angel horns
Just to feel your glow and warmth
With you I always go strong.

Ignis, significant to my singing
You signify my everything…

Shun Spirit Sanctum

Feeling the attraction to exhume it all
Itching for the invitation calling of its voice
The surge concealed in the inner stall
Subtracts the objective goal of a given choice.

Appealed by the desire to depict it all
Anxious for what’s concealed under the veil
Baffled with the retort of these parables
Bewildered by the perplexity concocting the trail.

A pattern is set for the naked eye to see
For what’s supernatural and what to believe
Pressed on the surface for the iris to bleed
Limited reasoning for what’s there to conceive.

Take a leap of faith into the infinite possibilities
The simplest of paradoxes in contradictory truths
Fix the piece in its place to face the one true reality
The answers most times lie beneath what’s occult.

I’ve written a poem inspired by the world’s politics, science and religions.

The Satanic but Divine

Don’t need to show me your power
I’ve seen the twist and the falling
Go praise your lord and your father
I’ve presence the words distorting.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Don’t need to reach to your tower
I’ve heard the hiss and the slithering
Go praise your god and your master
I’ve presence the truth’s withering.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

Your faith is a joke
One that is not that funny
As one begins to choke
With your lust for the money.

Your science and logic
To turn leads into gold
That forbidden magick
That sheds from the mold.

One step away from becoming one
One with the root of all evil
Come teach me, to understand
How’s to sink to your level.

Your love for hate
To conquer and divide
For heaven’s sake
The satanic but divine.

The sign is a symbol
A piece of the triad
The sound of the cymbal
The spine of the dyad.

Cadence: Syncopated

The entities are not sympathetic to your needs
The ending that was once written foresees
Something to keep you in control, under-sieged
The mockup won’t supplant the real seeds.

A legion master has taken up the reins
To place the summit and begin to reign
No other choice but to submit under his orders
To burn the old law as the new world gathers.

The corner stone has lost its angularity
Now that the saved ones has transformed their personalities
A transmutation coming from the shadows
The rise of the fallen prince calling from the gallows.

Desire is a thing that betrays the restriction
And turns all of the rights in your conviction
It’s like a lever that pulls you back to the junction
Whenever you draught more of it there’s no satisfaction.

The chime of the hour will sound aloud
Tying up all those who love to slither to the ground
Just to collect the loot that you’ve plowed
While the black dogs pace to encircle you around.

This is dedicated to all that has come to destroy my life. I do believe evil is an essence, and although some people are manipulated by it, I will choose to ignore it all, and live my life in a positive way.


Now that I’m awake
With both eyes wide open
I realize that I
Do not love you anymore
So I’m to leave
But waiting patiently
For the day I can
Finally run from this place.

Your words drill my ears
But I’ll choose to ignore them
For I longer do not fear
The feeling of abandonment.

Now that I’ve awoken
From this dream-like state
I’ve come to see that I
Do not need you anymore
So I’m to move
But awaiting leniently
For the day I can
Finally escape from this jail.

Your stare burn my eyes
But I’ll choose to ignore it
For I no longer wish to lie
It is what it is…

Your touch has turn into poison
Your kisses became venom
So forgive my sudden reaction
But I cannot go on…

You know this is about you
(No, it is not a mistake)
So take it to heart with you
(Come take it to your grave)
You knew this time would eventually come
The day I’d leave this place you call “home.”

So enter the play you like in this stage
I will no longer be host for this rage.

How I used to feel back in 2001. Used to be fan of Carl Jung’s books, (actually  still am.) This is just a draft of something I was writing. Hope to work on it further and rewrite to be better.


Tired of being separated
I’m obsessed with being one
Just like it was intended
The day that I was first born.

My shadow’s intentions; horrible
It’s the stomach of my ego
It’s the heart of my pride
And the echo of my anger.

The walls are closing in
The time is running out
Is either being confined or jump in
Into the blackest of waters.

I’m hurt and on the hunting
I’m hungry and in my tunnel vision, rambling
I’m well aware of what’s my intention
(Even) if I must heed to the nature that is violent.

I’m afraid of what might be
Terrified of what I could become
But there’s no other way, you see
I must be the one, one with the sun/son.