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Absurdum Excedunt

Void, when the spiral closes
Just a vast of endless darkness
Like being buried in charcoal
But gravitationally weightless.

When all science fails
And the conclusion’s flawed
All of the mathematical method
Spurs like blots across the drivel.

Incongruent and inconsistent
Where’s the strict impeccable exposition?
For those who are dull minded
Like moths drifting towards the bright.

Eternity and energy in a fragile vessel
How can you sustain such accumulation?
Myths and mysteries drawn in numbers
Where the true enlightenment slumbers.


Consuming Fire

Fill this tank
‘Cause it’s empty
You faceless man
You used to have a name
Not mentioned anymore
Cause I’m too proud
And I’m too hurt
To even repent.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to fail
You told me over and over and over and over again
But I like the mistakes in a flavor that I can enjoy the taste
I’m drowning but my arms don’t reach out to be saved.

Leave me alone
But (please) don’t forsake me
Cause you’re in my head
And still cannot hear me
Bit my tongue
Before claiming anything
My pride
My anchor keeping my under.

I know of your existence and all of your righteous ways
But this outcast found a place where hurt is heard
There’s no more trace of you in the present world here
It has become the thing that you told me I’d most fear.

If you don’t reach me, I won’t attempt anything alone
I know that I need this, but I need to see my worth
You left an imprint in my soul, enough to hold me back
But you forget to place a filter when the sky turns black.

In Spirit

I’m lost
Where’s my light?
I’m looking for it
As it is looking for me.

All this road
Has me tired
Will it give up on me?
As I given up on it?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could give you
Give you the love I cannot give myself.

All this love that I feel is overwhelming
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish you were here with me
But I can feel you, only in spirit.

I’ve lost
My will to fight
Is there anything
Else out there for me?

All these wounds
Have me wounded
Will I ever truly heal?
Enough to help others?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could convince you
All the things I won’t believe myself.

All this love that I feel overtakes me
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish I could be there for you
And yet I could, but only in spirit.


Softly bathe me in your fire
Purify all of my desires
From that touch of your silk skin
To the infinites of my own being.

Afflicted by the reality of this realm
I run and hide under your wings
You intone so delightful and so calm
You redefine the elements of being.

Touch me with your fiery fingertips
Confine me within your golden halo
Just to feel your glow and warmth
I promise to never let go.

Slowly submerge me in your fire
To distill all of my desires
Just a kiss from your holy lips
And a shake of those wicked hips.

Aggrieved by the cruelty of this world
I run to cover behind your tail
Your chant’s so pleasant and so poised
You redefine the fundaments of one’s self.

Caress me with your blazing hands
Restrain me within your angel horns
Just to feel your glow and warmth
With you I always go strong.

Ignis, significant to my singing
You signify my everything…

Shun Spirit Sanctum

Feeling the attraction to exhume it all
Itching for the invitation calling of its voice
The surge concealed in the inner stall
Subtracts the objective goal of a given choice.

Appealed by the desire to depict it all
Anxious for what’s concealed under the veil
Baffled with the retort of these parables
Bewildered by the perplexity concocting the trail.

A pattern is set for the naked eye to see
For what’s supernatural and what to believe
Pressed on the surface for the iris to bleed
Limited reasoning for what’s there to conceive.

Take a leap of faith into the infinite possibilities
The simplest of paradoxes in contradictory truths
Fix the piece in its place to face the one true reality
The answers most times lie beneath what’s occult.

A poem I wrote a few years ago for a novel I was writing. I fixed some things I thought would sound better. (Original post)


Just when you thought you as a king,
would regain control of your kingdom.
Here come Mars burning your plans,
corrupting each and everyone of your people.

Dear foolish Saturn, so devastated.
Your oceans turned to piss filled ledges
You’re no god, you’re no son, and no spirit.
But just a folk’s tale, nothing more to it.

Thinking of leading the hollow and shallow,
Cause they’re only ones who’d follow.
But the fire of Mars will burn eternally.
So Saturn, don’t take this personally.

But just watch you as you weep for your people.
They formed a new minster and it’s made of sheer evil.

Poor, poor, Saturn, completely devastated.
You had your time but procrastinated.
We’ve won this war before it was about to begin.
We’ve driven your children into the infinites of their sins.

And so they move only by the hand of fire.
Of the thief, the destroyer, of the liar.

Oh Light beyond the darkness
Shine upon me and upon us
Lead us with your wings of angel
Shine upon this broken road.

Disappointed and stranded I seek for you
Faith has given me nothing but false hopes
Reach me with your hand, lead me through
Shine upon me… shine upon this broken road.

Just when you thought of you as a creator,
would regain control of your creation.
Here comes a heavenly body crashing into,
Obliterating all of your precious nature.

Dear foolish Saturn, so devastated.
Your body turns to dust filled maggots
You’re not alive anymore than your lies are
You cannot mend all of these scars.

Thinking of leading the hollow and shallow.
Cause they’re only ones who’d follow.
But the fire of Mars will burn eternally.
So Saturn, don’t take this personally.

But just watch you as you weep for your people.
They formed a new religion and it pours sheer evil.

Oh Spirits beyond this world
Lead me to your leader, lead me through the wire
Refine me with your bursting fire
Shine upon my broken life.

Break through
Ray of light
Break through
For this revelation.

~Ryan Lyandree


Stringed Cornea

Your name is shame
And it shouldn’t be spelled
Or even pronounced
What would others think?

My thoughts about you
Should be in complete silent
My need for you in secret
I don’t wish to be left alone.

My love for you
Should be reduced to minimum
Comfortable enough
For others to be around me.

My trust for you
Should come in second
Not to sound nuts
When I’m left empty handed.

My devotion should be banned
This world will forgive my sins
And not even give a fuck about them
To hell the one who died for me.

Love is a word of the mouth
To be felt on the skin
The heart is just a muscle
Ignore all of its mysteries.

There’s nothing out there
And there’s nothing in here
Why the meaning has to
Be so materialistic and mundane?

Help others only to feel better
About how good you are
Only to feel insulted
When someone points out it’s not enough.

The end of it all lies in here
The end of life lies in this line
No meaning but other than to be momentarily content
No reason but the self-reward
No on-going gesture, no eternal promise
No magic, no soul, no ever seeing what’s invisible.
Lock me up in this world’s biggest prison
For I say, fuck this world’s stupid rules!