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Absurdum Excedunt

Void, when the spiral closes
Just a vast of endless darkness
Like being buried in charcoal
But gravitationally weightless.

When all science fails
And the conclusion’s flawed
All of the mathematical method
Spurs like blots across the drivel.

Incongruent and inconsistent
Where’s the strict impeccable exposition?
For those who are dull minded
Like moths drifting towards the bright.

Eternity and energy in a fragile vessel
How can you sustain such accumulation?
Myths and mysteries drawn in numbers
Where the true enlightenment slumbers.


Consuming Fire

Fill this tank
‘Cause it’s empty
You faceless man
You used to have a name
Not mentioned anymore
Cause I’m too proud
And I’m too hurt
To even repent.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to fail
You told me over and over and over and over again
But I like the mistakes in a flavor that I can enjoy the taste
I’m drowning but my arms don’t reach out to be saved.

Leave me alone
But (please) don’t forsake me
Cause you’re in my head
And still cannot hear me
Bit my tongue
Before claiming anything
My pride
My anchor keeping my under.

I know of your existence and all of your righteous ways
But this outcast found a place where hurt is heard
There’s no more trace of you in the present world here
It has become the thing that you told me I’d most fear.

If you don’t reach me, I won’t attempt anything alone
I know that I need this, but I need to see my worth
You left an imprint in my soul, enough to hold me back
But you forget to place a filter when the sky turns black.

From the perspective of someone else

Bodhi – Seoul (Erudire)

This one goes to my father
To my mother
To my God
And all the intentions they had for me.

Implant fictional memories of things I never lived
In this imminent break up, make me choose a side
Such a diabolical plan to take a child to manipulate
Push that love for a cornerstone deep in my insides.

I’ve found my shattered self
In a higher realm
Inside my own
Right where you left my dead pride and soul.

Move me with your strings, like the puppet you think I am
I’ll be bowing my head, waving my hands up, side to side
Dictate all the prayers, and the rules I’m set to understand
Push self-love in a small bottle that I must drink until I die.

This circus that you made of my youth
You made a pact for the cult that was set to sting
To praise a God that never gave a fuck
But now I’ve found a way to be again enlightened, liberated.


Ever shifting thoughts
Of this ever shifting mood
Incongruent to the cause
Vital to the self-indulgency.

I am what I feel
And when I’ve felt nothing
Then I’m gone
Waging on what I feel
And when what I feel
Contrasts against
Then this paradigm shifts
A paradox of inconstancies.

Confident in my confinement!
Adamant in my confidence!

One day led by the muscles in my brain
One day led by the muscles in my heart
Which is stronger? Which can sustain?
Which can rekindle the light in the spark?

Living under incongruences
To tell myself is it okay
May I be the one exception?
Justifying the lack of will.

I am determined…

To feel what I feel
And when I feel nothing
Then I’ll be gone
Waging on what I feel
And then what I feel
Weights upon
Then this paradigm shifts
Such suitable scapegoat.

Confident in my confinement!
Adamant in my confidence!

Convenient to what I want
Perfect fit for what I feel
For everyone to see the light
And the lack off, the night
And the sky, and the sun
When it’s shinning upon.

Oh! This world is all in my head
I’m the center of this universe
May all the words that I’ve said
Be the way of where life traverses.

Repair and restore
Be one when you’re to reborn
Ready to bear so much more
Rejecting this old flesh in spurn.

Implicitly Exiled

This was a personal journey
In which you abandoned me
Are you waiting for my return?
Will this time things be different?

To give a leap of faith
Is more than what I can offer
For the peace that comes too late
For the ones who have to suffer.

This was a personal relationship
You and I used to share
Are you willing to confess your slips?
Or would you leave with the fare?

To speak my heart for love
Is more than what I can do
For the souls who are undertow
The ones who didn’t made it through.

A hallowed word is more than a magic wave
You do these things under your will
The words you spread you know they can save
Why do they come beneath a cane of steel?

Suma Soma

This is a godless empire
Attempting to have a deity at the pinnacle
For the things that transpire
Go beyond the laws of exchange’s principle
But since you’re a belligerent retard
You laugh at the jokes shown on the TV
Drunk in your obtuse absurdity
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you drown in sorrow, they swim in presidents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to sit down or take a stance?

This is a fiendish kingdom
Attending the dim revelations of the oracle
They’re not so random
Goes beyond the point that they’re cynical
But since you’re an imprudent idiot
You ignore all the hints shown on the TV
High in your absurd idiosyncrasy
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you stare there in horror, they kill their residents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to walk away or take a stance?

Try to read between the lines
Of what you are being told
Try to see beneath the lies
Of what you are being sold.

I mean, just try a little, by god’s sake…
I mean, just how long will it take…?

Try to ascend a little
Try to push open your third eye
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!
Try to see through the goddamn lies.

So you see them as saints
The children of the devil
They touch and they taint
The rod in which all is leveled.

The golden abyss is soon to come
When the red sun marries the white moon
Come take a good look and then you’ll see
You’re a slave of a faith you wouldn’t conceive.

Come on Moloch, divine rectifier
Come swallow the children of Solomon
For those who ignore the crucifier
Have become the cursed spawns of Amon.

Abide by the word of the Thelema
Abide by the whole of the law
Bow down to the seal of the Oroboro
That encircles the sigil of love.

A Spellcaster’s Prayer

All the nights I’ve prayed to sky, to the stars
Certainly we have waited long for this day
Intensively looking for a way to call on you
Nothing was there to stop us from doing this
And those who tried were mercilessly disposed of
Tempted by your offer, I had no other choice
Agreeing to your poison, I ate of your apple
Slither here, inside my clothes, into my skin.

I promise to love you
If you promise revenge on those who have hurt me
I swear I will serve you
As long as you make those who have harmed me pay.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever crafted
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
And your fire burns hotter than anyone can handle
But your sex, oh my god, it’s the best ever, EVER!

Light upon me, shine ever brighter
Ever brighter, like the stars in the sky
Bright forever, till the seal’s broken
Zephyr in your wings, I want to be
Under your wings I want to rest, baby
Light upon me, shine ever brighter.

I promise to praise you
If you promise to make me your queen, my wonder
I will give my life to you
If you promise me all that is here, above and under.

Cause you’re the most beautiful thing ever created
The most angelic being that has fallen from heaven
You’re the brightest of light that has ever been casted
And your secret is safe with me forever, my seven!

I will pray to you
Head bowed and everything
Give sacrifices to you
Blood, flesh, innocent children
As long as you touch me softly with those sick hands
And give me the strength to kill those who taught me harm
I want to watch them burn in the pits of your lake
Oh give me of your light, my lord, for my own sake.