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In Spirit

I’m lost
Where’s my light?
I’m looking for it
As it is looking for me.

All this road
Has me tired
Will it give up on me?
As I given up on it?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could give you
Give you the love I cannot give myself.

All this love that I feel is overwhelming
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish you were here with me
But I can feel you, only in spirit.

I’ve lost
My will to fight
Is there anything
Else out there for me?

All these wounds
Have me wounded
Will I ever truly heal?
Enough to help others?

You wish you could save me
As I wish I could save myself
I wish I could convince you
All the things I won’t believe myself.

All this love that I feel overtakes me
To give it away until I’m completely empty
Just to suffer ‘cause I wish I could be there for you
And yet I could, but only in spirit.

Pierce in the Veil

This tunnel seems like a two way street
Where unknown faces get the meet
And a “hi” and smile can bright your day
So sometimes you don’t need to pretend when they
Ask about you and you say you’re “doing okay”

This seems like practicing to a wall
With all the times you think to call
And the phone beeps with words on a screen
Comes asking that awaited question “how have you been?”
“It’s been a long time we haven’t spoken or seen”

Your mind gets caught in a net
While floating somewhere around that trajectory set
Of thoughts that makes you feel so complete
“I hope this letter gets to you and you get to read.”

The airwaves have been blaring on
While somebody catches it and writes a song
Something that inspired them to think of you
Is that pierce in the veil that makes them look
That makes them aware that such surmise might be true.

A piece of literature I wrote today.

The Face of Life

When the heavens opened wide to swallow up all of its sinful citizens
All that came to my mind was to run and come rescue you from this calamity
You were still there, in that dark room, looking at that red wall, all silently
I grabbed you by the arm, but you were frozen, petrified, almost like a statue
After a few attempts, I thought of giving up,
So for a second I turned my eyes the other way
Just to get a glimpse of what was once your bed, now your torture device
So I stepped right in front of you, placed my face against yours,
Looked deep into your eyes
Searching for a hint of light inside that massive black hole shoved into your body
I couldn’t help but noticed how beautiful your face was,
And I know that in other circumstances we as well could’ve been lovers
And if that’s what you need, I’m sorry to tell that is not what I’m here for,
Not that I don’t want you, it’s just that is not my prime intention, although I’m flattered
So I came to whisper to your ears “please, let it go. Let the future rewrite itself”
I thought I could start with a nice gesture,
So I tried to give you my best smile,
Apathetic to my authentic smirk,
You slightly roll your eyes in a dismissal matter
I said to myself “at least I got you to react to something”
As you’ve been staring with those bright yellow eyes, “oh, they are so beautiful.”
And in the midst of all this darkness storming in, I assure you, that’s the face of life.

Emotional Correlation

My eyes are set out waiting for them
Both my eyes are all set out waiting for them
But in the meantime the present disappears
She’s been here awhile waiting for me to see
Waiting for me to say hello
Waiting for me to accept her love
To accept her arms of comfort
When she says; ‘I’m here for you, love.”

I am…
Waiting to catch up with the past
While the present slips away
I’ve been…
Longing for the ones I’ve lost
Ignoring the ones that are present.

My heart is wide open and bleeding
Here my heart is wide open and bleeding
Begging for heavens to mend it somehow
By my side she says; “let me help you out”
And she waits for an answer
And she waits for a moment
Where I can open up my eyes
And see I’m not completely alone.

I am…
Trying to catch up with the distance
While the here slips further away
I’ve been…
Longing for the ones I miss
Missing out on the ones that are here for me.

My heart is divided in two
But how can I love one and not love the other?
One crafted from my heart
And one ready to mend it and fill it up again.

What’s up with everyone around me being so negative lately? I don’t mean here on WordPress. Life is beautiful for what it is, and yeah, there’ll be struggles, but why have life if you’re not gonna live it. I dedicate this poem to some of my closest friends and my gf too. I give you words of advice only for the best. Love y’all!

Only For the Best

Where to now?
When everything is being led by the trend
Wrong somehow
I cannot even speak to you as a real friend.

No drama here
I’m way past the events that causes hurt
A warning maybe
As personal as it all might harm in secret.

In this age of negativity
Every need is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a shade of brokenness.

Where to now?
When the next best thing is to bound around
Woe somehow
Loneliness sings to some it’s precious sound.

No drama here
You’re free to think whatever your ego tells you
A warning for sure
When you live only by pride you’ll die by it too.

In this age of negativity
Every plea is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a cloud of doubtfulness.

I miss the times in when we would give each other another chance
I miss the days in when forgiveness made us better human beings
I miss the instant in when honesty was used to express our pain
And not used as weapon to bring down the person next to us.

I miss the times when we used to hold hands
I miss the nights when we used to stare at each other’s eyes
I miss the way we used to laugh about everything
When joy was a contentious thing and we weren’t ashamed of it.

And if it all wasn’t ever even there
Then we should begin making them
It’s time to build new beautiful memories
And stop thinking that nothing is enough.

Inspired and dedicated to a friend…

Little Miss Silence

Little miss silence
Searches for a friend
Little miss innocence
Searches for the truth
And she doesn’t know
How beautiful
Her broken heart is
She doesn’t comprehend
How precious
Her wounded soul remains.

Little miss silence
Is looking for a friend
One that can be loyal
One that wouldn’t harm her
And she doesn’t know
How beautiful
All of her dreams can be
She doesn’t seem to see
How precious
All of her love truly is.

Hello, little miss silence
I’ve been watching
How much you’ve been longing
To find a faithful soul
I didn’t mean to stare
Neither to meddle in your affairs
But in my observation
I have seen and I have found
All that you’ve been looking for
And all that you’ve been looking for
Lives there inside of your heart
Breathing inside of your beautiful self.

So, little miss silence
Dance all around
Sing all about
How you’ve found
All of the things that you longed for
Inside of your own
Cause the love that’s undying
The one that is truly real
Simply comes from your spirit
Really comes out from your soul.

I usually don’t like using this as a method to address matters, but in this case I’ve got no other choice. This situation is about my children and me, and I’ll do whatever I can to be there for them. Please read this! It’ll only take you a few minutes.

Hi! My name is Michael Santana. I’m a father of two children. I’ve been divorced for a year. I’m a music producer, poet and painter. I’ve been doing all of these for years. I’ve struggled to get money doing these things or any other way. I’ve promoted myself in a few places with no luck. I traveled to the United States with the hope that I could change that and see if I could make money.

In the process of my divorce, I lost my house, including all of my belongings. My ex-wife kept the house and proceeded to get rid of most of my belongings. This included all of my past artwork (art portfolio), music production (demos and albums recorded) and poetry (poems portfolio) I did from 2012 back to when I was a teenager. The justice system took most of my rights as a father; I couldn’t be with my children, except for two days every two weeks, and the month of June. I was given the sentence of a criminal, or an abusive person, without ever committing a crime, especially not to my children. I’ve always lived my life abiding by the law, and I’ve never done anything illegal. I’ve lived my life clean of illegal substances and alcohol. I’m a spiritual person, who would attend church as much as I could.

I’m not here to ask for money to fill my pockets with, or pay my debts with it. I only want to achieve enough money to be able to fly my children from Puerto Rico to the United States to see them and spend time with them, for at least 2 or 3 weeks. I haven’t been able to see my children for almost a year now. I truly miss them. Before they took my rights, I used to be the one who took care of them; getting them to and from school, doctor visits, etc.

I’ve only been able to save $500 so far, I’d need at least an additional $2,500 to pay for the hotel room, the food, and the flight back to Puerto Rico. Most of what I earn I give it back to Puerto Rico to reduce my debt in child support, and part of it to pay for rent and food where I’m currently staying, I do not have much to save for their coming visit.

This is not something I’m asking to be given for free. I’m willing to give out copies of the music albums I’ve made, and the art I’ve painted, in exchange for the money given or donated. If you are interested in my music or artistic work, please provide an email address along with your donation and I will contact you for further details.

I am not asking this for myself, but for the sake of my children. Every little bit helps me connect with the two loves of my life, my children. Your donations are greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. May God bless you and your family.

Here’s the link to donate

Thank you for taking your time to read. Please donate.