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Proven Point

This life feels surreal
So what’s the deal?
Why does it all have to be such an ordeal?
How do I deal with all the things that I feel?
Should I bottle them up and as I keep filling them
With the next bullshit situation that comes across
For how long should I carry this cross?
For its heavy weight is almost devastating
And the fair share seem to be procrastinating
By all the years that have already passed by
I wonder how come I still here and alive
So many times I thought, contemplating suicide
It would be so much easier than to face of all the things that lie outside
Of this door, that waits for me to slip and fall
Yes, I hear them yelling, my name they call
Are either my demons, or my fears, maybe it’s all
Of the bullshit that still burns inside of my soul
Then I throw a tantrum and discharge all of my anger on the people I love
Distancing them even more than the distance I’ve drawn
For myself, cause sometimes I want to be left alone
And other times all I wish is for this hurt to be gone
I don’t trust anybody, not even my own
So how am I to rely my heart on someone if I don’t let anyone
Become part of my life and so on be the proof that I need
To realize that things are not is as bad as they present themselves to be.

Never been addicted to anything except for my own personal addictions
That means trying to be on top, trying to get some recognition
While my heart and my brain battle intensively in constant affliction
I love being myself, but in a sense, it’s hard to be in this position
To the point you reflect all of your most private fears in full exposition
It’s like I turned the ignition key and the press on the accelerator
Of my hand, my tongue, my rage and my guts
And I’m driving this vehicle of communication off a cliff
And I just can’t hit the breaks in time to stop
I’m a junkie for statements that portrait the truth
That dares to address controversial topics just to
Bring some light and shake some consciousness into our conscience
Yeah, I’m a man of faith, I’m a man of science
If there was a way to avoid both of them I’d say they’re both fairytales
Who am I to tell what’s real other than all of these human emotions
I tend to walk against the trend, I take action against this motion
Suspicious most times when it comes to people’s behavior
That’s why I keep them at bay, I feel safer being a waver
Their opinions divide about what they think I am
Some think I’m an asshole, others that I’m a joker
But I understand, sometimes I even don’t get why I am the way that I am
I severely dislike most of the things that I come to see with my eyes
I just can’t believe most of the prejudice, injustice and pure deviance
I don’t know what to make of it but to speak and write about it
Extremely political, I spit words that end up bringing up a spiritual aspect.
I regard others’ opinion until there’s nothing else left to respect
In this aspect, I direct my ticked off thoughts to the ones that are synonymous
To the way that keeps them away from being strayed and stays being continues.

“So what’s the proven point?
Or the point you want to prove?”
These muscles, this flesh and these joints
Are severely torn and I can barely move
As I crawl to the finish line
I keep pushing on in my mind
The reasons why I’m doing this for;
I’m doing it all for the silenced voices of this world.


A Poor Man’s Wish

I want to be God
I want to be in control
Of my own life
And everything around me.

I want to be happy
And when I’m angry
To yell at whomever I want
Without ever getting a backlash.

They say let it all in God’s hands
But those hands seems fall through
Cause I see everything as it’s always been
I’m still struggling, still starving.

Filled my head with words from books
Call me “Don Quixote”
I wish I could be that lost in
I wish I was one of the most read stories.

I want to be God
I want to be praised for my talents
And if I didn’t have any
I would make myself have all of them.

I want to feel comfort
More than in just my own skin
I want what it’s mine
And that’s more than the “American Dream”.

Call me egocentric, full of myself
At the end of the day none of you
Has ever given me what I need in order
To survive another day in this life.

Oh my God, writing is good
In fact it is great!
But I want the riches that comes with the knowledge
I want to be King of this very theme.

Here I am!
Give me what I want!
I know I deserve it
Stop trying to step on me,
Trying to make of me another steeping stool.

For I’m the pinnacle of this pyramid
I’m the axis, as I am the center
And when I become God
You will all bow down at my feet
And for those who won’t
I’ll prepare a very special place;
Concerning volcanic lava and fiery pits.

My God, the Recognition

Putting words on piece of paper
Hoping that somebody will read one day
I could let my emotions for later
But I want them to inspire somebody in some way.

But if you pass over
And don’t take a look at all
Then why am I even trying?
Face flat against the floor.

The sweet sound of victory
When my eyes see all those likes
No need to care about, or feel sorry
I’m the king of poetry and rhymes.

My God, my Recognition
Thank you for all these beautiful moments
Thanks for making me so damn talented
I will recognize your love for me after my name is celebrated…
Not a minute before.

Safety shelter has become a prison
I mix my real experiences with the fantasy in my mind
So I can be brutally honest, still leaning towards riddles and ambiguity
Just like when I speak with my friends and loved ones.

If you don’t get the point
Well then you don’t honestly know me
I’m doing this out of fun
I’m doing this while bleeding dry my heart
I don’t joke about these experiences
But I laugh at them while trying to get them out of me
People seem to be confused about my way of dealing with reality.

My God, my Recognition
Lies in writing whatever the hell I want
I am a artist in my own way, I am a master of my own craft
Aren’t we all, gosh darn it!?
So let’s all celebrate that we are all different from the trending mass.