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Thalassic Tears

All that we’ve fought about
Has been a farce
Has been a dream
How foolish of me to believe
That there could be light
In these darkened hearts
That there could be life
In the cold and silent
As they get drunk
In their wealth and power
Having us trapped
In their hamster wheel.

While we chant songs
About our hurt and loneliness
They’ll be cashing in
The incentives of their promises
Cause left or right
We are always directionless
And the ones to help
Will always stay there motionless.

Back into the river
Back into where we lie lifeless
Deep down at the bottom
With the broken and hopeless
Collecting aquatic scraps
For when the uprising comes
To be ready up in arms
To turn your kingdom undone.

So let’s not drown
In these thalassic tears
Let’s us stand ground
And go against our fears
Cause when tyranny tries
Taking our voices and rights
That’s when we fight it
With all our will and might.