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Another one under the alias “Ryan Lyandree”

The Executioner

Timber and down it goes
“Boom!” goes the nuclear bomb
The burning sensation in our flesh
That sticky compound on our skin

Just right where we once stood
Ashes to ashes, back to the dirt
Funny how little we understood
The imminent crisis… as to avert.

Is this the end of the countdown?
That we’ve been calling on for millenniums?
What fortune tellers and divine revelators
Warned us of in books, Hollywood movies and factions?

We’ve had eternity to reflect
The Executioner is up to do his job
“Hosanna” the crowd vociferates
A turnaround for those unaware.

Timber and down it goes
“Boom!” goes the nuclear bomb
The burning sensation in your stomach
That dawning incision on your soul.

Just right where we once stood
Eye for an eye, as only to hurt
Funny how little we understood
Our innate position… as to revert.

Is this the end always foretold?
That we’ve all known now for millenniums?
What fortune tellers and divine revelators
Have warned us in books, Hollywood movies and factions?

We’ve had infinity to reflect
The Executioner is up to do his job
“Hosanna” the crowd vociferates
A turnabout for those unaware.

Fire… water…
Sickness… loss
We’ve seen this before
But never like this.

Fire… water
Illness… death
We’ve seen this all of our lives
But this overruns everything.

We’ve had forever to reflect
The Executioner is up to do his job
“Hosanna” the crowd vociferates
About-face for those unaware.

Mercy for those who still lie under
Those who crawl
Even those who tried to bruise my heel.


New poem by ‘Ryan Lyandree’

Fated For Catastrophe

The king is at its castle
Another dumb puppet chosen by dynasty
Let’s crown this asshole
Let’s embrace our own empirical hypocrisy.

Here comes his majesty
The trumpets announce his entrance here
In with the “new” ministry
The surface of this place is flat in this sphere.

And so it’s time to choose sides
It’s time to stay closed, or open out wide
For larva are accumulating in our mouths
What about the dear old worms when everything goes south?

The lord is at its temple
Praise the pagan figures built by mortal men
Darkness is that simple
It enters though the gaping holes of human sin.

And so it’s time to choose gods
It’s time to stay close, or to let go
For dust has been gathering in our hearts
What about the dear agony that comes along with the scars?

And so it’s time to push open that third eye
‘Cause how obvious can it be to read between the lines?
It’s time to swallow the truth and savor the lies
How oblivious can we be about a balance that declines?

Choose now to live or to die
Choose now to give up or to stay alive
For our king has spewed “off with their heads”
And I think he’s speaking about the living rather than the dead.

I haven’t given before my opinion about today’s society’s status. This is my opinion about it all.


Nuke us, nuke us
This world deserves death
Apathy and nihilism
I’m a man with no faith.

I don’t hate you enough to pull the trigger
I don’t love you enough to extend my hand
Die in the corner, where nobody sees you
Die of starvation, the rich-from overdose.

This canvas is all painted over
There’s nothing else to put here
Just throw it to the trash and then
Bring a blank canvas and start again.

Your opinion, my opinion
The facts, the suffering
All of the notion that keeps moving on
We all born, we all die, we all cry!!!

So nuke us, nuke us
So we can truly fucking feel
How the goddamn end is like
Politicians and religious nuts
The politically correct and millennials
And those who don’t give a fuck
And for those who don’t believe in a God!
Die! For all of our sins
Or lack of
Perfect? Perfect is your bullshit
Thinking that we’re not on the same boat
One that is sinking!!!

The wave of so much nothingness
I’m getting seasick by all of the hollowness
The pitch black, nothing is essential
Everything is created, nothing is accidental.


The sweet, sweet, sound of when I finally come to rest
The shutting of the gap, the mending silence, the end of the test
It doesn’t matter if I failed or if I won anything, anyone over
I just want for all of this, this earth, this aching, this life to be over.

Now can you please turn the last page and conclude this story?
I don’t want to live to regret not dying earlier, to be feel so sorry
For the ones I’d be leaving behind; I swear I tried my best, my all
But I’m so tired of weighting the burden, taking the blame, taking the fall.

Well, if you feel like you’ve wasted your time on me
Thinking about the future and the life we’d built together
Well, let me tell you I’m at the point of no return, at the edge of it
And I don’t feel like starting a new, I just want this to finish.

Well, none of my dreams became true, nothing became a reality
Maybe I sabotaged the outcome by taking life by the horns, trying the steer the wheel… oh well
But if there was something there for me, should I wait eternally?
So why not wait in eternity, resting without burden? Wouldn’t that be perfect? Wouldn’t that be swell?

I’m Dead

I’m dead
It doesn’t matter how you try to fix it
I’m dead
Don’t dare to wonder how it came to this
I’m dead
I wasted my time, never had any chance
I’m dead
I tried so hard, but I miserably failed…
The end.


The closed door will still be locked
Until the key to unlock it is given
That’s for life, for love and for trust
One voice whispers danger
One voice weeps for peace
And the deathless ghosts are dancing,
In my once, secured and covert shelter;
Now my invaded, over-guested head
Their faces are blurry
Their murmuring all mixed up
I hear the cry of the blood letting
And the white noise that tries to conceal it.

Your scoff have brought nothing but risks
Your graffiti signing nothing but slavery
For when in death one needs to grief heavily
And in life one needs to try to move forward
We the fragile but strong
And the proud but humble
Cannot conform with the answers not given
We must fight for the truth to bring light
We must set differences apart and unite for one same goal
To bring down the tyranny that corrupts our very lives, our very hearts and our souls.

Here I am, wandering without a master
Not even sure if I even served my lord
A man who doesn’t have anyone to look up to,
Is a man who has finished his quest, pending incomplete
For he has yet begin to understand the reason that set it off
The mourning grey clouds are trying to tell us something
They’ve been hinting their discontent for quite a while now
So pour clouds, gather as a storm, and drown us
Let us sink, for our sins, are more than what we can respond for
We attempt to protect us, but the nature against us
Has renounce their very same master that we have
Life vs life to bring utter death, suffering and darkness
The end is near, for peace will soon come to consume us all
Can you feel the nails penetrating your flesh, making a prisoner of your own?
Be that you live or that you die; know that you could never, ever be truly alone.

My Duty as an American Citizen

The NSA is storing our conversations
Of our Facebook’s, Twitter’s and smartphones
While Hollywood is feeding us with
Teeny vampire movies and zombie TV shows
If you turn on the radio all you can hear
Are jailbait “singers” grinding and twerking
If you come by to buy a book to read
All they have is pop culture made anthologies.

If you’re straight, you better be afraid
Soon it’ll come a time that would be illegal
In a time when everything you say becomes an offense
Especially for those who want to be treated equal
Expressing yourself in a matter that contradicts the trend
Is saying that you’re against the norms and rules
Of a world that only follows whatever its news
Whatever they feel they can use to increase on their views
They don’t care about how different or similar you are
They really don’t give a shit about your convictions
Red, white or black, the time will come when
This society will still beat up without caring
The language you talk or the color of your skin
This new “unification” is another way of extinction
They want to gather us all together so they can get rid of us easily
Talk about respect of culture as they bomb another country
Is about moral values, is it about oil, about empowering?
Who the fuck cares when innocent lives are being taken
They built another temple in here for you to praise your God
While bringing them down in the places you came from
They recognize your religion while disagreeing in agreeing
That they will follow it or you in any way or form
So is this a joke of any kind? I wonder
How can something be completely incomplete
And still say it’s the very same thing we believe in?
Try to be Middle Eastern in an American airport and still wearing shoes
I am an American citizen but my ancestors were all slaughtered
And now we drink their cokes and eat in their McDonald’s
I’m not criticizing the way of life, I am criticizing the government
Racism is as to euphemism as it has been risen a new term for phobia
Afraid I am not? Not of you or anyone else
But don’t touch my plate while I’m trying to eat from it.

Come take a side, and have a stand
Most comments come from people who simply don’t understand
So grab your beer, and smoke from your bong
Most people, they don’t know when are these problems began taking form
Close-minded scientist and fanatic religious group alike
They seem to forget what’s to be one’s own, how’s to be like…
Not as another, but as oneself
That’s why they try to force you to be like they are themselves.

The age of Pisces has ended, now were in Aquarius’
The passing of believers, the ascent of the Leviathan followers
So the sons of the homunculi have come to their thrones
As it was written in books and foretold a long time ago
I have carved the sign of sight on my forehead
And given my children to the feeder, Moloch
We will watch the rise of the phoenix, the call of the beast
Let the Harlot and all of her lovers dance forward
Put a price for my soul, for I am starving
Need more of the lust, need more distracting
I need more doses of blinding numbness times ten
Oh, my Universe, that’s my duty as an American citizen.