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‘Cause I don’t want to live without you…

For Every Time I’ve Lost You

Get me out of this misery
Cause I don’t wish to live without you
Cause everywhere that I look
I see the illusion of you.

What to do with the feelings you’re feeling?
When they used to be pure and carefree?
What to do now that the clouds have become grey?
What to do with this hurt that I feel every day?

Get me out of this misery
Cause I don’t wish to live like this anymore
Cause everything that I do
Is to be thinking of you.

Gray clouds gather, raining down on my face
And I don’t know what to do with all this space
Prepare myself to move on or fail in the process
How, when our lives used to be so full of roses?


This can be perceived as the sequel to a poem I once wrote titled “Nobody Cares About Anyone.”

A Runner’s Time Up

Words that can’t be interpreted
Actions that can’t be instructive
Your eyes see what your eyes see
You perceive what you believe.

What’s the use in reading?
What’s the use in learning?
If you’re content with what you have
If you’re content with what you know.

A world that shatters around you
But it doesn’t touch your feet
Suffering’s universal, despite of you
And one day, you all will meet.

Words that can’t be assimilated
Actions that can’t be integrated
Your pride will be what your pride will be
You perceive only what you believe.

What’s the use in worrying?
What’s the use in helping?
If you’re content with what you’ve done
If you’re content with your accomplishment.

A world that burns around you
But the flames doesn’t reach
The end’s universal, despite of you
And one day, it all will teach.

The voices will echo and bound wall by wall
You can try but you cannot silence them all
Kill the voice in your head, to become one of them
And it will burn you faster that you’ll ever learn.

So pull down the curtains
Until the mourning day is caught
Then you’ll get how it pertains;
Connotation; “A Runner’s Time Up.”

A reflection of who we are now and used to be…


You are a married woman
Who serves her husband and all his needs
You are dedicated human
Who works her way and takes care of herself.

The shade on the tip of your hair is shedding
Asking where have you buried the body?
For every children that you are attending
Remember the time that yours dreams used to be a hobby?

You are an adult woman
In her womanhood who loves infinitely
You are strong-driven human
Who burns the tapes recording the curse spoken.

The tip of the dress you wore for wedding
Is asking where have you done with the dolls?
For every starving mouth you’ve been feeding
Remember the time when our dreams made us feel like fools?

I feel like we’ve been stretching this on and on and on
And my friend, dear stranger, it has stopped being fun
A telephone call cut from the cord, castrated by distance
With how many people we’ve slept, keep on the silence!

These things will never return or grow back
The end was past long over, now in limbo
Saying payers for the souls kept in the purgatory
Yet Karma hasn’t woken up from its resting place.
Being fifteen is like being thirty is like being forty-five
If you don’t learn to love yourself the way that the others won’t
A new young skin that writhes with time, which isn’t your ally
As your friends disappear little by little, death takes care of your adversaries.
In this cancerous self-pity of the events you can’t control
Or even begin to comprehend; add the pieces to the puzzle
That you will never solve, but still think of completing…
Destiny is just a playing partner calling checkmate with your hope.
So either die under the boot with the dirt, worms and other dog feces
Or rise up with a wilderness spell; strap yourself to go with a big bang
Either is an action or reaction of what this biosphere has been giving you
Inactive, you become the criminal that sell babies to drug lords and world leaders…
Losing you second by second
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Day by day.
Growing distant mile by mile
Length within length
This extended dimension
Where I can’t reach to you anymore.
Dying with every gasp of air
I’ve held death in my arms before
Will this be the last time I’ll see your eyes open?
Will this be the last time that you will close them down?
Your smile makes it difficult to explain
Is it best for you not to understand what this is about?
Come rest here, in Mother Nature’s shoulder
Soon you will return to your home, where you were built.
My tears, I know, they won’t give hope
But they are the only thing I can offer
Afraid of what I’ll do once you are gone
I don’t think I’ll be able to deal with all of this.
Bury my head, for all of my pain, my shame, my suffering
They don’t compare with what you’re still going through
My life is in my own hands, but I wonder what about yours?
Sacrifice for the ones who need angels in the heavens? No!
So if this is the last thing I ever write to you
All I want to you to know is that I’m so sorry
I never wanted any of this to happen to you
I never meant to hurt you in the ways that I’ve had.


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Time stops
And its hands are daggers
For my back to bleed
And me to die on the floor.
Time, please, stop
You are going too fast
And I’m not able to catch up
As life escapes from my hands.
Time, please have mercy
For those who are sick
And slowly disappearing
Make it all be alright again.
Time, why are you doing this?
Making us grow old?
Making us grow tired
Of the things we cannot control?
Time, bring back our love
Bring back our joy
We don’t need to be young
We just need to be cherished.

Extensively Short

Time escapes me
I need to run after it
Several minutes passing
And it’s already been a day
What I couldn’t do today
I’ll try to do tomorrow
There goes another day
Fast paced and hollow.

I need to clone myself
In order to be every time everywhere
With everyone who wants me all the time
To be somewhere somehow with them.

So love don’t think I’ve been ignoring you
It’s just that I’ve been busy with life and all
The time I have is not enough for me to breathe
But I promise I’ll take some time apart for just you and me.

Could you spare a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, a few days?
Cause all I have is right now, is today
And that goes away way to fast, way too hastily
It doesn’t give me the chance to do all that have to, all that I need.

Time won’t stop, even if I beg it to
It is always in such hurry, and I don’t know what to do
Every day it always goes way too fast
And I don’t have the time and I don’t know how much longer will I last.

Time is extensively short
24 hours are simply not enough
One day comes to the next and then’s a year already
But time didn’t even give me a chance to be fully prepared, to be truly ready.