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Been watching too much TV lately, watching and reading too much news. I can see a pattern when there’s one. I don’t expect any like on my opinions about these matters.


Can’t keep my eyes off your pop culture
Can’t follow through your politically correct standards
I see with the eyes of a guy whose sight has been unraveled
I don’t speak your tongue, but I can imitate it to the T.

So wave your flags full of pride
As you flag the thoughts in my mind
Freedom of speech has become the gateway drug for abuse
A jail for those who want to conserve their convictions.

A veil of darkness has fallen upon this nation
But I bet that was the master plan of our forefathers
So built your obelisks, your harlots holding candles
Are you too ignorant to fail to see that this rainbow now includes your color?

Can’t keep my eyes off of this atrocity
Newer lies in the news, double standard and misinformation
I speak with the tongue of a guy whose mouth has been ungagged
I don’t speak your slangs, but I can assimilate it all in me.

So frown your faces full of hatred
As you push me to the corner where you keep your prisoners
Racism is still alive and still kicking the shit out of our citizens
Neo-Nazis holding their breath, bringing forth their Zionism.

The rulers of the Land of the Freedom
Have raped us over and over and over again
With their hypnotizing trend of “you need us, we don’t need you”
Fodder to the farm, for they’ve kept us starving, dying of hunger.

In this “protective” bubble, they’ve kept us ignorant
To the things outside these borders and beyond
They read us a story book filled with happy endings
Warning us about the dangers of crossing these seas.

Is the same old tale of “The world is flat” again
Teaching our kids the Hollywood version of history
To call terrorists all those who stand opposing this atrocity
But no other country has attacked innocent citizens as this one done.

Like I said before, we just might have forgotten the times we’re in
Cause now, this rainbow (stained with blood) includes your color
gOD bless *******


Trust Issues

I fear of loving you
But when I do, I do love you
I’m afraid of keeping it real
Cause when I do it is for real.

I fight with all of my hurt
I want to give you my heart
Get away, give me some space
Please, don’t ever leave from this place.

Let me scream, and vent out, and storm burst
Let me hold you, kiss you and love you once more
I’m always imploding, but I’ve been bottled up
Would you be that soothing hum to calm me down?

I fear of this life
But when you’re here I’m alive
I don’t like myself
But when you do, I’m so happy.

I fight with my insecurities
I want to give you my trust
Come here, don’t ever let me go
Please, don’t ever leave me here alone.

Give me a second, and I’ll stab all my issues to death
Please hold me, and tell me everything will be okay
I’m always running away in my mind, love
Would you be that place where I can rest my head on?

I yell, and I scream and I rip the paint off the walls
Please be my shelter for my heart, the haven for my soul
I’ll keep all of the demons of my past in their jail
Promise me I won’t have to suffer again for loving like I do.

I don’t mean to have these trust issues
But I do, and I can’t help it, baby
I don’t mean to yell and scream like I do
But I feel broken, left to feed the ravens.