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Under the Rain of my Eyes

All the time in the world is not enough
I’m always gonna love you
I’m always gonna miss you
I’m always gonna need you.


Whathe (Fraud Under Consent of the King)

Phantasmal astronomic circumstantial endeavor
Supernatural neurotic liturgical fervor
Canine nibbling to the lower back
Caucasian seraph with a nifty rack.

Neo-theological pseudo-rhythmic substantial receiver
Triangular ex-narcotic abysmal believer
Feline brushing at the feeding hand
Golden exemplar with a magic wand.

Existential chaos effusing yellow bellies
The solitary conscience that wizzes in the woods
Impartial observant boondoggling the nit wits
The hush-hush hussy vamping the deviate.

6 Feet Under

One more time
We need to move on
It’s not in our mind
It’s fresh in our wounds
And this thing call life
Takes a real hard turn.

Now I have to burry it deep 6 feet under
Dig a hole big enough to hide this dead body
Hope for the ground to settle
Hope for the eyes to never see the blood in my hands
Or the smell of death’s stains
Dream of a day that my heart somehow will jump start…
Just start!
Don’t tell me that this engine is dead too
Help me to live without this heavy conscience
Help me understand the arms of love are alive and here to help me move on
Help me understand they aren’t buried deep with the corpse 6 feet under.