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War Zone

Year by year,
Throughout my whole life
Frustrated, I tried to come up with words and rhymes
Until one night I sold my soul to the devil
So he could give me all that I needed
Exchanged it with some of the blood I’ve bled up
But apparently that was a futile deal
Cause after that night everything in my head feels surreal.

I struggled to be a poet
So I decided to quit it
But still I was good coming up with words
So I decided to use against it
Anyone or anything that would come in my road
And try to stop me from reaching my dreams.

They got more dollars than they’ve got brains
They got more books than they’ve got knowledge
Their skin are so white, they’re even see through
And the other ones are so rich that they’re even white now.

It’s not even about the information anymore
When you’re young is about the angst, or the love
It’s the way you see because you’re bored or still hope
That things tomorrow will come to be for the better and not for the worst.

I write like a rapper
Until I write down words than most morons doesn’t know the significance of
They just repeat what they think is cool or intelligent in someway
Forty percent of the words in our vocabulary are in Latin
Do you even know what the fuck they stand for?
No, you just write them and repeat them
As if they could make you be any smarter
I come from a generation that speak 8 fucking languages
I guess I am so lazy, that I can only understand three
No, I’m not calling you an idiot
I’m just saying if you wanna be recognize as an educated human being
First you have to learn about what the fuck your mouth’s spitting out
Man, why am I even trying?
Most of you are so goddamn ego centric
That you can even accept how ignorant you’ve become
But art is art as is all the same at the end of the line
But I prefer my art classy with a few sarcastic slews here and there to spice things up
But then again I’m insane
But at least I know myself
Not like half of you people
Who pretend to be something you’re not and never will be.

Poetry writing and reading is a war zone
And in this place we’re not brothers in arms
We’re just loading and cocking our best weaponry
So when it comes to the performance we will annihilate the competition
Get all of the applauses and all of the praise
And earn the fucking position we think we deserve.