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Now again I have fallen
Feeling like the enormous idiot I’ve been told I am
Now again I have lost
Lost in this feeling of misery, like the loser I am.

For how much longer are you gonna stand my failing, over and over again?
For how much longer are you gonna endure me never amounting to anything?
Before the feelings in your heart and your perception of me finally changes?
Before you say you’ve had enough, you wasted enough of your time on me?

Now again I am hurting
Only on the inside but soon on my flesh as well
Now again I am nothing
Nothing but the low self-esteem in my brain cells.

For how much longer are you gonna tell me this is not end, we’ll try again?
For how much longer are you cheer me for me, saying we’re gonna make it?
Before the reality caught up with your thoughts and changes your opinion?
Before you say “it’s been a long ride, and I’m tired of driving, so off you go.”?

This is not on you, but on me
But if I cannot get to the start
At least let me get to the ending
And pull out my broken heart.

I don’t know the meaning of this life
I can’t see what was designed for
Never achieved any of my dreams
Nor can I be happy with what I have.