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Zero in a Scope

Echo the silence of the million things you’ve said before
No matter the amounted you’ll end up on the floor
Amazing how masochistic matters of pride can become
When self-loathe chews you up down to the bone.

Appalled how life spits on your face, laughs at your tragedy
Worse than any propaganda or conspiracy theory
TV entertains your brain; you need a break from reality
While self-awareness bitches up for giving in to the fantasy.

Numbers keep adding up, it’s hard to keep up with the math
The script keeps adding lines; it’s hard to tell the truth
And all these elements that makes us unstable human beings
One thing takes long to end, while another simply begins.

An endless racing tests the myriad illusions of the mind
They “teach” you how to do it, at yet you fail
Constant on the search of a lifeform who’s truly benign
But this quest has got you chasing your own tail.