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Dissected Conversations

The way you look at me
With those adamant eyes
The way you speak to me
With your tantalizing lies
It makes me follow through
It makes me slip in
Hidden under these scarlet sheets
With secrets, you and me.

Here comes the architecture
Trying to come with new plans
Here comes the heart doctor
Trying to mend all of our wounds.

“What is a girl like me supposed to do?
Am I ignore or to give in the words you spew?
You seem to be smart
And you seem to be courteous
But does that mean I’m supposed to trust you?”

Here comes the rendition
With the sparkles and gleams, in all of its glory
Here comes the absolution
To bring back an end to this part of the story.

A glimpse of my mind
With all of its clouds and storms
A peek on the inside
With all of my doubts and mourns.

“What am I supposed to do with all that you give me?
Am I supposed to care, to say that I love you?
You seem to be transparent
And you seem to be kind
But does that mean I should stay for you one more time?”

This endless circle
Looping the sounds echoing in
All that was once simple
Turns into a complication from within.

Dissected conversations
Why do you have to cut my heart to pieces
In order to understand who I am?
Isn’t the sound of my voice enough evidence
To make notice that I don’t have to pretend
That I have no agenda to hide?