Shun Spirit Sanctum

Feeling the attraction to exhume it all
Itching for the invitation calling of its voice
The surge concealed in the inner stall
Subtracts the objective goal of a given choice.

Appealed by the desire to depict it all
Anxious for what’s concealed under the veil
Baffled with the retort of these parables
Bewildered by the perplexity concocting the trail.

A pattern is set for the naked eye to see
For what’s supernatural and what to believe
Pressed on the surface for the iris to bleed
Limited reasoning for what’s there to conceive.

Take a leap of faith into the infinite possibilities
The simplest of paradoxes in contradictory truths
Fix the piece in its place to face the one true reality
The answers most times lie beneath what’s occult.


Posted: February 6, 2017 in Loss Poetry, Painful Poetry
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I’ve tried to make amends with the ghosts in my head
Yes, I’ve tried all that is humanly possible to atone
But how are you to make peace with the dead?
When you are still here and they are long gone?

Implicitly Exiled

This was a personal journey
In which you abandoned me
Are you waiting for my return?
Will this time things be different?

To give a leap of faith
Is more than what I can offer
For the peace that comes too late
For the ones who have to suffer.

This was a personal relationship
You and I used to share
Are you willing to confess your slips?
Or would you leave with the fare?

To speak my heart for love
Is more than what I can do
For the souls who are undertow
The ones who didn’t made it through.

A hallowed word is more than a magic wave
You do these things under your will
The words you spread you know they can save
Why do they come beneath a cane of steel?


Posted: February 3, 2017 in Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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You’ve got to let go of fear
You’ve got to let go of love
And bury every feeling
Deep inside, into apathy.

The more answers I find
The more lost I become
The false aspect of time
That will heal all wounds.

Happiness is a one piece cake
Eat it, eat it, eat it
Enjoy it while you can; intake
It’ll be taken away shortly.

You’ve got to let go of concern
You’ve got to let go of hope
And bury it deep inside
To the point you don’t feel a thing.

The more support I find
The more alone I become
If only good intentions
Could save from this hound.

Life is simply a grain of salt
Keep it safe, hide it
One day it comes to a halt
It all disappears suddenly.

For how long this pattern
Will keep repeating itself?
A thousand times
The sun has risen and sink
It comes without a warning
And it burns deep to the core
The soothing sail of the wind
Cannot ease the weight of this yoke.

Prison of Rage

So this here, you see is what you’re tired of
So this here, you see is what’s gotten you sick
So this here, you see is what I’m made of
So this here, you see is what it’s full of shit.

When I close my eyes, they won’t go away
Even when you’re not here, they just stay
You think I just can shush them away
But they just stay with me every day.

Feelings of loathe and low esteem
Surrounds me to the point I’m trapped
You don’t know how it is, has been
For me to feel like I’m caged like an animal
In this place inside my head
Where I cannot escape
No matter how much I run
How further I move on
I always end up in the same place
Confined in the prison of my rage
Wishing I wouldn’t feel this pain.

Uphold Chance

Breaking the cold sweat
Cause it’s the only way to cut addiction
And it’s been so sweet
Until the after image paints suffusion.

Try not to rely on your anger
Try to not be self-disappointed
When you hear the voices yelling at you
“Be very afraid, you will hurt once more”

To be given such a way out
As the opportunities comes flying in
Curved are all the routes
But learn how to truly straight them.

Try not to rely on your suffering
Try not to be so fucking negative
When the evidence is clearly telling you
“All that you fear will be soon to come.”

I cannot go on this road all alone
I’m not warrior I thought I was
So I’m giving up my armor and my gun
Because this is no longer my cause
So help me fight the different war
Cause the one I was fighting is lost
Help me move forward, help me restart
Cause I know now that my life is the cost.

The bird that sung on that day
In the morning of that summer
You tend to make me feel okay
When I feel like I’m being a bummer
And you stand all of my bullshit
When I try to choke this love out
Cause loyalty’s what we want to keep
Is this what this quest is all about?

You make me feel safe
I break down to the floor
Till I cannot stand anymore
Please, come on, help me
I know that I am broken
Help me stop this bleeding…
As you mend all my faults
Make the hurting come to a halt.


Posted: November 17, 2016 in Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Will you stay there crying?
Forever and ever?
For what it was done?
For what they did?
Some pieces
They might seem lost forever
Some pieces
Torn and stolen
And even in death
You still breathe
Forever entrapped
In an enticing cycle.

All we need is forgiveness
All we seek is revenge
And though we might
Think that we are any better
And though we might
Think that we are any worse
We’re just a spark flickering
Wishing to shine like the sun.

Will you lie there inert?
Forever and ever
As the sand in the hourglass
Slides up and down
Some pieces
They might seem lost forever
Some pieces
Torn and stolen
And even in death
You still breathe
In a never-ending reminder
Of a past life.

You fell in love with angels
As demons damaged your heart
Prayers to a distant God
That seems deaf to our pleas
Late to our aid
In the contort of an ongoing healing
One step forward, two steps back
When will the repairer fix the engine?