I wrote this thinking of someone who was once important to me.

A Scratch and A Sting

So when you drive your friends to the airport
Do you think you will have time to get back to your date?
So when the clouds they set down the pour
Do you think that the rain will save you from your fate?

How many visits would you need once in the hospital?
As you bleed down the one thing that made you beautiful?
All the nurses are you girlfriends, but that loop is rhetorical
Don’t you think that puking all that glitter is quite pitiful?

When the devils rape the angels
Do you think that you’ll finally win this beauty pageant?
Always to save no other than your face
I turn the nob but the room is empty…

So when you fly with your friends to other countries
Do you think you will have time for the promises you made?
So when the shadows they set down the pour
Do you think that your message will save you from your fate?

How many windows would you need once in the hotel?
As you bleed down there, there are not enough towels
All the nurses are your friends, but your loss is hysterical
Don’t you think that flushing that cord is simply quite cold?

When the devils rape the angels
Do you think that you’ll have time to cash in and run?
Always to save no other than your ass
I turn the nob, open the door, but no one is here…

I stood for you long enough and now it’s time to leave
Don’t forget to come around and pack up your things
I left you the instructions on love, you should read them
Don’t call on my phone, I’m not gonna pick up, it’s over.


This is the first time I write something or say something addressing about how I feel after hearing about my son’s condition. It’s been a week today since that horrible message appeared on my phone that Saturday morning.

The First Step

I think it’s time to open my heart
And reveal all these hidden scars
Like it or not, nothing I can do
For how long will I keep things from you?
My audience might be only God
Or maybe the thoughts in my head
But I have to do this, no other choice
No matter if inside I feel dead.

I’ve been searching for the things I’ve been feeling
Yes, I’ve been looking for all of the right words
Four breakdowns in less than a month
I don’t know how much I can withstand, I can uphold.

When I heard the phone rang,
I knew it was bad news
I woke up with my heart in my mouth
My biggest fear has finally become true
And I don’t know if there’s a God
But everyone has been asking me to pray to it
For all that I knew then I have forgot
And my faith isn’t exactly what it used to be.

I’ve been searching for a way to describe the feeling
Yes, I’ve been looking for a time to say the right words
Do you think that any time I will be healing?
Do you think that this tragedy will make it much worse?

This is the way I channel my emotions
I have finally found a way to try to let go
As I attach myself to every motion
Of all the things that I now know
I see evil in the faces of those who always were
And the light still hasn’t reached for me
I find kindness in the words of strangers
It’s something I never expected to be.

I’ve been searching for a way to express how I’m feeling
Yes, I’ve been looking for a way to let you all know
Do you think that any time now I will start healing?
Do you think that this life has a way to turn things around?

This inspired on the sea of women out there, specially the ones I’ve met.

The Orange Atmosphere

A pink tone over your skin
Soon to be black and grey
In secret
Eyes seemingly skyward
Until it becomes a fact
For pleasure
Side by side, centered
Bless be the ones who can read
Between the lines
Double meaning
It’s a necessity
Created to cease the itch.

Nobody’s speaking about love
Unrequired to touch that topic
But then again
Whatever words are to describe
The way that you tear up
For a second
The hourglass, up, down
Bless be the ones who crave more
Behind an intention
Natural selection
It’s common sense
An agreement of sorts but…

Not much needs to be said
Eyes clinging onto another’s
Blue, red, purple
An overseeing result
A beautiful attire
Less is more, in this case
Don’t mind the relation
Gender is not required
Animal attraction
Polar magnetic field
It’s meant to be
Hell burns as such, because…

Moving pictures
Another digital sound
Prison of souls
Collected by voyeurs
Touch is better, best
An organic organ item
A deductible disappointment
Pour it up and pour it out
Regrets to be added later
For the time being
Liquid desires
Turning vapor
An endeavor
The heat, the heat, the heat
The door’s open
If willing to get in
Wolves in packs
Hunger comes first
Time to feast.

I took a break from writing poetry in English and I wrote this one in Spanish. No worries, the English translation is after the poem.

Si Tan Solo Pudiera

Cómo quisiera decir algo que te haga pensar que estoy bien
Cómo quisiera decir algo que te haga poder ver todo bien
Si mis palabras tuvieran el poder de cambiar las circunstancias
Creo que te daría mi amor a manos abiertas.

Cómo quisiera acortar las distancia con tan solo mi pensamiento
Cómo quisiera poder robar tu atención y todo tu aliento
Si mis palabras tuvieran la habilidad de poder cambiar las cosas
Creo que te daría el mundo entero, mi bella rosa.

Cómo quisiera que el viento trasladara estas palabras
Cómo quisiera que el tiempo tan solo por un momento se detuviera
Si poder escribir este poema significara salvarte en todo tiempo
Creo que te daría mi alma entera solo por verte sonriendo.

Cómo quisiera que de un brinco poder caer a tu lado
Cómo quisiera de tu ser por siempre estar enamorado
Si poder leerte esta poesía me permitiera robar tu corazón
Creo que te daría mi existencia solo por tener esa ocasión.

Si tan solo pudiera
Sabes que ahora lo haría
Si tú me lo permitieras
Yo mi todo por ti daría.

If Only I Could

How I would like to say something that makes you think I’m fine
How I wish to say something that makes you able to see everything well
If my words had the power to change the circumstances
I think I would give you my love at open hands.

How I would like to shorten the distance with just my thoughts
How I wish I could steal your attention and all your breath
If my words had the ability to change things
I think I would give you the whole world, my beautiful rose.

How I would like for the wind to transport these words
How I wish that time could stop just for a moment
If writing this poem meant saving you at all times
I think I would give you my whole soul just to see you smiling.

How I would like with a jump being able to get by your side
How I wish of your self always be in love
If reading this poetry would let me steal your heart
I think I would give you my existence just for having that chance.

If only I could
You know I would do it now
If you would allow me to
I would give my all just for you.

This is what a friend of mine would call a “vomit” poem. This is based on the many stories I’ve heard.


I know she sold her soul for a taste of a kiss
But all she got was the taste of his fists
She was twisted, now she needs to be torn
So he unleashes all the hell of his storm
She would get on her knees to pleasure him
But he wants more of that choking fun
She feels so dirty, tries to wash off her sins
All he fucking cares about it just to come.

A couple of lonely hearts with their faces splashed in coke
Sour pints, what a night, in and out, fate is just a joke
She looks my way and winks, but I nod and shrug upon
This is not my story; I’m just a watcher, so go and carry on

I know that through these lens evidence’s kept
But she wants to burn it all and just forget
She was abused, now she needs to be disposed
So he grabs the laces and has her roped
One punch to the mouth to have her teeth in
And he cannot stop from unleashing it all
She feels the pain, her swollen chest starts to sink
But this fucker’s having a blast, having a ball.

A couple of warped souls with their livers full of booze
Chalked lines, what a day, out and in, life is just to lose
She looks at me and weeps, but I nod and frown upon
This is not my problem; I’m just a voyeur, so carry on.

Up in the sky, the road may be different
But down here we dance, and not mind
Angels on the middle looting, participating
I may be g0d but I would also like to unwind.

It has been years since I have written anything like this. Yesterday after almost a decade I wrote this. It’s inspired on the songs I used to write when I was in a band years ago.


Don’t think about the past
Don’t think about the future
Just enjoy the right here, right now
Cause you only live once and pain is sending remote control missiles
So sail away, my dear friend
Set your ship to new horizons
No worries, you’ll eventually find dry land
Yes, one day you will find a place to spear your flag and call your own.

So when did life become so complicated?
The day you decided to read between the lines
How much time in this lifespan have you dedicated?
I think it’s time to let those silly lines blur.

Don’t think about what they’ll say
They will speak no matter what
Just enjoy the chance you’ve been blessed with
Cause every once a while the bite in the ass will be at the corner waiting
So walk away, my dear friend
This war has become a thing of legends
No worries, you’ll find a way right through it
Yes, one day they’ll tell the story about how you overcame every challenge.

So when did life become so convoluted?
The day you decided it wasn’t enough to be satisfied
How much of your breath in passing things you think you’ve wasted?
I think is way past time to feel mystified.

Cut the shackles while the warden is sleeping
You can get far away if you start running now
The lock is unlocked and the gates are wide open
No laws of restriction can bound you down now.

So when did your life become so damn difficult?
The day you decided to raise the stakes and not take them on
How much of your energy you think will be left before you resolve?
I say let the damn fears for the wolves to choke on.

The Velvet Empress

Triggerman’s Ballad

Innocence as it may be
Another victim on the line
No resistance, just as we see
At that age, at that time.

Just believe in your instincts
All your senses compromise
Flesh so fresh, so altruistic
Another plot for their device.

So they trusted in that voice
Such enchantment, hypnotized
Twisted minds consort a ploy
Snakes in suits, never chastised.

So they lured them with disguises
Left them there for their demises.

Shot their feet, shot their hands
Panegyrize the Triggerman.

Rescue dogs sniffing traces
Bloody attires placed behind
A small reminder of the places
Scattered remains undefined.

Such enigmas are interesting
Mangled body thrown aside
In the woods, for the searching
Buried crimes remain belied.

So they followed the pied piper
Such is virtue and ignorance
Crooked hearts serve as riders
Smaller frames, much belligerence.

So they lured them with disguises
Left them there for their demises.

Tore their feet, tore their hands
Apotheosize the Hatchet man.