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Honest Mistake

In the gap where the soul is supposed to be
I’ve found a piece of flesh that fits perfectly
So tender, so young and so full of life
And whenever it cries, it cries right by my side.

And I tried to stop it, but it comes like an ocean
Washing away the line drawn on the sand
And I am left with a very well and honest intention
That turns into perversion in the eyes
Of the ones whose hearts are filled with hatred
Jealousy, lies, and all kind of devices
Designed to break down every machinery,
Every flexing muscle that wishes to build up.

And I’m left with the shame and the thought
That makes me believe that this was a mistake
And no man and woman should ever be friends
Just tear down the pages and forget what I did, what I said.

And I tried to define it, but it came to me like a storm
So fragile, so strong, so full of internal struggle
And me, as addicted as a wounded loser would be
I tried to save her from the things I couldn’t save myself.
So laugh at me, you evil intentioned, evil minded
Victims of the events that I did not cause
But no matter, I am to blame, for I am of the race
Who would hurt another for the pleasure of taking advantage.

And I’m left with the guilt and the thought
That makes me believe that I should have never
Tried to figure out this men and women thing; honest mistake
Just burn down the pictures that reminds you of what I did, what I said.

This division that you made for me
I should’ve never tried to fix it
This division that you have created
I should’ve never tried to put it back together.