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Alexander Silver

For What It Is (For What It’s Not)

Abide by the law of gravity
Something’s pulling you down
Follow the rules of morality
Not much left taking ground.

We were once one entity
But then scattered all around
Now giving way to a fantasy
For those voicing their sound.

Making sure the tree is growing straight
If the branches are to reach ever further
Make sure that the trunk’s strong, never breaks
If you’re ever to stretch outside these four corners.

Abide to the truth of enmity
Someone’s always on the hound
Follow the eyes of mortality
Not much is left to be found.

We were once in unity
But then fear began to abound
Now giving way to our reality
For those committed to expound.

Making sure that the line’s traced straight
If the diagram is to reach farther regions
Make sure that the pulse’s strong, whatever it takes
If you’re ever to attach amongst these extant adhesions

So what’s you sense of equity?
What’s your real affinity?
To take part, or break apart?
For what it is, for what is not
To show what you have,
Or what you just don’t got?


Natasev Resi

I’m expanding
increasing the duality of an entity
into a whole legion army
so enjoy the party
you have no imagination
since you don’t listen to your demons
in a position of possession
(you part ways with reason)
the art of witchcraft
spells disguised as words on a poem
the sense of the occult
sacrificing children and virgins alike
please, can’t you tell when someone is jesting?
i’m putting logic to the test and
it’s falling short of a few fused bulbs
and a few lose screws
so when you read what I’m saying
you can either roll your eyes or start shaking
cause all in all
it’s just fun to mindfuck those of weak will
so anton and aleister can have a ball.
i’m coursing the curses of this book
retaking the turn that my life took
hiding symbolism and messages
subliminally inserting them in your brain
fantasying through all of these passages
cause believing so it’s all pretty lame
a sequence of eloquence jumping ship
cause I lack a sense of censorship
bleeding through and bleeding out
I speak in riddles
So you won’t get what I’m talking about
It’s all bullshit
Just gibberish typed in garbled scribble
While you and I sit in the middle
Let moloch eat the ones he wants
I’ll just keep writing things
You won’t ever truly understand.


Building up the walls of my life
Out from the ashes and the rubble
The ghosts of this fire lurking
Looking to see what they can bring down
I must keep it all locked inside
Before it takes control and I lose it
Shove it all down until it chokes
To kill it even if I end up killing myself as well.

In this upside down parallel world
That we live in
Which defecates on rehabilitation
And every good intention
That pleases itself by watching you fail
That humiliates you if you ever defy
Where the worst actions are congratulated
And the best attempts are frowned upon.

Trying to get the confidence
That I was shunned out of
Trying to understand that
This is a necessary process
Trying to see life with different eyes
Facing situations with a different approach
I don’t want to fall down
in the very same hole
that brought me there in the first place
and trapped me in that wheel of repetition.

I have to force myself
To break the patterns
of expecting the worst outcomes
that set up my defenses blindly
I must allow myself
To forgive and be forgiven
To be healed and be loved
And love unconditionally again.

If I to move forward
I need to find a way
To pacify this hatred and this anger
To shush the voices in my head
Exit all this darkness kept inside
To channel and purify
All this stagnant blackened water
And allow myself to be restored.

La Fête Du Prince

Lucifer’s putting up his best suit for the occasion
Welcoming with open arms your selfish realization
Mix of sweet sugar and rat poison, bake the cake
‘Cause every good intention has an evil meaning as undertake.

So praise the god you believe in when being proud
As you keep the skeletons in your closet still in shrouds
Have a slice of pie, later on we’re gonna stick that knife
‘Cause one thing you can’t judge’s how anyone’s living their life.

Awake in the dream, in a dream within a dream
Without counting the layers of all there’s to be seen
The rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone would guess
But life is random and only the loyal servants will be the guests.

So take your drug, it’s majestic to be sane and clean
You wouldn’t want to rely on pillars that tend to lean
The concept of what the future may hold won’t stop
So bend the hands, you cannot freeze time, but to get stuck.

Lucifer’s putting on his makeup, practicing her smile
An un-surprised entrance, because it’s been going for awhile
Mix of sour gestures, praises and applause, it’s great
‘Cause every blinded eye harvests true sight once it’s far too late.

Introvert Stalker

Artificial intelligence cause you’re simply not real enough
You break down and cry ‘cause you think you had it tough
But when the heart turns off, the brain begins to dictate
Welcome to the age of pride, this is as much as I can take.

Abuse the element of sympathy and empathy, come on
You’ve carved so deep to the flesh that you’ve hit the bone
But when the words of being naked, being open, being truth
You hide in your closet shaking, as if someone’s abusing you.

Adamant to turning on the light, you hide in the shadow
You came down to chat for everyone to read about your sorrow
But when the negative attracts the positive, it all flips up
Forcing me to talk between lines when all I want’s to speak up.

Mechanical movements, because it’s all your cables pulling
The engine’s not your heart, but just a recipient for all the loathe fuel
So pour it up, till it’s all filled up, it’s just a run and escape
The world it might be blind, but I can see right through your charade.


Speaking in tongues that no man can understand
In comes the lizard, because it still can lift up and stand
Pseudo ghosts in transmutation of their essence to skins
Every law being followed, written by the hands of their kings.

Hail the Age of Aquarius!
The age of Pisces is long gone
Enter the Kindred Spirit and the Harlot
For the Swindler and the Once-Winged One are in their kingdom.

Go into the dimension where distance folds itself
Don’t you know that Hades was rebuilt by exchanging gold for lead?
PC to PC, and all the rules are bent and broken
Where faceless crowds vociferate their disgust and turn their heads.

Hail the Age of Lilith!
The time for the patriarchy is finally over
Political nonsense! We do what we feel
Binary labels and trinities are for the dumb, the weak and the sober.

Let’s drink for this chance to finally be free
Write it on our walls, hoping for the legion to love it
Open our third eye, feed from the knowledge meant to be
Recover what was left then on the garden
Yes, let’s mother nature take full control
She has all the rights to abort all of her seeds.

Erect all the obelisks, trace all the lines on the floor
To channel what is left on the otherside of this world
No longer needing to mask our truest intention
Hail to our Ethereal Father and blessed be this nation!

Another poem written using the alias “The Velvet Empress”


Big black dogs guarding by the exit door
Mermaids swerving on the dance floor
Lights buzzing on the five pointed star wall
But, goats on two feet are having a ball.

Mars is for boys, and Venus is for girls
But none can make it like so, you swirl
Mythos of an afterimage, ether and merle
Midnight creatures born of the underworld.

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the most beautiful of them all?
“Just look deep into the glass ball
It’s the fire from the skies taking a fall”

A satellite with flaming wings
Just like an angel (coming from heaven)
Just like the devil (going to hell)
A supernova has arrived.

Large black figures caught by your eye
Backward masking humming a lullaby
Ghosts and ghouls playing on the perfect song
Carving twisted Decalogue on hollow stones.

Sheep go to heaven, and goats go hell
Wish there was someone you could tell
Logos as an afterthought, ethos and pearls
Shadowy creatures spawn of the underworld.

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the most beautiful of them all?
“Just look deep into the glass ball
It’s the fire from the skies taking a fall”

A satellite with flaming wings
Just like an angel (coming from heaven)
Just like the devil (going to hell)
A supernova has arrived.

So welcome back down to earth
Your place sits next to the hearth
Oh, you, I hope all of this is worth
We deviated the objective of your course.

You do not understand my tongue
Cause you can’t read between the lines
Cause what to you might sound dumb
Might hide myriad of secrets right behind.

A star with flaming wings
Just like an angel (coming from heaven)
Just like the devil (going to hell)
A supernova has arrived.