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The Voice of the Devil

Grab on this corpse
And put it back in
Oh, how much have I long
For the day I welcome the misery
Back into my arms
Back into my soul
No, I will not understand
Yes, I will be cold
Push aside in despite
Of all the good I’ve done
Oh what a passage of rite
So callous to the bone
Chew it and spit it out
The taste have grown stale
As I scream and I shout
And watch this ship go to sail.

This storm, oh holy diabolical confusion
The intrusion of the so called friends
For now you’ll enjoy the division
But all your angels will soon become fiends
Every mistake back at you
I will be happy when the death touches
The one thing leading you through
I wanna see it lie in the dirt with the roaches.

Oh, happiness
Am I the only one grieving?
Seem like you’re smiling
Is it so fruitful what you’re conceiving?
This knife on my back
I will one day take it out
And I will draw a track
To disfigure your surmount.

You all come in packages
I was thrown down here
And all the dark influences
Will strike as your biggest fear
Come on, the one you will hate
Come on, the one that will not tolerate
Self-destruction with you tied to me
Cause if I go down, you’ll go down with me.


A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

The Fisherman
The Resolution
The Divine
The Antagonistic
The Needy
Fated for Catastrophe
The Veil
The Logical Sense of the Granted
The Pretender
The Wounded
Finding Work in Idle Hands
The Executioner
Agean Chain
The Invisible

Potential Ryan Lyandree Poem. Still not sure.


So the bill has been signed
It’s the law, and you have to abide to it
Either you like or not
It is necessary for those who watch over majorities’ well-being
But when you’re a minnow
In this shark infested pool
Well, you better swallow up your pride and feed off your saliva.

This is necessary
For the sake our economy
Dispose of a few unknown second hand creatures
Off to the grinder, more grub for the gluttons.

Endearing offer, indeed…
Just a causal casualty…

No need to be concerned
We will rise up against, down on the streets
Signs and gasmasks at hand
Until another fire signal starts, shifts our attention from the objective
The news will all cover it
This has lost priority
Above all, to everyone, the new diversion plan’s working perfectly.

Such lack of majesty
Always under veil
Million dollar campaign for the malnourished crowd
Makes us shed off our eyes, but not off our wallets.

Profound and prolific, yes sir…
Just a casual casualty…

The woke-up-twenty-second-reflection-army is not doing much
As they eat of their caviar and drink on their champagne.

Show of hands if you agree
Down with all of this politically correct bullshit
Nobody wishes to die of cold or starvation
Everyone prays to rise above.

No fingers to point at
No one to blame at all
It’s just necessary evil
Simply collateral damage…

Just a causal casualty…

Another poem using the alias “Ryan Lyandree”

The Antagonistic

Cursed be
You, bringer of strange fire
From foreign, off limits lands
But your love for the contradictory
And infatuation with philistinism
Has brought you here
With amour-propre in your front pocket
And a grin on your contemptuous face.

Cursed you should be for your arrogance
And your presumptuousness!

One job
One job given
Like any other liar, thief
Money laundry straight
From the ministry’s washing machines
We stare at the crown
In hopes for prosperity
Consecrated in this tabernacle for the ceremony.

We’re in desperate need of atonement
And you hand us vile blasphemy!

Spit at the sky, won’t you?
It will always rain on us
You belligerent fool, you!
Back to the Stone Age with us.

All because of you
(Or was it always in us?)
Are you to blame for all this?
(Or are you secretly speaking for all of us?)

Off with your Burnt Offerings
Out with your derisive impiety
You’re profaning this Sanctuary
Cursed be for your scurrility.

Cursed be for all eternity…

I haven’t written anything about myself in months. I feel it’s time that I do, so… This is where I left off…

Prison Ward

So I decided to pull the trigger after all
Since I was being cornered against the wall
All the people that were there was no more
Again, it was me against the whole damn world.

Everywhere I turned it was a locked door
And when I asked for help they asked back “what for?”
So the molten lava inside my chest started to boil
And the knives in my back started eating up whole.

I’ve built a prison for my thoughts
‘Cause everyone is either tired or bored of them
And though I’m not as good to speak things as I was
It feels weird to bury them after watching them burn.

So after I went out of the place I was supposed to feel safe
I was back to “I hope you’re happy with what you’ve done” bullshit
That’s another scar on my heart that from now on I’ll wear
This one goes to the hidden chest inside my chest that I’ll keep, I swear.

I always hold onto the wound, or so you will say
You better start thinking of running away like you tried that day
Once more, I helped myself, when no one was there for me
On my black list, I scratched your name, ‘cause you no longer exist.

I’ve built a prison for my feelings
‘Cause everyone is either offended by or unaware of them
And though I’m not as good to speak things as I was then
It feels weird to bite my tongue as I witness my insides turn.

I’m my own prison ward
And you’re not welcome here
You can talk with the representative
But never again to the real living being.

The prisoner inside myself
Will never forget what you’ve done
I hope you’re happy with it has happened
A doppelgänger is wearing my skin and living in our home.

Deaf Ears

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Deaf Ears

Nothing that I say will hurt you
Nothing will haunt you in here
And I’m trying as to hurt you as you’ve been hurting me
But you have your apathy which rules over your feelings
And your denial, and you “get out of jail free” card
And the friends who are hypocrites and suck it up to you
How can someone have so much power?
But every empire fall to its feet
Every empire eventually turns to dust
I’m the one to tell you that you’re wrong
While everyone else has been too afraid to
You have too much self-centeredness
I’m the one to pull you down to level the inequality
You feel too proud for the things you do
Like anyone owes you anything
Your lack of self-consciousness
You don’t think about the consequences of your actions
And you deny the aftermath you’ve caused in the lives of others
As if you’re not at fault here
As if you’re not to blame
You’ve been put on a pedestal by wealthy people
And those in need don’t ever deserve your pity
But you’re looking down on them
As if saying “they got there because they didn’t try as hard me”
When you have been given everything on a silver plate
Except for the essential
That’s why you’ll never find out where you come from
You’re half a person
Tearing everything in half
Your heart is putrid
And your love is tainted
You cannot relate
Cause you feel confortable
You feel in the position to say or do whatever
You think that the womb of your procreator is your place in your bigoted empire
You think you come from monarchy
But you have no respect for the respectable, the poor, the needy and the humble
Cause inside your black heart you’re like your ancestors
Selfishly proud of thinking your untouchable
But for me you have become nothing but scum, the worst kind
Let this fall on your deaf ears
‘Cause you only have hearing for those who come to praise you
But for me, you’re insignificant as long as you hold onto your self-delusion of greatness.


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Fuck you and fuck your kind
Always looking to manipulate and play the victim
Fuck you and fuck every one of you
Always seeking for pity and play the good person.

Fuck you
This is why I’ll never respect you
You live in such a fantasy
Moving all the pieces in your favor.

Fuck you
The day will come that nobody will believe you
Oh, yes, it will come
And I’ll be laughing from my hell’s prison cell.