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The Appositively Hypocrisy

Still tired, bored with this pc world?
About all the fucking shit we still cannot speak of?
Still tied to, biting off your tongue?
You can get away with almost everything if you write it in a song.

Fuck tolerance!
There’s some shit I need to get off my chest
Be irreverent!
Still it’s irrelevant if you try to do your best.

These pacifist assholes always being violent towards me
Why can’t see the irony? The appositively hypocrisy.

Still in awe, up in arms about this?
You can only fight about what the majority agrees on
Still in grief, aggrieved about this shit?
You can’t speak the truth when everyone’s convinced you’re wrong.

Fuck ignorance!
There’s a lot of shit you don’t know about here
Be observant!
About how stagnant you become when in fear.

These political-correct maggots always warping the facts
Why can’t they see the bigger picture? It’s all an act.

They got us by the balls
Even if you profess yourself to be a full-time feminist
Soon your name will be called
When it’s time to jump off the ship and into the shark infested sea.



Posted: September 18, 2017 in Angry Poetry, Dark Poetry
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A really angry, different poem. Cause sometimes I’m not in the mood.


You have an issue with me
Go cut your fucking wrists
“Such a harsh and sensitive thing to say”
Well, I said it. Deal with it!

If you wanna tell a tragic story
I could always lend you mine
I have a lot of it to spare
If you want to feel truly sorry
Come, live in my shoes, bitch!
Soon enough you’ll be shitting bricks.

If you’re looking for an endless barrel
Of agony, anger and self-repression
Take a peek into my brain
I swear to you won’t be regretting it.

Do you really want to hang around this place?
I could always hang myself one of these days
You think you’re cursed and full of disgrace?
You can always listen to what my voices have to say;

“Kill yourself, you worthless piece of scum”
I don’t drink or get high like all of you dumbfuckers
So when you’re like me, awake and sober
You don’t have another choice
But to confront all of the bullshit
It’s impossible to drown all of the noise.

If you’re looking for an endless barrel
Of self-loathe, self-awareness and self-injuring
Take a peek into my heart
It’s a perfect conundrum of pointless suffering.

The only regret I have
Is not having killed the damage inflicted in me
The only regret I have
Is not having killed the ghost-like-stalkers out there.

Consuming Fire

Fill this tank
‘Cause it’s empty
You faceless man
You used to have a name
Not mentioned anymore
Cause I’m too proud
And I’m too hurt
To even repent.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to fail
You told me over and over and over and over again
But I like the mistakes in a flavor that I can enjoy the taste
I’m drowning but my arms don’t reach out to be saved.

Leave me alone
But (please) don’t forsake me
Cause you’re in my head
And still cannot hear me
Bit my tongue
Before claiming anything
My pride
My anchor keeping my under.

I know of your existence and all of your righteous ways
But this outcast found a place where hurt is heard
There’s no more trace of you in the present world here
It has become the thing that you told me I’d most fear.

If you don’t reach me, I won’t attempt anything alone
I know that I need this, but I need to see my worth
You left an imprint in my soul, enough to hold me back
But you forget to place a filter when the sky turns black.

Verbalizing the Hurt

You make me feel invisible
And I know I am waste of time
You made that very clear to me
I’m alone in my own head.

I’m not here for your pity
I’m here to push you down
Not here to play the victim
But to pull and push you around.

You make me feel insignificant
And I know you don’t give a shit
You made that very clear to me
I’m one bullet away from the gun.

I’m not here for your comments
I’m here to push you down
Not here to be an example
But to pull and push you around.

I’m the tears that turn into anger
The “enough” in your abuse
I’m the scared thought that becomes a danger
I’ll use my pent-up frustrations on you
I don’t care if I know the answers
I only care about letting you know
When a familiar touch becomes a stranger’s
Let me let you know I’ll bring you down.

Been trying to write something good. Finally got inspired. It was right in front of me.

Its Own Relationship

It comes with a smile again
Pretending it doesn’t know
“The past is the past, so live for today”
Another excuse to fuck up the now.

I begin going in circles
Trying to make notice
Trying to explain
As it rolls its eyes
Asking “what’s the problem?”
Pretending it didn’t do wrong.

The heat tilts the top
The fuel you overflow
The guilty offended
Mirroring the blame
It brushes it off again
And threatens with cynicism
I’m left with no voice
As it takes advantage of the occasion.

It waits for me to forget
That’s the way that it knows how to love
It doesn’t care how much it takes
Its pride resides in the illusion of its own.

It swears it doesn’t need anything
It thinks it can live happily all alone
It kicks out whatever it doesn’t need anymore
It doesn’t know love, it only thinks it does.

About the sickness of the head and society’s hypocrisy.

Psychologically Suppressed

I’m so ugly
I’m such a mess
I’m so fucking evil
So why can’t you tell?
I dream of suicide
I enjoy cutting myself
Sometimes I hate myself
more than I hate this fucking world

So come lend me your ears
You will listen until you get bored
Then you’ll leave me alone with my fears
and then I’ll go back to getting high and being stoned.

Don’t talk to me about compassion
They had me when I was merely six
Don’t talk to me about salvation
Your God and his cronies make me sick

You think you got it bad
Have you ever gone outside that door?
They’re raping one another
and we’re asking what the fuck in wrong with this world?
The strong devours the weak
A broken boy becomes a broken man
Breaking all the woman along his way
and the pattern goes on and on
and there seems no way to stop none of it
and we’re still not allowed to speak about this shit.

Censor this, censor that
This whole fucking life is so goddamn triggering
You trigger my anger, my low self-esteem
I can’t unsee what you’ve forced me to see
and no matter how politically correct I’ve become
i can never turn back time and undo what has been done
and the problem seems about how I’m dealing with pain
or at least that’s what they’re trying to say
But I think we’re simply not the same
So don’t judge me cause I’m fucking up in a different way.

Unraveling Weapons in What Was Supposed to be the Mending End

All these things we never talked about
I’m gonna take them and shove them down your throat
Don’t fucking talk about letting live and letting go
You’re the one fucking wrapped around the string, on and on.

I don’t need to be told to “grow up and learn to forgive”
I’ve seen countless of forty something year olds yelling at the world
About how they never had what they wanted, never lived the way the wanted to live
You can call it ‘mid-life crisis’, I call it ‘getting it even with it all’.

All these emotions I’ve been harboring
I think it’s time to release them and give them to their mother
The one that gave them birth in my head
Cause you really took advantage and fucked me over like no other.

I don’t need being told “this is childish”, or “this is stupid”
It’s just a little dose of the poison that has been illing me for years now
I could go on and on giving examples about how double standard your comments are
You tell to go on, just as long as you’re not the one being down.

The thoughts in my head are not as dangerous as the atrocities you commit
The way you lie with a straight face, looking straight at people’s eyes makes me want to vomit
There’s not much to be said here that wouldn’t sound much like a complain
I hope you enjoy hurting the innocent ones, giving them pain along the way.