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(Written on July 15, 2016)

And so it came like a ray of light straight from the skies
And so it likes you like nobody else and you ask yourself why
And so you open up cause you seem to like what it offers
Why does everything end up like this, and one again suffers?

And so this might be it, this might be the chance to get lucky
And so you give all that you have to give, and it seems alright
And so the stars are brighter than usual, cause you feel ecstatic
But then things turn around, day turn to night, shutting off the lights.

And so the pieces, they’re being put together, one by one
Cause now you smile like you haven’t done in so many years
And so you begin to realize that this might that someone
Until that something starts to break apart and bring up tears.

What is wrong with me, that everyone in this life seems to leave?
Is it something I’ve said? Is it something I did? Why does this always happen?
And so I stare at the sky, and ask in a prayer, as I struggle to believe
Am I just a waste of time? Why won’t anyone care? Why can’t I be happy?

Cause you don’t need the forecast of a foretaste
When all that you want’s the real deal that comes together
And you don’t want to think about what you’ve wasted
Waiting for someone, waiting for something forever.


Another poem by fictional character and pseudonym Alexander Silver


This is just another story
Another chance to say you’re sorry
And to pretend that you don’t know
All that I’m talking about right now.

You’re so beautiful in your very own way
I love the way that your eyebrows strain
Every time that you’re happy, every time that you’re mad
I love you when you’re smiling, love you when you’re sad.

This is just another tale
And it will follow you just like a tail
You can pretend that you don’t recur
But it can only be for so long so obscure.

You’re as sexy hip as you have always been
I love the way you dance, the way you sing
Every time that you’re happy, every time that you’re sad
I love you even when you’re lonely, when you’ve been bad.

This state in your life seems like an energy vacuum
Talk about sudden appraisal, and self-absorption
I can tell it by the way you slide, the way you hum
It’s uncanny the way you find yourself under such conception.

The Narrative

It feels lonely in this empty place of my mind
The ghosts are taking a vacation on the world outside
It’s just me with no other self, no other version
Is this a trap set by them? Are they trying to create a diversion?

The other day I received a message from the land of the living
Those beautiful words gave me a false sense of hope
My heart is convinced that the things to come will be disappointing
Like any suicidal body hanging by the end of its rope.

It’s been week since the last discussion we had about life
You made me enter to that place I hate the most
Jaws semi-open, ears pent up, when you talk of your wife
There’s no expectancy when you’re just a ghost.

I received a phone call the other day; it was a long lost friend
We laughed and smiled and pretended that we were doing okay
How can friendship ever evolved if it doesn’t become trenched?
Over that conversation there are a millions things one could say.

This is the story that has been dictated by the ill-fated mouths
They like to put a little a bit of gore where my body bled
There’s not much hope for Heavens when you’re heading south
They tend to remind about things I try so hard to forget.

Just practicing rhyming with some words

Adding to the Wordplay

Here comes again the king of arrogance
You better think twice before taking a stance
Cause I’ll say or do anything just to win
I’m convinced this is the way I’ve always been
I’d even slit my wrists just to prove how honest I’m
‘Cause losing is one thing I simply can’t stand
I would even give my right arm, my very soul
Just in exchange, just to channel all the rage and anger I’ve stored
Don’t take this message as subliminal
This is personal
I’m as raw and as fresh as a slaughtered animal
I can’t help but to become a raging cannibal
When these fuckers think they can beat me at this world’s game
It’s so lame
I can do this gagged, blindfolded, tied to my bed
Adding up to this wordplay, this is child’s play
It’s like Chucky chuckling up here in my head
Yelling “Murder them” into my brain
As blood begins boiling inside my veins
It’s a shame, they don’t know how insane
It can get
You can bet I would wear an explosive vest
Just to show y’all that I’m the bomb
Just to prove my fucking point,
Just to attest that I’m the fucking best.

I wrote this last month, but never posted it. It’s from the point of view of an asexual person.

Key Hole

I’d like to see you naked
Uncover the mystery that hides under your pressed on clothe
That cold, silky, pale skin, like a mannequin
I would like to see you dance when you’re unaware that someone’s watching.

‘Cause you’re you when you don’t care if nobody notices
You’re you, in the dark, in the loneliness, in the silence.

I’d like to see you transparent
Without all of that bullshit that you put on for the audience
Those lines that are drawn on your face when you smile
I would like to see you undone, raw, in the verge of a spontaneous combustion.

‘Cause you’re you when you don’t have to hold the ball
You’re you, in the fragile, shameful, reality of uncertainness.

Sulkier for the stalker whose eyes are restraint
You’re like that portrait I would like to paint
You’re a web and I’m tangled in your strings
You’re like that song that I would like to sing.

Your soul is like a key hole
Whose spectators are looking in
I want to unwrap you whole
Grant a place for your bare being.

Laurel (v2)

Oh, this thunderstorm here is no surprise
Lilith is for the hunt and she smells blood
Saving the grace of the Children of Sunrise
Fugitives of the left hand’s grasp of Ehud.

I was raised to sit down, listen and obey
And though these shackles were strong enough to hold a mountain
It came down to traits I simply cannot feign
‘Cause that voice in my brain filled up with pain is now shouting.

Oh those whackers!
Don’t they love it when snakes crawl beneath the grass?
Those mother rockers!
Don’t they love it better how it was then in the past?
They do, they do, they do!
Cause every prince needs a trophy princess to set on display
They need their mechanical mannequins to advertise their victory
To boast their ego as their golden halo’s glow beams blindingly like the sun
I don’t think these majestic pimps need a golden rod but rather a golden gun.

When are you going to stop these men from claiming us as prizes?
Maybe when the stream of the Rose Sisterhood rises
Not until then, not a minute earlier, not an instant later.

Oh, this rattle noise here is not uncommon
Eris is looking for harmony and finds none
Unravels the principles of events to summon
Being sanctuary to those in need of a home.

I was molded by fire, steel and diamond cut
And though these pillars were designed to keep my monster confined
It came to the point that the weight abrupt
The pontifical colloquial symmetries of this cyclical cylindrical sine.

‘Cause every ruler needs a maiden maid right by their side
They need their long string puppets to put a on a good spectacle
And all the mistress they can get for the when world seems just a bit empty
For when their servants contravene after the fact they cannot find any sympathy.

When are you going to stop these men from claiming us as prizes?
Maybe when the stream of the Rose Sisterhood rises
Not until then, not a minute earlier, not an instant later.

Oh how they ride inside their modern day cortege
As they always seem to be late for their own funeral
Well I should apply for a brand new confident entourage
One never knows about those things that might become ephemeral.


You want me dark
You want me bleeding poison, my darling
You want me dark
You like me all corrosive, sweet thing.

You say you liked me then
When I was just an infantine
You say you wanted me then
When I was childlike and innocent.

But every girl gets her moment
When the crimson river divides
From tender to being impervious
From infant to be fully grown.

This is my womanhood
Now that I’m marriageable
Don’t you like the way that I’m blooming?
Don’t you like now that I’m blossoming?

You want me dark
You want me hissing venom, my dearie
You want me dark
You like me all acidic, oh, honey

You say you liked me then
When I was shy and callow
You say you wanted me then
When I would just nod and follow.

But every girl finds their juncture
When the crimson river divides
From tender to being impervious
From lamb to become an adult.

This is my coming of age
Now that I’m all grown-up
Don’t you like the way I have bloomed?
Don’t you like now that I’m blossomed?

There’s no need to have my drink spiked
If I was to count all of your strikes
You’d have no chance, baby
I would’ve strangled you long ago.

I mean,
Why would a soldier be stripped off his stripes?
Why would you eat on a fruit that’s not ripe?
Baby, time is essence…
Trust me.
For when you sink your teeth into this apple
Hope you don’t choke.

You want me dark
You want me spreading decay, my darling
You want me dark
You like me wreaking havoc, sweet thing.