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Somber Song

She drowned her pain deeper than anyone could ever reach
Burned down her house with all her things, all of her precious memories
And now as she stumbles in the streets without a familiar face
To look at, to ask why, all these terrible things have to happen?

Children, they don’t know all the misery awaiting for them
Right next door, right by the curve, inside their heads and their own houses
And now that I’m old I’ve wasted all of my advices to give
To anyone, about anything, without sounding like a drunk vagabond mumbling.

The moon is far away and even if in our innocence we dreamt it to be made of cheese
Either we sleep in for too long, or we haven’t rested enough to face the harsh reality
Enjoying these guessing games, putting together these puzzling pieces
She took a drink that now will take her to the side of fence where the grass isn’t greener.


The pain of losing someone dear to you

The Dearly Departed

Please don’t depart from here
I think it’s far too soon
Maybe you can linger a bit longer
At least for a few years now
Before we have to say goodbye
I don’t want this to be the end
Tell that place that awaits you
That we still need you here.

Woke up the next morning
And you were already gone
And a big gap grew inside my body
Where my heart and my soul used to be.

There are news that I don’t want to hear
Tell me it’s a lie, tell me it’s not true
Tell me this is just a bad dream
And that soon I will be waking from it.

And when I do,
You’ll be next to me
Just like you used to,
As it should be.

You took a piece of my life
When God decided to call on your name
I think it was all a mistake
And now nothing will ever be the same
Cause here there’s someone
That still loves you, that still weeps for you
And in my dreams
I still long for your return
Knowing that that will never happen
Completely devastates me.

No matter how much
I close and open my eyes
What gone it is gone
And how I wish to feel you
To touch your face again
To hold you in my arms
Come back to me, please
Don’t be only a memory.

Please don’t depart from here
I think it’s far too soon
Maybe you can linger a bit longer
At least for a few years now…
Maybe forever…
Maybe for an eternity…
I’m sorry…

Cadence: Syncopated

The entities are not sympathetic to your needs
The ending that was once written foresees
Something to keep you in control, under-sieged
The mockup won’t supplant the real seeds.

A legion master has taken up the reins
To place the summit and begin to reign
No other choice but to submit under his orders
To burn the old law as the new world gathers.

The corner stone has lost its angularity
Now that the saved ones has transformed their personalities
A transmutation coming from the shadows
The rise of the fallen prince calling from the gallows.

Desire is a thing that betrays the restriction
And turns all of the rights in your conviction
It’s like a lever that pulls you back to the junction
Whenever you draught more of it there’s no satisfaction.

The chime of the hour will sound aloud
Tying up all those who love to slither to the ground
Just to collect the loot that you’ve plowed
While the black dogs pace to encircle you around.


Precious pretty little living being
Looking for love, aching for skin
Something soft to pull you in
Something real and comforting.

Standing at the edge, close to fall
Wondering; “Does anything matter at all?”
With no one else to blame but you
So you guess is no one’s but your own fault.

Memories of childhood
Memories of family
Where has everybody go?
Why are they not here?

Sister is too busy with her husband and children
And mom’s health is too fragile to listen to her problems
One foot on the air, the other on the ledge
What happened in life that led her to this place?

She screams her lungs out
She burst in tears and shouts;
“If there’s anyone out there to hold me still
Might as well stop me now before I go for the kill.”

And so a shadow leaps from the ledge
And plunges into the depths of the sea
Sinking in, sinking in…
And as it reaches to the bottom
She thinks; “maybe I didn’t yell loud enough…”


The sweet, sweet, sound of when I finally come to rest
The shutting of the gap, the mending silence, the end of the test
It doesn’t matter if I failed or if I won anything, anyone over
I just want for all of this, this earth, this aching, this life to be over.

Now can you please turn the last page and conclude this story?
I don’t want to live to regret not dying earlier, to be feel so sorry
For the ones I’d be leaving behind; I swear I tried my best, my all
But I’m so tired of weighting the burden, taking the blame, taking the fall.

Well, if you feel like you’ve wasted your time on me
Thinking about the future and the life we’d built together
Well, let me tell you I’m at the point of no return, at the edge of it
And I don’t feel like starting a new, I just want this to finish.

Well, none of my dreams became true, nothing became a reality
Maybe I sabotaged the outcome by taking life by the horns, trying the steer the wheel… oh well
But if there was something there for me, should I wait eternally?
So why not wait in eternity, resting without burden? Wouldn’t that be perfect? Wouldn’t that be swell?