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Wrote this 3 years ago. Inspired by someone I knew 15 years ago. Amanda White

Vainglorious Apollyon

I’m not sure who are you’re trying to fool here
With your empirical discharge of conundrums,
Of uneven measured triangles, overly squared demi circles
Wrapped in redundant enigmas and ongoing driveled riddles.

Just cause I’m wearing high heels and a white dress
You think I’ve lost my view on the agnostic sense of Gnosticism
And all the answers fell into a trench of amnesic state
And I’ve become a beggar lurking in darkness in search for light.

But let me tell you pal, your declaration of omnipotent grandiose
Is nothing but a tiny junction stone that needs to be set aside
That eagle head looks too heavy on you, even more the sun as your crown
Plus the eleven shines brighter, longer, when you are already thirty three.

Better make haste, for the deep waters are commencing to open their mouths
You’re best to apologize to Poseidon, for his disciples might swallow you whole
You wouldn’t want to find me riding that sleeping beast lying on my backyard
Or lay my cup on you for the pact constituted, to send in the black hounds, oh no.


Inspired on someone I was close to

3 Three III

Betrayal of the kind
A traitor to the sign
Two souls of the same stream
Separated by the days gone by.

Imaginary depiction
Childhood rendition
Two eyes looking up to tomorrow
Two eyes staring down at the past.

Breaking the bond
Breaching the trust
Two genders united as one
Severed by the knife of morality.

Natural swimmers
Stifled by the shore
Two sides of the same coin
Turned against one another.

Perpetuity cognition
Disowned definition
Two hands reaching for accession
Two hands stretching in affirmation.

Passing waves of time
Extensive intervals and absence of sound
Forming an unsolicited gap
Two pathways turning us from our midway.

Once enemies of conform
Then twins of the cause
When one concluded
The other commenced.

Born under a number
Artistry amplified
Household anarchists
One came to refuse
The other came to comply.

Ryan Lyandree

The Cleanse

Why looking for advices about being whole in the fragmented?
Why look for directions about going home in those who’ve never been there?
You once knew the answers, what have you done with them?
Have them in exchange for a slice of brief camaraderie and fellowship.

You put your trust in human kind and now you are disappointed
You thought they would withhold the grace that not even a God could
Don’t you know that we were prone to fail even when we were perfect?
What made you think that now that after this fall we would’ve learned anything?

You pursuit the essence and logic in the stars and the numbers
But all of it mashes into utter nothingness, darkness, void and silence
You’re trapped in the jigsaw puzzle of the greater scale, the full picture
Surrounded by the echo of your voice bouncing off the walls of this barren place.

Why looking for a clear response in those who are still confused?
Looking for the straight and the just in those whose minds are twisted,
souls are curved and hearts are crooked
You once held the keys, what have you done with them?
Threw them away for a chance to taste on the flesh and mundane pleasures.

You put your trust in an uncertain element and now you dislike the outcome
You thought they’d give you the divine revelation that not even a God could
Don’t you know you were prone to fail from the beginning of this project?
What made you think that if you forced the pieces in they would actually fit perfectly?

You pursuit the autonomy and the refinement in that, which seems, above and beyond you
But you find yourself invisible walls and chains from around keeping you asunder
You’re trapped in the incongruence of the denouement and foolproof evidence
Tortured by the fixated inaccuracies and the inability to mold these principles properly.

What made you think that these misty torrents would make way and its mouth would open?
What made you think you were worthy to be culled, to be given this kind of privileges?
An eye for an eye, a pact, an act of sacrifice, be selfish or vicariously, may be required
Just to be granted just for deserving does not seem to be the way that things work here.

Relaxed, naked, as light as a feather, to be lifted
Then dropped like a rock, pounded against the floor
To hurt and to be broken
To cry and to be healed
An outside source inserted something
An outside source can take it away
The seed you planted, a forest of anger
Burn it down, let the flames purify you.

The cleanse.


Building up the walls of my life
Out from the ashes and the rubble
The ghosts of this fire lurking
Looking to see what they can bring down
I must keep it all locked inside
Before it takes control and I lose it
Shove it all down until it chokes
To kill it even if I end up killing myself as well.

In this upside down parallel world
That we live in
Which defecates on rehabilitation
And every good intention
That pleases itself by watching you fail
That humiliates you if you ever defy
Where the worst actions are congratulated
And the best attempts are frowned upon.

Trying to get the confidence
That I was shunned out of
Trying to understand that
This is a necessary process
Trying to see life with different eyes
Facing situations with a different approach
I don’t want to fall down
in the very same hole
that brought me there in the first place
and trapped me in that wheel of repetition.

I have to force myself
To break the patterns
of expecting the worst outcomes
that set up my defenses blindly
I must allow myself
To forgive and be forgiven
To be healed and be loved
And love unconditionally again.

If I to move forward
I need to find a way
To pacify this hatred and this anger
To shush the voices in my head
Exit all this darkness kept inside
To channel and purify
All this stagnant blackened water
And allow myself to be restored.


Glimpses of self-realization
The night before
Was it a glitch of the brain?
Or are we too proud to accept the changes
And try to fix the mistakes?
When everything that crumbles
Becomes a lesson
You start looking for reasons
To break apart
Any structure holding still.

Acted on my animal instincts
Just a beast searching for its prey
Hungry for long
Starving and looking for scraps
Your essence was so warmth
And welcoming and inclusive
And of course the flesh desires it
To consume and be consumed
No lesson here to be learned
Only to realize our human condition.

What to do with the hollow
The broken and the wounded?
But to love them as they should
But no, this self-destruction is active
Always trying to rip apart
The pieces that don’t conform
Anything that doesn’t suit well
Or doesn’t fit within the big picture.

Glow with your light
As dim as you may find it to be
Grow within yourself
Accept the warmth surrounding you
Embrace the light
Reject all the darkness lurking
Be one with yourself
Let peace and love come together
Let it fill you up and restore
All that is dent and malformed
Go back to the original design
Before our nature got corrupted.

I’ve written a lot of poems lately. This one is dedicated to the people who deserves better from others.

Unfair Disadvantage

The best of us
Given to the ones
Before us
Given to the ones
Who pushed us
Against a wall
And now us
Given no choice
We give less.

You might say it’s okay
But I can see the light of day
It’s not as bright
as it used to be.

To try and make it right
After making it wrong for so long
How can you go back?
How can you restitute trust and honesty?

The ones after this
Will have an unfair disadvantage
The burden of our emotional baggage
Our pseudo love and short string of caring.

What was bent and broken,
How can you go making it okay again?
When the cracks are still visible
And the needle still stings
Is there such a thing as forgiveness?
For one and for others
Is there such a thing as to let go?
And if so if there’s a way
To go back and feel okay again
Without a hint or a reminder
Of how bad it used to it
To consequences of repeating it
The fear and the wall up
Are we ever to believe?
Are we to restitute that trust?
In ourselves and in others.

The ones that come next
Will have an unfair disadvantage
The burden of our emotional baggage
Our pseudo love and short string of caring.

I took a break from writing poetry in English and I wrote this one in Spanish. No worries, the English translation is after the poem.

Si Tan Solo Pudiera

Cómo quisiera decir algo que te haga pensar que estoy bien
Cómo quisiera decir algo que te haga poder ver todo bien
Si mis palabras tuvieran el poder de cambiar las circunstancias
Creo que te daría mi amor a manos abiertas.

Cómo quisiera acortar las distancia con tan solo mi pensamiento
Cómo quisiera poder robar tu atención y todo tu aliento
Si mis palabras tuvieran la habilidad de poder cambiar las cosas
Creo que te daría el mundo entero, mi bella rosa.

Cómo quisiera que el viento trasladara estas palabras
Cómo quisiera que el tiempo tan solo por un momento se detuviera
Si poder escribir este poema significara salvarte en todo tiempo
Creo que te daría mi alma entera solo por verte sonriendo.

Cómo quisiera que de un brinco poder caer a tu lado
Cómo quisiera de tu ser por siempre estar enamorado
Si poder leerte esta poesía me permitiera robar tu corazón
Creo que te daría mi existencia solo por tener esa ocasión.

Si tan solo pudiera
Sabes que ahora lo haría
Si tú me lo permitieras
Yo mi todo por ti daría.

If Only I Could

How I would like to say something that makes you think I’m fine
How I wish to say something that makes you able to see everything well
If my words had the power to change the circumstances
I think I would give you my love at open hands.

How I would like to shorten the distance with just my thoughts
How I wish I could steal your attention and all your breath
If my words had the ability to change things
I think I would give you the whole world, my beautiful rose.

How I would like for the wind to transport these words
How I wish that time could stop just for a moment
If writing this poem meant saving you at all times
I think I would give you my whole soul just to see you smiling.

How I would like with a jump being able to get by your side
How I wish of your self always be in love
If reading this poetry would let me steal your heart
I think I would give you my existence just for having that chance.

If only I could
You know I would do it now
If you would allow me to
I would give my all just for you.