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Wrote this last night. Felt the muse in me.

Nautical Voyage

One more star passes us by
In the galaxy of our dreams
Where we sleep in sparks
And we fall like meteorites.

Into the atmosphere
From the big black gap
Grabbed by the magnetic field
Pulled in by gravity.

What once lied above
Now cries bellow
On the dark side of love
Is where you find fear.

There in the mud
Where the tears of the clouds
Meet the bottom ground
And the roots bestowed upon.

We were once satellites
Orbiting around the sun
Two celestial bodies
That dreamt about earth.

We were snow flakes
In the winter storm
We would hug nature
And never let go.

What once lied in us
Now hides under
From the dark inside of clouds
It rains and thunders.

There in the muck
Where two figures take shape
Down on the bottom ground
Where the roots are bestowed upon.

The green and the brown
Paints such a magical color
Like fruits that are grown
With an intrinsical flavor.

On this, our nautical voyage
We go through these asteroid rings
Across the torrents of space debris
We’ve survived the geomagnetic disturbance
And now we find ourselves safe and appease.

We are not ordinary chondrites
We are cosmic jewels carved by Father Sky
We are children brought in by Gaia
To live off of this planet’s elemental nuclei.


Feather and Inkblot

For me, trying to explain this to you is like riding a midnight carousel
It goes on and on, spinning around, until I get nothing but motion sick once more
And your words in self-defense are faster than any speeding bullet
Piercing through all the layers of the muscles in my chest and into my very core
We could go back and forth about how sorry I am and how wrong I have been
Next time I need to remind not to shake your bottle to make it fizzy
‘Cause like I tell my friends before jumping onto one those silly rotary things
Why do I need to pay a cent just to make myself nauseous and dizzy?

But from any angle that I see, you’re simply beautiful
So don’t get mad and down with the silent treatment
I swear my incite- in the -ment is just meant for me to lie wishful
But in case you got lost in the wits of it, let me be of enlightenment.

If I ever inflate my ego in a way that I’d go out of this realm floating
You’re allowed to throw darts at my head, enough to bring me down again
Yes, if I ever lose my whole mind and I speak out lines of insincerity
There’s a thing you can always count on, and that’s the law of gravity.

Pull me back, pull me back to you love
I don’t wish to stay bellow, nor above
But in the center, in the middle with you
Where two become one and one becomes two.

So if by any chance I short a fuse
And start acting like there’s something wrong in my circuitry
If by any chance I become obtuse
And begin behaving out of irrational fear and utter insecurity
Don’t ever let go of my rope
I might need it at the end to reel myself back in onto the knot
Don’t ever give up hope, on me love
‘Cause it is most certain that this going is circles, sooner than later, will come to a stop.

You’re the lava lamp lighting the way of my thoughts
Looking so damn cool, while keep my eyes gawking at you
I know that some days we have it easy, others we have it rough
But I’m damn sure we’ll stick together and make it through.

‘Cause from any angle that I see; you’re simply beautiful
So don’t get down and even with an upcoming vengeful plot
I swear my incite- in the -ment is just meant for me to lie wishful
I am the feather at hand and you’re the ink that draws the blot
In case you got lost in the wits of it, let me be clearer,
You’re the words that compose a poem, the tune that builds up a song
And without you my story would be blank and meaningless
‘Cause our hearts become the pages in which all of our love’s written on.

The Proposal

Trying to find a way to say this
Because for me this is all too new
It has been lingering in my head for an eternity
And I don’t know to express without giving a clue.

I have no need to be what society expects of me
But when it comes to you I can’t help but to stay still
“So what is then?” You ask; “what is going to be?”
Would you wait forever to finally say what I feel?

I don’t know anything about gardens
Flowers be red, violet, yellow or blue
Is there any way that you can find me?
I seem to be lost in the thoughts of you.

How can a poet not be romantic?
I see this life for what is it
And you’re the best that has happened, the best experience
So what am I to do to extend and expand what we have here?

The words escape me and I have a lot to say
I have a need that seeks to fulfill in me everyday
And I bet that by now you’ve been patiently waiting
But I don’t know how to make this a memorable memory.

I don’t know much about pretty dresses
But a white gown would look beautiful on you
So what am I saying in these lexes and verses?
The one question that you want me to ask you.

So I’m ready to take on that step
If you’re ready to take it with me
This is the only way I know how to do this
And to hope that you say “yes”, so our lives will be complete.

A poem I’m working on… It’s incomplete still, but I want to share what I’ve written so far.

Bigger Place

If there’s anything left beautiful in my life
It is you
If there’s anything still worth fighting for
It is you
If there’s anything else to cry about now
It is you
If there anything more that I could trust
It’s in you.

Time is not sufficient to spend it all together
Even in my private moments I think of you
Words are not enough to express these feelings
Even in my silent moments I still love you.

We will need a bigger place for our love to spread
But if we don’t, we can manage by holding us even closer
And like in dreams you’ll pour the wine and I’ll break the bread
And all that is meant to be will be and it’ll be even better.

In this game of chance, sometimes all you have in your cards is a losing hand. I wrote this a few weeks ago.

Losing Hand

On, and off
It’s like a switch
And I’m not sure
Of how I feel about it.

It’s like a pressing
In my chest
It feels so beautiful
I feel so miserable.

Put a wall in front of it
Put a wall around it
Am I alone in this?
Am I alone in this?

On, and off
It’s like a switch
And I’m not sure
Of what to do with it.

It’s like a pressing
In my chest
It feels so different
I feel so imprudent.

Put a stop to all of it
Put a stop to all in all
I feel alone in this
Am I alone in this?

I don’t know what to make of it
I don’t know how anything like this can be possible
Wake up from a dream to become a nightmare
And realize all of this time I was all alone.

The Illusion of Love

Is there any simplicity for the way we are feeling?
An easy answer for all these things we are doing?
I hold your hand, you hold my head
And with our feet we move on step ahead.

Do you wish to stay?
Do you want to keep on dreaming?
Floating with the clouds above
Up here, in the illusion of love.

Is there any other way to follow all your desires?
Is this the answer for the things that you eager?
I hold your heart, you hold my life
And with this we’re one step closer to be husband and wife.

So what do you say?
Do you wish to stay?
Do you want to follow this streaming?
Do you want to keep on dreaming?
Floating with the clouds above
Touching with your toes
All the rivers bellow
Dashing through the visions that follow
Going through the bridges of tomorrow
Here, in the illusion of love.

Phobicphilia Philiophobic

The end seems a long way to come
In the meantime, we should dance
Slow, arms around, bodies close
I don’t want to miss this chance.

The words in my head are stumbling
We should kiss throughout the night
Let the morning decide our destiny;
Is this wrong? Is this right?

If the end was to come today
Would you say you were happy?
Did you live a full life?
Did you make the best of it?

The fear is here to stay unless
We learn to push it aside, so
Hold me tight, this journey is ours
Are you ready to take flight?

The thoughts in my mind are foggy
Is like I’m sleepwalking, daydreaming
And if that is the case, please
Do not wake me from this wonderful state.

If a choice was to be made
Would you pick me now and again?
Would you be willing to attempt?
Would you live this life of ups and downs?

The end seems a long way to come
In the meantime, we should dance
Slow, arms around, bodies close
I don’t want to miss this chance.