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New poem by ‘Ryan Lyandree’

Fated For Catastrophe

The king is at its castle
Another dumb puppet chosen by dynasty
Let’s crown this asshole
Let’s embrace our own empirical hypocrisy.

Here comes his majesty
The trumpets announce his entrance here
In with the “new” ministry
The surface of this place is flat in this sphere.

And so it’s time to choose sides
It’s time to stay closed, or open out wide
For larva are accumulating in our mouths
What about the dear old worms when everything goes south?

The lord is at its temple
Praise the pagan figures built by mortal men
Darkness is that simple
It enters though the gaping holes of human sin.

And so it’s time to choose gods
It’s time to stay close, or to let go
For dust has been gathering in our hearts
What about the dear agony that comes along with the scars?

And so it’s time to push open that third eye
‘Cause how obvious can it be to read between the lines?
It’s time to swallow the truth and savor the lies
How oblivious can we be about a balance that declines?

Choose now to live or to die
Choose now to give up or to stay alive
For our king has spewed “off with their heads”
And I think he’s speaking about the living rather than the dead.

A poem I wrote a few years ago for a novel I was writing. I fixed some things I thought would sound better. (Original post)


Just when you thought you as a king,
would regain control of your kingdom.
Here come Mars burning your plans,
corrupting each and everyone of your people.

Dear foolish Saturn, so devastated.
Your oceans turned to piss filled ledges
You’re no god, you’re no son, and no spirit.
But just a folk’s tale, nothing more to it.

Thinking of leading the hollow and shallow,
Cause they’re only ones who’d follow.
But the fire of Mars will burn eternally.
So Saturn, don’t take this personally.

But just watch you as you weep for your people.
They formed a new minster and it’s made of sheer evil.

Poor, poor, Saturn, completely devastated.
You had your time but procrastinated.
We’ve won this war before it was about to begin.
We’ve driven your children into the infinites of their sins.

And so they move only by the hand of fire.
Of the thief, the destroyer, of the liar.

Oh Light beyond the darkness
Shine upon me and upon us
Lead us with your wings of angel
Shine upon this broken road.

Disappointed and stranded I seek for you
Faith has given me nothing but false hopes
Reach me with your hand, lead me through
Shine upon me… shine upon this broken road.

Just when you thought of you as a creator,
would regain control of your creation.
Here comes a heavenly body crashing into,
Obliterating all of your precious nature.

Dear foolish Saturn, so devastated.
Your body turns to dust filled maggots
You’re not alive anymore than your lies are
You cannot mend all of these scars.

Thinking of leading the hollow and shallow.
Cause they’re only ones who’d follow.
But the fire of Mars will burn eternally.
So Saturn, don’t take this personally.

But just watch you as you weep for your people.
They formed a new religion and it pours sheer evil.

Oh Spirits beyond this world
Lead me to your leader, lead me through the wire
Refine me with your bursting fire
Shine upon my broken life.

Break through
Ray of light
Break through
For this revelation.

~Ryan Lyandree

Invalid (By: Ryan Lyandree)

I’ve cut my veins with sharp pieces of the reflection of my own
I’ve turned to as much of a masochist as one could become
Like a junkie looking for a fix, I am addicted to find a way
A brighter light to shine down on my way… back home.

I’m trapped between the choices
As few as they are some days
Confused about the voices
That whisper into my head

I’ve perforated my wrists with nails only to assimilate my savior
I’ve become as much of a martyr’s illusion as the next fool
Like a disease I am contaminating my rights and principles
A stupid selection of pills for my awaking into the next world

(You) invalidated my freedom in choices
As few as you propose some times
(I’m) confused about all the voices
That invades inside my mind.

Death seems the only way out
But I get born again the next day
With every word that I’ve spouted
I run empty with things to say.

How could you amputate my free will?
Switch my choices in living for the kill?
No such thing as righteousness when you’re wrong
Even if you’ve had carved all of your laws into a stone.



Giving blood just to stare at its quavering mouth slurping
Using flesh as bait, just to see its teetering teeth clinching in
You can sense all of the enmity just by listening
To the scraping noises echoing throughout the walls
In the obscure depths of the ghost filled hallways
At nightfall, when the moon bleeds, and the earth leans closer
The nocturnal beast wakes up from its slumber
All of the purpose conjectured comes asunder
Only to wonder what makes the muscles of this creature twitch.

I bet it feels like an itch that you just can’t get rid of
A curse casted by a necromancer or a virtuous mage
I don’t think we will ever find a true cause because
They were the ones who crafted the plot and set up the stage.

Behind iron bars cradles, the arms call out for their powder
The wound inflicted by daggers couldn’t determine their fall
To rise up the bars for those who craved enlightenment and power
But were not born with the mark and never received the call.

It’s the never ending hunger that makes a monster out of oneself
Like the rebuses of ancient spells held in flasks up in the shelf
One drop, one taste, any fool’s driven intensively, insatiably avid
As chains are broadened by muscles, the act is immensely vivid.

For the ones who are still lurking outside
There are four things you must keep in mind;
Do not feed the animal on display, locked in its cage
Do not stare at the prisoner in the eye, it’ll be enraged
Do not tease the beast with your treat, or you’ll distraught it
Whatever happens, do not confront it, or it’ll end in slaughter.

Natural instincts that ancient mysticism enforced attributes to
Whether this is a hoax to be proven false or a fact proved to be true…

I can’t help but feel awestricken just by the facts presently arrayed
Be overwhelmed by the cards I’ve been handed to but still haven’t laid
And thus the mystery lingers; can there be a hidden meaning under these sleeves?
Maybe an exemption from the enslavement of the five thieves?


“Kamikazes of a circus; come join us.
Here’s redemption. It’s called a weapon. It’s called a handgun.
To sacrifice the innocence of our children for the well-being of a cult called religion
whose head is called God, but only to be spelled backwards.”
– The Perfect Lie by R.L.

Jacked O’ Lantern

Warmly wrap me in your arms Morpheus
And let me rest for a while and if possible, forever
The comfort of your dose is soothingly calling me

Bathe me in your sulfuric acid sense of leniency
Hang me from your lion’s tail’s family tree
Drag me through your archaic scarlet letterman’s mindset

Lifelike Mannequins

Set the actors into place
For my coffee jar is empty
Tie firmly your shoelace
Wash that cup, it is dirty.

Memorize all the lines
This is a one take shot
This has to look genuine.

Place the pillars in the four corners
Stick the checkboard into the floor
Hide the riddles inside the programs
We can pull this thing of once more.

Weep at the camera boys
Mourn this lifeless decay
Hold tight to that decoy
This is war, let them fray.

Immortalize the façade
We are changing history
For our nation’s sake
We will become HISTORY!

Place the pillars in the four corners
Stick the checkboard into the floor
Hide the riddles inside the programs
We can pull this thing of once more.

Screams, rush, blood and death
Another outbreak coming from the inside
Tell your troops to march ahead
We’ll hold this one in the back of our minds.