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Ryan Lyandree


The warmth of your heart close to mine
The touch of the blood turning to wine.

Calm and collected
Betwixt the storm
Channel your energy
Begin to transform.

Drink up
And never get drunk
Never thirst
Well of never ending supply.

Confined in the center
Outside of these walls

The warmth of your soul fusing with mine
The touch of the love willing to entwine.

Transfixed, quiet, still
Athwart the trials
Transfiguring my will
Riding the spiral.

Eat up
And never get sick
Never hunger
Garden of unremitted amounts.

Compassed in the axis
Boundaries expanded.

Embrace the inner senses
Share of the fruit
Fill up the planet
Append, affix, conjoin
We’re all but one body.


Ryan Lyandree

Rune Spiritualis

To calm this constant hunger, like a newborn baby, crying to be fed
To keep me from the dangers, like a child afraid of the dark spaces
To elevate me from this state, like a sinner on a spiritual awakening
To take me even further, like an explorer lurking for the undiscovered.

Days come in and the moon comes out (Lunae clara)
All I ever wanted is your sweet voice calming down
Days come in and the moon comes out (lunae novae)
All I ever needed is your presence being close around.

To calm this constant anger, (something) to call off the storm
To restore and levitate me, towards the silver rivers and golden roads
To wash off all that’s muddy, (something) to imprint a brand new name
To turn the page for the next chapter, something a lot closer to the end.

Days come in and the moon comes out (Lunae clara)
All I ever dreamt of is staring at your beautiful face
Days come in and the moon comes out (lunae novae)
All I ever hoped for is for the entrance of this new day.

Your light brought me into this world
Reach with your hands and I’m yours
Perfect in its way
You have created your own true form
Transmutation of the self
One with the universe I am reborn.

(Gninnigeb eht ot kcab og-ti rof gnivarc seno eht ot)

Ryan Lyandree

Shroud of the Veil

I’m not gonna cry
For I am stronger than this
I’m only gonna fight
Whatever is pressing me in, suppressing me
I better hold tight,
Dizzy and down on both knees
My face won’t slump to the ground
I’m mauling my lips with my teeth
With the taste of iron collecting in my mouth
As salty and sour as my restrained tears
I am hurting
Both mentally and physically
Not to mention fucking emotionally…
Like a wounded animal,
(But) I will wield and I will not yelp
And although internally I am bleeding
(No) I won’t beg or ask for your help
I’m keeping the pressure on
You won’t see any seep, you won’t see a drop
But when I get up from here
I swear I’m gonna go for your head
Oh by Thelema and BaalZebub
You better be ready, asshole!
‘Cause I’m gonna go for your fucking throat.

This was a battle
Where I allowed you to give me your best shot
And to shoot first
Foolish of me
I accept I was overconfident
But now that I’m addled
And on my way to almost expire
I stare at my maker’s eye
I swallow this hard pill
For it has come to me, like the veil being shrouded
Revealed to me, by an act of apparent flitting divinity
That with my pain I shall dissolve your ivory tower
With all of my agony I shall bring down your dirt empire

So come on
Come closer to me
You want to be in touch with my soul?
You really want to see the root of my anger?
Come, thy brother
Come see the burden
The secret shall be revealed to you!
Come closer, thy brother
Can you already feel it?
Can you hear any of them?
The whispers turn into screams
The demons tormenting!
Feel my pain!
Feel my agony!
Goddamn it!!!
Why don’t you feel my pain?!
Come and feel my agony!
I shall crush you and I will destroy you!
Even if it’s the last thing I do in my feeble and miserable existence
I will put you in my shoes
I will drag you down with me
And you’ll feel how’s to be crawling like a ravished and trampled snake.

Then you will have what you really wanted
And then I will have what I really needed
An equivalent exchange of the suffering
We shall both be the losers but as long as you’re not winning
I shall always be grateful
I shall always be one with my shadow.

A Motion Cycle’s The Resolution. The order in which the poems should be read. These poems will appear in a poetry e-book I’m writing titled “Fishing for Sirens”.

The Fisherman
The Resolution
The Divine
The Antagonistic
The Needy
Fated for Catastrophe
The Veil
The Logical Sense of the Granted
The Pretender
The Wounded
Finding Work in Idle Hands
The Executioner
Agean Chain
The Invisible

Potential Ryan Lyandree Poem. Still not sure.


So the bill has been signed
It’s the law, and you have to abide to it
Either you like or not
It is necessary for those who watch over majorities’ well-being
But when you’re a minnow
In this shark infested pool
Well, you better swallow up your pride and feed off your saliva.

This is necessary
For the sake our economy
Dispose of a few unknown second hand creatures
Off to the grinder, more grub for the gluttons.

Endearing offer, indeed…
Just a causal casualty…

No need to be concerned
We will rise up against, down on the streets
Signs and gasmasks at hand
Until another fire signal starts, shifts our attention from the objective
The news will all cover it
This has lost priority
Above all, to everyone, the new diversion plan’s working perfectly.

Such lack of majesty
Always under veil
Million dollar campaign for the malnourished crowd
Makes us shed off our eyes, but not off our wallets.

Profound and prolific, yes sir…
Just a casual casualty…

The woke-up-twenty-second-reflection-army is not doing much
As they eat of their caviar and drink on their champagne.

Show of hands if you agree
Down with all of this politically correct bullshit
Nobody wishes to die of cold or starvation
Everyone prays to rise above.

No fingers to point at
No one to blame at all
It’s just necessary evil
Simply collateral damage…

Just a causal casualty…

Probably Ryan Lyandree’s final poem/song…

The Fisherman

Enter the hyphens to draw the horizon
This is the path I must take, from now on
Make way for the temple that has arisen
The parcels are coming to commemorate themselves.

Clutch onto your body, not to lose your spirit
This baptism of fire has other plans for you
Watch as this fisherman is fishing for sirens
It seems to be the only thing he knows how to.

Talk about the reeling
Talk about the bait
This path seems appealing
A trail I should take.

Spurting his blood to feed off the Wyvern
This is the pact I’ve signed, where I belong
Make way for the darkness tearing asunder
The pillars are coming down, burying us both.

Hold tight your chest, not to lose your soul
The drizzle of sulfur’s to acid, as coal is to oil
Beware of the callous in hunt of the weary
That the assemblage of angels is called on to foil.

Talk about the reeling
Talk about the bait
This path seems appealing
A trail I should take.

Stare at the wave that is swallowing us under
Look at that fisherman just fishing in his boat
Two suns are for eyes, and voice like a thunder
It seems he’s the one that keeps us afloat.

Shrouded in mystery is the life of us Pisces
When the age of Aquarium is now just upon
Two spectrum apart, contrary and in crisis
Two entities divided, striving to become one.

Talk about the reeling
Talk about the bait
This path seems appealing
A trail I should take.

Another poem/song by Ryan Lyandree. This could be considered the prequel, or sequel to “The Resolution

The Invisible

Hey! Hello!
I hope you’re up there
I’m here wandering
I’m here lost again.

Without a map to guide me
And the stars have gone berserk
Where’s north? Where’s forward?
I’m going in circles once again.

Hey! Hello!
Are you really listening?
This one way conversation
Only with myself.

Without a compass to direct me
All the stars have gone berserk
Where’s north? Where’s forward?
I’m going in circles once again.

Hey! Hello!
Am I alone in here?
Talking to the invisible
Hoping it’ll come to my aid.

(Maybe it has been waiting for me…)
(Maybe this was the reason all along…)

Maybe if I take the step
Maybe if I take the leap…

Could it be…
That the Invisible can help me out?
To find myself
In its arms and in its grace?

Could it be…
That the Invisible is willing to aid me?
Embrace me at last
In its heart and in its place?

Maybe if I take the step
Maybe if I take the leap…

Take my hand
And lead me there
My old friend
My light, my counselor.

Unbeknown to me
The Invisible, always, awaiting
Through all of this time
For me to call upon.