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You Are (Recognition of the Living)

I cut its arm off to stop the disease from spreading
Then I covered it in tight bandages to stop the hemorrhage
And I prayed to the being in the heavens for this to help
And I stood there believing and depending in that faith.

I know you fell from up high
And I know somebody pushed you
And I know about the poison in your veins
And about the stab in your back
But the devil inside you
Born from all the physical and emotional beatings
Those pacts you’ve sealed with blood
Must be undone before the legion become of your own doing.

They were sent to break us
To twist and bent our faith
They were sent to destroy us
They gave us the guns, the bullets and the reasons to press them against our heads!!!

“You fucking fucked up of a human being”;
These are the lies inserted in your head
By the people who have never loved themselves in first place
Who has been wounded and abused, just like they’re doing with you.

It’s a circle you must break
Break the chaos, break the noise, break the bleeding
And learn to heal, to love, to forgive and let go
And you, you, you, YOU ARE SOMEONE!!!
And that should be enough
You are alive, with all your rights to have a life free of all rejection and emotional denials
You are.. YOU ARE!!!



I cannot move my hand
My fingers won’t hold the pen
And the paper won’t stop shaking
And my eyes won’t stop dripping.

And these things inside my chest
That I wish to transport from soul to words
They’re imprisoned in my shocked immobility
I will drown in my own hurt if I don’t do something.

I just wanna stay here for a while
And for awhile could mean a lot
I’m afraid about the decisions I may take
One aims for the trigger in my head, the other just sleeps.

When you’re stripped from everything you depended for so much
When you’re taken away from the things you used to rely on all this time
These things you took for granted cause you thought you would have forever
You stay immobilized in wonder of how they much hurt now that they’re gone.

And this poem won’t speak of the pain in my heart
As clear and hurtful as my heart is feeling it
I can only help you imagine all the agony
But I can’t transmit the feeling, the struggling.

I wish one of you could take me away
Fill me with your own happiness
Protect me from all that there’s the come
And love me, love me, just love me.

But my immobilized body won’t do a thing
And the sight in my eyes is becoming blurry
I only can sob, and cry and feel small
I haven’t felt so lost and lonely in my whole life….
As I am now…

And me… I’m just fragile…
Here one moment…
Gone the next…
I am disabled.

When He calls your name…

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“You can drown
In your own mistakes
Burrowing into the black
or you can take my hand”

“This gift was never yours
So why would you ever think
That the words you said were your own?
I have chosen
And breathed
And forgiven
And changed
And purged
And cleaned
And forgave
And bathed
And carried
And soothed
And burned
And spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken…
Yours is not to proclaim…but only to obey.”

~ Project 86


You see the light
You see through
You know what’s right
You know the truth…
And you smile upon the happiness
And you trust upon true love
And you give yourself to those
Who always needs you the most.

You smell up the roses
And gasp upon rainbows
And enjoy the birds chirping
As the sun comes up.

And you reach for the stranded
And preach to the hollow
And shelter the homeless
And listen to our sorrow.

And I, I want to be with you, always
Yeah, I, I want to be with you, forever
Open this door for me to enter here
I need to be in your heart and live forever in there.

You’re inspirational
You inspire me
You, inspiration
Always inspiring.

From Zero to 103

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It’s been two months and I feel so appreciated and welcomed by the people who read my blog and give like and leave comments and follow. 103 followers really?
I’m thinking of publishing a poetry book… What you guys think? Should I? Thanks again. I’m humbled by your love and support. Bless be everyone.


Five letter word
You are a five letter word
Choose your poison
Pick your picture!

You’re only a five letter word
A five letter word
Do you get it?
Play hangman with me!!!

Five letter word is the conclusion
For a five letter word person like you
Come the five letter word being
Enjoying its five letter wording with you.

Pick your poison
Choose your picture
You still don’t get it?
Let’s play hangman!!!

A five letter word conclusion
For a five letter word person like you
Let the five letter word being
Five letter word you anyway it desires.

It’s in Spanish.

Cuando llegue el fin

Cuando llegue el fin
Nadie sabrá lo que fue
Nadie sabrá su nombre
Nadie sabrá nada.

Cuando llegue el fin
Nadie entenderá como fue
Nadie leerá sus palabras
Nadie sabrá nada.

Cuando llegue el fin
Nadie irá a su funeral
Nadie sabrá quien era
Nadie sabrá nada.

Cuando llegue el fin
Todo pasará a la historia
Se borrarán las memorias
Nadie sabrá nada…