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(Written on: May 18, 2013)

IWBTI was born to embrace this
I was born to set it aside
I was born to dissect this
I was born to keep it inside
Yes, I was born to get raised by this
I was born to cut it on my skin
I was born to confront all of this
I was born to treat it like a sin…

Years are like knives stabbing in the back of my head
What should I say to the people I know are already dead?
I’m gonna waste this love like it is nothing and then regret it
I’m gonna carve on my arms all the lovely names I gave you.

I was born to run away from here
I was born to keep on waiting
I was born to feel only the fear
I was born to keep myself from breathing
Yes, I was born to be a humble man
I was born to be a complete liar
I was born to be able to understand
I was born to burn down in the fire…

Years are like razors slitting deep in my throat and through
What would I deny myself the reason to speak up the truth?
I’m gonna bite my tongue until it bleeds and I have swallowed
I’m gonna choke on the needs of having to break free from this cell.

I think I’ve found the place I belong, where I fit in
What should I do now with the amount of useless things?
I was born just to have my heart completely broken
What would you do when you fall in love with another?


Verbalizing the Hurt

You make me feel invisible
And I know I am waste of time
You made that very clear to me
I’m alone in my own head.

I’m not here for your pity
I’m here to push you down
Not here to play the victim
But to pull and push you around.

You make me feel insignificant
And I know you don’t give a shit
You made that very clear to me
I’m one bullet away from the gun.

I’m not here for your comments
I’m here to push you down
Not here to be an example
But to pull and push you around.

I’m the tears that turn into anger
The “enough” in your abuse
I’m the scared thought that becomes a danger
I’ll use my pent-up frustrations on you
I don’t care if I know the answers
I only care about letting you know
When a familiar touch becomes a stranger’s
Let me let you know I’ll bring you down.


Yesterday we came to hunt them down
We got high, about, under and around
Two losers making their way through life
Running amongst the things we despise.

The touch of the heat of your hand
One thing I was sure could understand
But the gun at my head by my own
Stops me from turning this upside frown.

When I pulled the trigger
A red flash appeared before my very eyes
When my end was delivered
I stopped reaching for the God in the skies.

Yesterday we talk about getting cleaned
We drank some, slept some, never awoke
One of the losers was called by the light
No, you won’t see that lost soul tonight.

The touch of the heat of her heart
Was a thing that couldn’t keep them apart
But the knife in the line of the throat
Stopped the sailor from sailing his boat.

When I slit both my writs
A blurry cloud emerged, as I lay on the floor
When depression beat my wits
I couldn’t find the one thing I needed before.

And now she’s alone
But she can manage it,
as long as she’s stoned
cause what better way
to kill the pain once for all
than to kill yourself;
body, heart, mind and soul…?

Suma Soma

This is a godless empire
Attempting to have a deity at the pinnacle
For the things that transpire
Go beyond the laws of exchange’s principle
But since you’re a belligerent retard
You laugh at the jokes shown on the TV
Drunk in your obtuse absurdity
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you drown in sorrow, they swim in presidents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to sit down or take a stance?

This is a fiendish kingdom
Attending the dim revelations of the oracle
They’re not so random
Goes beyond the point that they’re cynical
But since you’re an imprudent idiot
You ignore all the hints shown on the TV
High in your absurd idiosyncrasy
You can’t see past beyond what others see.

Let’s kill the one, the hundreds and thousands
As you stare there in horror, they kill their residents
And as such things never come without precedence
Would you be willing to walk away or take a stance?

Try to read between the lines
Of what you are being told
Try to see beneath the lies
Of what you are being sold.

I mean, just try a little, by god’s sake…
I mean, just how long will it take…?

Try to ascend a little
Try to push open your third eye
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!
Try to see through the goddamn lies.

So you see them as saints
The children of the devil
They touch and they taint
The rod in which all is leveled.

The golden abyss is soon to come
When the red sun marries the white moon
Come take a good look and then you’ll see
You’re a slave of a faith you wouldn’t conceive.

Come on Moloch, divine rectifier
Come swallow the children of Solomon
For those who ignore the crucifier
Have become the cursed spawns of Amon.

Abide by the word of the Thelema
Abide by the whole of the law
Bow down to the seal of the Oroboro
That encircles the sigil of love.

A Poet’s Struggle

Last night I listened to my heart’s beats
And it sounded like drops falling from a faucet
And I believe that it was secretly crying
But that’s a thing that I’ll keep from ever explaining.

Cause your face doesn’t seem like in the mood
And it aches inside but I’m not sure if I should
So instead I swallow it all, till the point I get sick
So you’ll think I’m an asshole, just a stupid prick.

So who truly understands the matters of love?
When one is hurt, all of it seems crudely lost
So would you smile and pretend that you’re not hurting?
No love, that’s another way of denying your feelings.

Last year I thought it’d be gone by now
But still we see ourselves under the law of this vow
And I can undo it if that’s what you wish
Cause I know you love your dinner served as a cold dish.

So today doesn’t seem to be a good day
And it aches inside not being sure of what to say
So instead I’ll swallow it all, till the point I’ll get sick
So you’ll think I’m a douchebag, another senseless dick.

It’s getting harder to be honest around you
It’s getting harder to spill my heart in front of you
And I bet that you’ll say you feel the same
So what gives? Has our trust become our shame?

We have our senses all against the wall
And our hearts hanging by a thread, waiting for a fall
So what should we do next? Please tell me, do say
Should we carry on like this or simply walk away?

Cause sometimes I will keep it all inside
Yes, sometimes I’ll swallow all the truth
Cause I’m afraid you‘ll abuse my pride
But mostly I’m afraid of ever losing you.


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Magnus Fantasia
Element of Opus Gracie
Paces of Andante
Drench in Avant-Garde.

Sirens dreaming of dry land
As they swim in the deep blue sea
At night, sailing to distant ships
Singing; “s’il vous plait, marin, prends ma main”

Natura Epiphyllum
In Tempo Moderato
A Flos de Roseus
In Adagio to Grave.

Titans slumber in the mountains
As they dream in their deep ethereal sleep
At times, it seems like they’re waking
Screaming; “πεινάω, θέλω να φάνε”

Wrote this last night. Felt the muse in me.

Nautical Voyage

One more star passes us by
In the galaxy of our dreams
Where we sleep in sparks
And we fall like meteorites.

Into the atmosphere
From the big black gap
Grabbed by the magnetic field
Pulled in by gravity.

What once lied above
Now cries bellow
On the dark side of love
Is where you find fear.

There in the mud
Where the tears of the clouds
Meet the bottom ground
And the roots bestowed upon.

We were once satellites
Orbiting around the sun
Two celestial bodies
That dreamt about earth.

We were snow flakes
In the winter storm
We would hug nature
And never let go.

What once lied in us
Now hides under
From the dark inside of clouds
It rains and thunders.

There in the muck
Where two figures take shape
Down on the bottom ground
Where the roots are bestowed upon.

The green and the brown
Paints such a magical color
Like fruits that are grown
With an intrinsical flavor.

On this, our nautical voyage
We go through these asteroid rings
Across the torrents of space debris
We’ve survived the geomagnetic disturbance
And now we find ourselves safe and appease.

We are not ordinary chondrites
We are cosmic jewels carved by Father Sky
We are children brought in by Gaia
To live off of this planet’s elemental nuclei.