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Natasev Resi

I’m expanding
increasing the duality of an entity
into a whole legion army
so enjoy the party
you have no imagination
since you don’t listen to your demons
in a position of possession
(you part ways with reason)
the art of witchcraft
spells disguised as words on a poem
the sense of the occult
sacrificing children and virgins alike
please, can’t you tell when someone is jesting?
i’m putting logic to the test and
it’s falling short of a few fused bulbs
and a few lose screws
so when you read what I’m saying
you can either roll your eyes or start shaking
cause all in all
it’s just fun to mindfuck those of weak will
so anton and aleister can have a ball.
i’m coursing the curses of this book
retaking the turn that my life took
hiding symbolism and messages
subliminally inserting them in your brain
fantasying through all of these passages
cause believing so it’s all pretty lame
a sequence of eloquence jumping ship
cause I lack a sense of censorship
bleeding through and bleeding out
I speak in riddles
So you won’t get what I’m talking about
It’s all bullshit
Just gibberish typed in garbled scribble
While you and I sit in the middle
Let moloch eat the ones he wants
I’ll just keep writing things
You won’t ever truly understand.



The Artic State of Revering

I wrote her beautiful
I wrote her really kind
In my pen her words are arsenal
A metaphor for this life to find.

If I scribble she becomes real
As true as when the fingers touch
In my head is a thing I can feel
Cause in reality there’s no thing as such.

So poet, write me a story of love
Of those that never rot and turn
Print those verbs that are suave
One cannot wait for the pages to burn

I wrote her spectacular
I wrote her almost perfect
But when the sense becomes oracular
The contact sways misdirected.

If I stop she disappears from this screen
As soon as my thoughts begin to fray
In my head this can only be a dream
Cause in reality I know that no one would stay.

So poet, write me a verse of life
Of those that never hurt or end
Print those words that are alright
One cannot wait for arguments to defend.

She then died in my heart
But I’ll never give her- her funeral
And right here lie the scar
The kind that’s never really ephemeral.

Another poem from The Velvet Empress

The Art of Taxidermy

She’s crazy hot
With fierily red hair
Look what she’s got
Would anybody care to share?

I don’t think she would mind
This she-devil always looks kind
All the details that you’ll ignore
Are gonna be the reason you’ll come for more.

She likes to dance naked in the sun
She likes to dance naked in the moon
Seducing the so-called “soldiers of God”
“Bring me that fucker’s head on a platter!”

The art of taxidermy
She likes to keep them on display
These are her babies
This is the way she likes to play.

She’s crazy hot
With a very tight bod
Look what she’s got
Would anyone shed some blood?

I don’t think she would care
Oh the devil’s always insincere
These details that you’ll overlook
Are gonna turn around the red hand you shook.

She likes to whisper in your ear desires
She likes to give a sample of her urges
There’s no turning back once in her grasp
It’ll be over, by the time you realize you’re in her trap.

The art of taxidermy
She likes to keep them on display
These are her babies
This is the way she likes to play.

Oh dear descendant of Herod’s daughter
You still hate those who come to baptize
And just like your dearest mother
You turn to men only to capsize.

She looks for dupes online
She gets them drunk with her red wine
Videochat, pictures, one round around the hood
A collection of trophy-heads to set up the mood.

Inarticulate Jumble

You never read my words
Unless they’re arrows aiming at your pride
I find it to be pretty absurd
Having to rip your chest like that, out wide.

You feel like saliva in my drink
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t even touch that cup
Words dig deeper as they sink
You read on my riddles, trying to figure what’s up?

Insults are disguised as praises
Not wise enough to slip it in any other way
Obstacles always come in phases
But this one has stayed since before yesterday.

You never read my words
Unless they’re axes chopping off your head
I find it all straying inwards
When I hurt myself, I make another feel dead.

You feel like smudge on my mirror
Sometimes I hate this face I am wearing in here
Words cannot describe the horror
Can you figure out between lines all of this fear?

I’m the viable vial to poison you
Not deep enough to make through and through
Temptations call upon our names
But I know this one is the one that put us to shame.

I’ll tear your skin and put it over me
As I tore out my heart to make you understand
‘Cause words they cross to make it all unintelligible
Where no reason for reasoning can truly land.

‘Cause my words are inarticulate jumble
That you have no time at all to figure out
I wish that in my pride I was more humble
Yet in your ignorance you won’t know what it’s all about.

From the perspective of someone else

Bodhi – Seoul (Erudire)

This one goes to my father
To my mother
To my God
And all the intentions they had for me.

Implant fictional memories of things I never lived
In this imminent break up, make me choose a side
Such a diabolical plan to take a child to manipulate
Push that love for a cornerstone deep in my insides.

I’ve found my shattered self
In a higher realm
Inside my own
Right where you left my dead pride and soul.

Move me with your strings, like the puppet you think I am
I’ll be bowing my head, waving my hands up, side to side
Dictate all the prayers, and the rules I’m set to understand
Push self-love in a small bottle that I must drink until I die.

This circus that you made of my youth
You made a pact for the cult that was set to sting
To praise a God that never gave a fuck
But now I’ve found a way to be again enlightened, liberated.

Prison of Rage

So this here, you see is what you’re tired of
So this here, you see is what’s gotten you sick
So this here, you see is what I’m made of
So this here, you see is what it’s full of shit.

When I close my eyes, they won’t go away
Even when you’re not here, they just stay
You think I just can shush them away
But they just stay with me every day.

Feelings of loathe and low esteem
Surrounds me to the point I’m trapped
You don’t know how it is, has been
For me to feel like I’m caged like an animal
In this place inside my head
Where I cannot escape
No matter how much I run
How further I move on
I always end up in the same place
Confined in the prison of my rage
Wishing I wouldn’t feel this pain.

This is inspired on a fictional character I’m thinking to write a novel about. I based the character on people I met back when I was younger.


You’re so damaged
That means I love you
I must be attracted to you
Cause the coarseness in me
Needs, wants, desires
To shed a tear
To share a smile
To make sick jokes
About touchy subjects.

You are so cool
Such a twisted sense of humor
Let’s drink wine all night
Cast spirits from our Ouija boards
Call 911
Prank them
Then burn down this
Fucking house
With everything and everyone in it.

We are so disrupted
So corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s do something crazy
Like snort some coke
And dye our hair in green
Then drive all night
A hundred miles
Passing lights
Against the transit.

Let’s rob a store
Let’s flip a cop
Jump off a bridge
With rocks tied to our bodies.

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Break the chains
Of these constricted restrictions.

Oh, dear my,
We have no time to be sorry
Here the doors of hell awaits us
Or of purgatory’s
Whatever is found
On the other side
Of our corrosive decisions
And our need to destroy it all.

We are so disrupted
So effing corrupted
But is it our fault?
Or is our parents’?

Let’s express our ODD
You and me
Bring the walls down
Of this constricted confinement.