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These are some of the instrumentals I’ve been working on. These are completed but I’m promoting them with this medley. Enjoy!

PS: I also did the cover artwork.


This is a song I wrote feat. Christine Blackwell. Enjoy!

I haven’t been working that much on posting cause I’ve been busy doing other things; like painting, composing music, recording and producing. What have I been drawing? Mostly manga style. What have I been producing? Christine Blackwell’s new single.

Here’s for your visual and audio delight… Lol!

First my drawings:

Rick Michir


Girl Samurai

Second, my recording, and producing (singing by: Christine Blackwell)

Singers/Song Writers: The New Poets

Lately I’ve turn more into music than into poetry for inspiration. I’ve found that they’re a lot of singers/song writers that write REALLY good. They’re master in the way they form verses. Specially in rock music. I don’t mean “heavy metal”, for those of you who doesn’t know that they’re over 200+ different styles in rock. And yes, there’s some heavy metal lyricist that are really good too. Anyways, I was gonna write more about it, but now I’m bored. (That’s just typical me). Maybe one day I will write more about the topic. All in all, I’m amazed about how many great lyricist are in this world. Just as good as the poets of yesterday. Here’s an example of one of those songs whose lyrics I think are simply awesome.

Hello there! I’ve finished all of the instrumentals for the album I’m writing, recording. mixing and producing for Christine Blackwell titled “B-Sting”. Last week she sang one of her lyrics and I recorded her. Went on into mixing it with the instrumentals I already wrote. After finishing the mix, I uploaded it on This is the first single for a 10 songs album. It’s title “Stolen Heart”.

The next to promote further the single I decided to make a “Lyric Video” for the song. What’s a “Lyric Video”? you might ask yourself. Well, its a video that shows the lyrics on a song. Anyways… Here’s the video too for you all to enjoy!

Thanks for all the support! Love y’all!

<p>This is a song I did in collaboration of a singer called Christine Blackwell. I use the alias “DJ Moloch”; one of the many aliases I use when I write and play music. Enjoy it and leave a comment and give a like (as if this was Facebook, LOL). </p><p>Here’s the soundcloud version… </p>Image

Click her pic for link