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Burn the books
Nobody‘s reading them
Our tweenage generation
Will soon die down.

When words lose their meaning
In Americaland
Disney World and TV shows become a repetition
Of our boredom and ignorance.

You have accommodated me to conform myself
While subliminally feeding me stereotypical bigotry mockery
We’re not the equal, cause you have us under
And you just won’t move away to give us our chance to shine.

When history lose its significance
In Americaland
You can bet your ass they will deny their mistreatment
And sweep it under the rug again.

You have cemented the floor underwater to create more space to proclaim your land
So that erection can be a device of innuendo and double standard as you all are
Hollywood isn’t the only one selling sex this time
Our government is anally raping us clandestinely and publicly laughing at our faces.

When our rights lose their importance
In Americaland
Steeping over one another for the crown seems like an everyday thing
But it’s a thing that has been infiltrated for centuries now.

And now we’ve been conditioned to not take a stand
It’s been labeled as anti-patriotic to speak your own mind
But is it patriotic for Americaland to piss all over their people?
So are we their slaves and they our masters, and must we obey without ever questioning their plans?


Nobody’s gonna stop me from being a exceptional poet.

Persecutory Delusion

Watch where your words fall
If you want to have an open honest dialogue
They might fall on deaf ears
Some fucking psycho with an Electra complex!

Back down, back down, retreat!
Better be nothing than a big pile of shit
I didn’t touch you, I never did
But still my structural organs call you bitch!

Watch where your eyes rest
If you want to find something truly authentic
Eye contact, they see chest
Here comes another one with BPD asking for it!

Back down, back off, run from it
Better be in my corner than close to thee
I didn’t touch you, I never did
But still my vocal cords can help but yell bitch!

Your pill filled vision’s hazy
And all you see is vermin
I never intended to go down this street
Another Sardanapalian fib hard to believe.

Best of lucks trying to create distortion
In your persecutory delusion
And your formal fallacy.

About the sickness of the head and society’s hypocrisy.

Psychologically Suppressed

I’m so ugly
I’m such a mess
I’m so fucking evil
So why can’t you tell?
I dream of suicide
I enjoy cutting myself
Sometimes I hate myself
more than I hate this fucking world

So come lend me your ears
You will listen until you get bored
Then you’ll leave me alone with my fears
and then I’ll go back to getting high and being stoned.

Don’t talk to me about compassion
They had me when I was merely six
Don’t talk to me about salvation
Your God and his cronies make me sick

You think you got it bad
Have you ever gone outside that door?
They’re raping one another
and we’re asking what the fuck in wrong with this world?
The strong devours the weak
A broken boy becomes a broken man
Breaking all the woman along his way
and the pattern goes on and on
and there seems no way to stop none of it
and we’re still not allowed to speak about this shit.

Censor this, censor that
This whole fucking life is so goddamn triggering
You trigger my anger, my low self-esteem
I can’t unsee what you’ve forced me to see
and no matter how politically correct I’ve become
i can never turn back time and undo what has been done
and the problem seems about how I’m dealing with pain
or at least that’s what they’re trying to say
But I think we’re simply not the same
So don’t judge me cause I’m fucking up in a different way.


So for how long have you been there?
Staring still like a statue
Do you want to see me being sincere?
I’m still checking on your status
But when pain becomes boring
Who’s to blame for that boredom?
Might as well start blaming
Start pointing fingers for circumstances
So I met myself in the mirror
I grew tired of my own reflection
So I grabbed a box of old photos
And remembered these feelings of affection
And how deep your yellow eyes glowed
It’s an image that in my head I’ve undertowed
So to ponder in having what was never given before
Would it be a betrayal if I stop lying here on the floor?
Cause there are two things that will always fuck your life up
And that’s the feeling of hurt and the feeling of love
So let me rip your heart out
To fill my own empty hole
Not to wonder what it’s being talked about
Just the leaking of the soul
And the remnants of all of the poison
Maybe I just needed inspiration
Since being unhappy has become dull
I could spend my whole day bashing my skull
Against the wall, trying to figure out why
Why do we always let things die?
To sabotage what it’s perfectly placed
Or maybe it’s too perfect
Damn all those stupid excuses
I know at the end there’s no use
But to try to kill myself again
While brutally murdering you
With all the confusion and shame
And the transgression of the truth
Do we need to go into details?
Nobody seems to know how to read between lines
But please, don’t blame me for having it planned
From the beginning
Because I didn’t
And I’m afraid of being alone
For the flesh bound to the bone
Tend to pursue what it’s an oversight
Blinded by the glow that seems light
But soon to slit on the wrists
Because I wonder why do I even exist?
And in taking side with the hurt
I recite the words of the absurd
And they gargle as I bite on my tongue
The blood through my teeth and my gums
The clogs in my mouth for the life I’ve devoured
For never knowing what I truly have ever desired.

The Dispute

It comes always plunging in
Like a heavy weight crushing
Dragging you down into the deep
Where there’s no peace and no sleep
A room full of fog
With no exit door
And walls painted with anger
Fear, shame and regret
And the imp in your head
It dances impatiently
Stirring the storm intensively
And you’re given two choices
To ball your eyes out
Or give into it completely.

I’m trying to overcome it
I’m trying not to feel this way
It always breaks a piece of us away
The little things we say
Our stupid biggest mistakes
This tainted glass of the way that we feel every day.

We come so far to build this
And now we’re just tearing it away
Like it took nothing of our selves
But it took all that we had.

We comes so far to make this
And now we’re just blowing it away
Like it took no effort from us
But it took all our heart and strength.