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A Journey to the Center of the Earth

A call have been casted from the walls
Can you hear it as it bounds through the hall?
An image like a mirage onto the mirrors
Through the looking glass I can’t see any clearer.

A shadow have stretched from my own
Can you feel it as it stares at you while you sleep?
A white light blinding me from the picture
A half made body trapped in a state of the living.

The dogs bark at me as I press on these words
Tracing the blood I dripped in exchange for the key
The girl with the scarlet dagger waiting by the door
Slitting the throat of the infants offered to owls.

Like clockwork, following time through the hole
Another vampire falling for sirens and snakes
To open the chest and torn down the seals
Freeing all of desires and the spirits confined.

The deep black water is on the rise
What was foretold has come to be
Enters the man with a peace offering
The number is up, the hour of reckoning.

A smile and a smirk suit for a prince
A flight to the skies, straight given to air
An eye in the sun, the triad, the glimpse
The darkest eclipse, the warmest of flares.

Right at the zenith of the six golden triangles
Sit all the architects of harpies and obelisks
Quoting lines of the Book of Forgotten Names
Hidden in rhythm, rhymes, symbols and sounds.


Soap Opera of Our Lives

I can see the intention in your eyes
So clear, enough to break my heart
I can see the things I cannot deny
My dear, we have grown apart.

Both tired of pulling on the strings
Leaving the cable as it is
With our feet on automatic release
And our hearts with its needs.

So we come to the clear conclusion
That we may not be good for each other
Cause we’ve lived under this condition
Of being aggressive towards each other.

In this soap opera of our lives
I just wish to say that I’ve lived for you
So before we say another word to decide
I know in the same way you’ve loved me too.

I can see the decision in your heart
So clear, enough that it breaks mine
I can see the things we’ve ripped apart
My dear, we’ve been hurting inside.

Both tired of trying for the other
We give up it all for our own
With our hearts in automatic defense
And our love ever growing tense.

So we come to the clear conclusion
That we may not be healthy for one another
Cause we’ve lived under these restrictions
Of pushing over the edge when we feel cornered.

In this soap opera of our lives
I want to say I can’t imagine my life without you
So before we say another word to decide
Is this way you wish to live, without me too?

But once upon a time
We promise we wouldn’t be like this
Somewhere lost in the back of our minds
We know we can something out of it.


This is not the end, there’s no dot
This is not the end, this is just a pause
For us, to breathe for a moment
Gain new strength and carry on.

No, this is not the end, these are not closing credits
And even if they were, there could always be a sequel
And nobody likes having to watch a brand new cast
I know we still have in us, I believe our love can last.

A Dreamer’s Dream

Anyone awake?
I’m still dreaming
How long will it take?
Should I keep waiting?

I never meant to be alone
Never wanted to do this on my own
I thought this would be like a family
Man, I have never felt so lonely.

I guess we all have to grow up
Does it mean giving up your dreams?
What are we supposed to teach to children?
To give up their passion and simply conform?

I never meant to aim for so high
Never imagined it would be out of my reach
I thought if I reached for the sky
It would add up to the things I would obtain.

I guess it’s time to give it up
I guess this means I must stop dreaming
What am I supposed to tell my children?
That they should’ve no passion and simply conform?

Cause I’ve been a child for far too long
Or maybe I never gave myself a chance to be one to begin with
Forcing myself to accept all that is wrong
Never gave myself the opportunity of believing that dreaming could be the right thing.

This is inspired by some women I’ve met.  Good people who made poor choices.

For Twists and Turns

There she is
She’s so beautiful
Like a needle in exposure
In a world full of hay.

The rabid hands in desire
A simple sense of touch
That silky glow at sight
For wolves to feed tonight.

Her codename is Red
She likes wearing cherry ChapStick
She likes kissing with tongue
To trap men between the legs.

It all comes down to the inner
It all goes back to the past
To decide what to do with the things
One cannot handle, one cannot forget.

She falls in love with her victims
But in reality she has become the prey
A battle of wits that ends up in violence
Just another bottle to kill off the day.

There she is
Simply so beautiful
Looking so pure and innocent
In her Sunday dress.

The crooked fingers in heat
Want to sink in where is wet
The spying eye of the night
Revel with such a spectacular sight.

Her codename is Violet
She likes to shed stained tears
She like smoking thin cigarettes
Her underwear is such an inconvenience.

It all points down to the inward
It all leads back to the past
To look for love in all the wrong places
To bathe in love, to shower from it.

She falls in love with her victims
But in reality she has become the prey
A hunger for lust that turns into violence
Just another hit to kill off the pain.

Green Circles

She’s the face of every picture
The word in every sentence
The turning point and the knob
The switch to a crude reality.

Just like when Jesus died
Time stopped for a moment
As the Father was angered
History was marked again.

Nobody wants to hear it
So much that is needed
To be said, to be presented
To let go and move on.

Just like a friend’s wake
Tears gathered up for a moment
As we say a last good bye
Life will never be same.

Part 2

A hint of spark in the distance
The flame long extinguished
A heart that was amputated
A trust that was left for dead.

The reasons gone shadowy
As the lines highlight radiantly
A forced entry to the intrinsic
A foreclosure of the undisclosed.

An echo to bounce bounded and hushed
The salvage damned to be slivered and crushed
An unexpected guest makes it its home
A party where the uninvited made their own.

Part 3

Her eyes are like green circles
Adjusted into her porcelain face
Her voice is just like an angel
Pleading “bring me back to my grace.”

It all sounds like a piano
In so much need of being retuned
In her state of a minnow
Wandering senseless in her misfortune.

Been trying to write something good. Finally got inspired. It was right in front of me.

Its Own Relationship

It comes with a smile again
Pretending it doesn’t know
“The past is the past, so live for today”
Another excuse to fuck up the now.

I begin going in circles
Trying to make notice
Trying to explain
As it rolls its eyes
Asking “what’s the problem?”
Pretending it didn’t do wrong.

The heat tilts the top
The fuel you overflow
The guilty offended
Mirroring the blame
It brushes it off again
And threatens with cynicism
I’m left with no voice
As it takes advantage of the occasion.

It waits for me to forget
That’s the way that it knows how to love
It doesn’t care how much it takes
Its pride resides in the illusion of its own.

It swears it doesn’t need anything
It thinks it can live happily all alone
It kicks out whatever it doesn’t need anymore
It doesn’t know love, it only thinks it does.

A poem I’m working on… It’s incomplete still, but I want to share what I’ve written so far.

Bigger Place

If there’s anything left beautiful in my life
It is you
If there’s anything still worth fighting for
It is you
If there’s anything else to cry about now
It is you
If there anything more that I could trust
It’s in you.

Time is not sufficient to spend it all together
Even in my private moments I think of you
Words are not enough to express these feelings
Even in my silent moments I still love you.

We will need a bigger place for our love to spread
But if we don’t, we can manage by holding us even closer
And like in dreams you’ll pour the wine and I’ll break the bread
And all that is meant to be will be and it’ll be even better.