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Precious pretty little living being
Looking for love, aching for skin
Something soft to pull you in
Something real and comforting.

Standing at the edge, close to fall
Wondering; “Does anything matter at all?”
With no one else to blame but you
So you guess is no one’s but your own fault.

Memories of childhood
Memories of family
Where has everybody go?
Why are they not here?

Sister is too busy with her husband and children
And mom’s health is too fragile to listen to her problems
One foot on the air, the other on the ledge
What happened in life that led her to this place?

She screams her lungs out
She burst in tears and shouts;
“If there’s anyone out there to hold me still
Might as well stop me now before I go for the kill.”

And so a shadow leaps from the ledge
And plunges into the depths of the sea
Sinking in, sinking in…
And as it reaches to the bottom
She thinks; “maybe I didn’t yell loud enough…”


Dragging You Down

I’ve made my life a repetition
I’m going on in circles
Pain piercing through my skull
This hatred has gone dull
Keeping it like a ball
To bounce back at you
I’m so bored with the never ending
I’m so bored with all the promises
You dislike me
You’re fucking disgusting to me
And we go on and on and on
And it stopped being fun
A long time ago.

I’ve made my life a living hell
And I still cannot tell
What’s best for me
To kick you out of my life
Or to try to keep myself on the outside
I try once more and once more
And I feel like I’ve being mocked
Once more like before
Your indifference says so much
And sometimes I don’t care if you’re sick
Cause when I’m sick
You give me another reason
To hate all of this.

You’ve become a monotonous
Despise inside of my heart
Reject me, reject me
Give a chance to reject you
Lose for once
Make me make you lose
Instead of just being my desire
To see you where I am standing
Lose more, lose greater
Feel like how’s to be a loser
I’m sick of watching you win
So sick of watching you win
You never learn,
You haven’t had that kind of suffering.

Some people are the worst. They hide behind a smile to do the worst kind of things. They pretend to be victims of the things, and then they’re the one to do them. I’ve had very bad luck with women. They’ve tricked me into believing they’re nice people and they’ve been hurt in life, when all along is them who have done that to others. I don’t trust many people cause of it. I’ve been mocked over and over again even by the people who has told me they love me the most. I’ve been played so many times that I’ve grown sick of it. This poem is just me venting in a poetic way. Since I can’t and won’t do anything to anyone. The most I can do is write these frustrations down.

Misogynistic Crime

I wish my words were a jagged edge knife to slit your throat with
And my hate was a loaded gun so I can shoot your face with it
I wish my fist could pound your mouth, thinking you’re so smart
I should’ve noticed the signs and trust my guts back from the start
When you began behaving like you were the boss of me
Like you are above me, trying to step on me
While being hypocritical about what you are doing
And being cynical about what you’ve done
Cause you’ve been playing games and laughing your ass off for far too long
Keep being the same drama queen,
Keep pretending you are the one who was wronged
Denying everything you’ve caused, hiding behind your mom’s ass
When people stops following along and begin seeing through your façade
I don’t have to pretend to be gentle man; I’ll tell it like it is
But you’re so stupid that you won’t understand what I mean
Call it misogynistic crime, with your feminist bullshit
So you can dance your way into somebody else’s dick
Keep daydreaming in your musical, you’re mentally sick
Keep on with your smiling face, you opportunistic bitch
You’re like every other woman out there, you’re no different
You’re a product of this fucked up world, trying to fuck others up
No need to apologize, whore, all this hate that I have stored
Here for you… is here for you…
And so, use your tragic back story
To get on people’s soft side
Without them really noticing
You’re just a bigotristic “feminist” piece of shit.

Almost 400 followers on WordPress! Wow! For a moment (and more than that) in my life I thought I sucked! Apparently some people think different and enjoy my insanity and honesty. Thank y’all who have been taking of your time to read my poems, thoughts, etc, and leave your likes and comments. You inspire me to be a better poet and a better human being. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Love y’all!  🙂

Callously Unsympathetic

Tic toc goes the clock
Insanity for the famished bum
Humbleness or hunger?
Which one will hold its own?
Go zig zagging
With the piercing stare
And their secreted murmur
As if this organism couldn’t notice
What is surrounding its shell
If just a story for no one to tell
Carry on in your journey
Never mind the moving shadows
Crying under the bridge.

Amount to what you know
Recycling secondhand information
Every new formula that comes up
Should be x-rayed by the ones
Holding the rod and standing on top
The crown can only be wore
By the voices that sound familiar
Comforting to your accustomed ears
Non-strange to your typical reaction
How to prove the invisible?
You just have to trust the word of mouth
When the subject becomes the verb in action
Everyone retrieve their giving hands
Afraid of getting caught in the flame.

An ant against a wasp army
Does it even stand a chance?
Even its best friends
Gathered up for the fodder
Pretending not to know it
Swaying in great distance
They would sell their own parents
Just to have a taste of the earnings.
Paranoid and paralyzed
Best of two combinations
That could make any living thing
Futile rendered
Once soft and tender
Bite your own tongue
And taste on the blood
At the loss of the grip
It’s just cherry bubblegum.

Is it time for the anesthetic?
Before everything becomes convoluted
Callously unsympathetic
The end results end up unresolved
Who does really care?
Move forward
Move forward my son
Never mind the distractions
The side track of the truth
Just keep moving forward
Move forward and on
Towards to the sun.

Por Caridad (Parte 1)

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Hey there! I wrote this today. It’s in Spanish. I posted it on my other blog. Enjoy!

Sombra y Sangre Poesias

Por Caridad (Parte 1)

Cuando creer no es suficiente
Te hayas con una fe muerta en las manos
Cuando no sabes que creer sinceramente
Comienzas a perder cada uno de tus hermanos.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Tengo que verlo con mis propios ojos
Creer que será hecho no es suficiente
En mi espíritu necesito experimentarlo.

Cuando creer no es suficiente
El texto de la vida se vuelve un pisapapeles
Cuando sientes que no crees lo suficiente
Comienzan abandonarte tus amigos espirituales.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Tengo que ver la verdad hecha carne
Creer que será hecho no es suficiente
Yo de tu espíritu deseo alimentarme.

Cuando creer no es suficiente
La verdad dicha se convierte en un mito
Cuando sientes que no tienes las fuerzas suficientes
Pareciendo tan tibio, te conviertes en vomito.

Porque saber no es suficiente
Necesitas con tus manos poder parparlo
Porque no puedes esperar…

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